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“Good Morning, it’s 7am , in conformity , there lays bliss.”

Having lived in the city over the past five years , the past two in my quite luxurious condo , I hadn’t been jolted from my sleep by the blaring of the speakers that permeate the village where I grew up for quite some time.  Yet there it was, 7am right to the very second , the brain washing diatribe on my senses had begun each morning last week from the house where I grew up.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what goes on in every village across the land here , seven o’clock in the morning brings with it thirty minutes of community news being blared out from the speakers that adorn every pole along every side street and it’s nay unavoidable to listen to unless you were born deaf.  Buried among the endless notifications of when the medical clinic opens , and what day the night market is open , is the subtle message that it’s just fine and dandy to be poor , and that one should instead focus on finding happiness within one’s life.

In our language, it’s called serakit bae plaw pliang , and it’s basically scripture , so until I’m living permanently in Europe I won’t be writing about it , else I put myself in danger of a forced lobotomy.

As I sat there that morning looking for a distraction from the blaring of the speakers I was playing with my phone and found out that Donald Trump had been elected President of the United States.  Hey don’t say I didn’t tell you so , in fact , the first thing I said on my Twitter was this :


of course the second thing I tweeted was a bit more of a smart ass comment :



Because there it was , the fruition of The American Dream.  From reality show celebrity , to bankruptcy to President.  If you give ‘the people’ the power to choose whomever they want, then sure as hell that is what they will do.

By contrast, where I live we are given a choice to vote for whatever fruit you want,  so long as it’s a banana.

I sat there thinking what’s better, Trump or a banana?

Truth is , they are one in the same.  Whether you sell it as a stimulant like the American’s do , or as a Barbiturate as it’s done here , it’s still horse manure all nicely packaged as a “dream”.  The only difference is that American’s get to dream rich but end up poor and in debt , while we are just handed poverty at the outset and told ‘hey be happy with it.’

It doesn’t matter one bit that Donald Trump is president.  Fuck they could have elected a monkey , it wouldn’t change a thing about the course to come in the next four years.  Same goes for this part of the world I was cursed to be born in , as whatever banana we’re finally given to choose will bring about as much change ‘for the people’ as a monkey will in the USA.

And why?

I’ll let George Carlin explain why :




The profession of campaigning is broken.

The electoral process is broken.

The very notion of governance is flawed.

It’s antiquated.  It’s self-serving.

A system who’s roots come from the prehistoric days where we lived in an oral-aural society , one that chooses the ‘wise man’ of the village to lead them , and we’ve kept that system where one great all knowing all wise person is chosen to lead hundreds of millions.  What bullshit.

I care not a thought for the monkey or the banana , but instead for myself.

My vote is such:  Live like a rogue.  Get rich.  Then get the fuck out and leave the monkeys and bananas behind.  Therein lays MY bliss.



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