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Covid-19 ,  if I’m wrong,  then this  viral spread will appear severe,  but in reality will only last a few months ,  and slowly but surely everything will return to a somewhat normal state at first  –  and eventually we’ll return to life as we once knew it with nothing much changing.


If I’m right though  …. IF I’m right …. then this is a necessary planetary culling , one that will wipe out a significant % of the global population and will cause society to hit a reset button of sorts.    But on the other side lays a better humanity.   After all,  I’m already seeing  better behaviour in all sorts of men and women.

Since I have so many thoughts about this, I’m going to present this post in essay topic form so that  you can jump  to whatever topic  interests  you  the most.

I’m going to begin by talking about the “actions of faith” that the rich part of  the world is  relying on and how I hope that will  be  the  catalyst to allow this  thing to spread like wildfire.   Then I’m  going to poke fun at  the irony of who is best positioned  to survive an apocolyptic spread.  I’ll follow that up with some trippy existential shit that  you  may or  may not need to be a  bit  high to equally identify with, and finally for you femdom/bdsm lovers I’m going to finish off of course with some acute observations of how this disruption in our daily lives has already altered human behaviours in regards to relationships.

Okay?  You’ve all been to your  local cannibis store?  Got your supply in front of you?  Good, let’s begin.


Actions of Faith

Three months into this Covid-19 spread  and two things are crystal clear.   Who would have thought that a killer virus striking first at the heart of the China,  ye of the biggest population in the world – would have little to no lasting impact due to the form of government control westerner’s despise the most  – Socialism.     And how ironic that it might be that capitalism and the countries which support such a system will be the harbinger of doom.

China’s the only country that’s flattened the curve.

Mistress Wael is spot on  …  every single democratic country in the world has a near vertical spread of the virus as of today.   Why is that?

Actions of Faith is the answer.  USA , Canada, England , whatever  –  pick your country  –  they all  are depending on their population to act sensibly , follow suggestions and guidelines … in one massive Action of Faith …  to save the planet.

China on the other hand put the fate of their nation in mandatory emergency laws immediately enacted –  and the police & military to instantly enforce it.   Sometimes violently , and surely against the wishes of the populace.   If you subscribe to conspiracy theories then  they also borrowed a trick from the USA on  9/11 by also SBI’ing a site that ‘happened’ to have Covid patients stored inside.

(SBI = Sudden Building Implosion)  …  it’s kinda like Spontaneous Human Combustion … except this phenomenon only  happens when and where  its  in the  governments best interests to happen.

And if you believe in random Twitter tweets then they also bagged and cremated living contaminated persons  ,  which  is  one way I suppose  to  snuff out a  culling before it  can get  started.

Hey, whatever it  takes.  Drastic times call upon drastic actions , isn’t that the quote?  Or is that “with great power comes great responsibility?”   I dunno, I get genocide and spiderman all  confused  in my mind  sometimes.

Point is  … China got shit done.

The democratic world?   Not so much.


Don’t get  mad at them  ,  they’re  the same folk who voted Trump to be the leader of the free world.    Don’t worry, I’ll get to  that  later on.

In a unique period of time where time cannot be wasted , and each passing day without Chinese like action is a death sentence for not only a nation’s populace but perhaps even the world – putting trust in the masses to act sensibly is such a hillariously ineffective thing to do.

But here’s thing thing I’ve noticed by listening to umpteen podcasts ,  interviews and news reports this past week  …  the western world truly believes that Actions of Faith will work,  and civil rights must not be stepped on too much.

Like,  did  you hear what Fox New’s Laura Ingraham had to say this week that she demands an ‘end-date’ to the lockdown and to the virus’s spread?

This is what happens when you take a woman who had to suck no less than 1000 cocks and in  her  lifetime had to swallow no doubt more than 100 Gallons of cum to  become entitled enough that she gets pushed in front of a camera that reports “news” to the dumbest Americans that country has to offer… and she’s allowed to voice her thoughts nationally.

I would love for SouthPark to do an episode where Star Trek’s Scottie beams that chick from her Fox TV studio desk to China’s TV news desk – and let’s see what  happens  when she tries the same thoughtspeak there.   I’ll tell  you what’d happen.  It’d be like this scene in The Joker but without the screaming from the  audience  cuz  they’d  be  like  “yup  that’s what happens when  you  say shit  like  that  here.”



But Actions of  Faith doesn’t just apply to the spring break party crowd ,  or the one generation older ‘Ya But’ crowd.

(“Ya i’m  staying inside,  BUT  , I just needed to  go out  and  get  some smokes,  buy a gun,  load up on video games for the kids)

Governments are putting faith in their doctors and nurses to maintain their posts on the front lines – they’re our soldiers from World War Two.

I  know  what you think  I’m  gonna say  ..  “imagine soldiers  fighting without guns”  as a  parallel  to  “medical staff without ventilators and masks.”

Nah, I’ve had conversations with doctor’s  and  nurses with much more grim stories.    Ah you forget, I’m a Mistress to over 100,000 men around the world,  most of whom hold very high ranking positions in a variety of fields.

Check out this conversation  I’ve been having with an American doctor  who is just about ready to put his Plan B  into action.   He first emailed me  asking if us Thai’s are  experiencing a  run on  toilet paper  “I find it curious that come the apocolypse,  fellow Americans are panicking about  ‘how will I wipe my asshole?’ more than they’re  concerened about food.   Is there a  run  on  toiltet paper over there as well?”


“well, we don’t use toilet toilet  paper at all , every toilet has water spray.   masks tho … every single person is wearing one , every…single…one  (and has been  for a  month)

the word groupthink comes  to mind  , Orwell’s 1984.   So did you not  feel safe at your hospital,  is  that  why  you’re moving to a smaller one?”



“It’s a weekend OR shift at a smaller hospital, so I’ll still be doing what I’m doing now, but on the weekends instead. That means a little slower pace and more autonomy at the cost of less available help if shit hits the fan. There are a lot of perks for taking this job: It’s closer to my house and I can take a route that doesn’t have a lot of traffic, there’s no “on call” requirements, so I can sleep all night every night, I get a weekend pay differential that will get me about an extra ten thou a month, and I just prefer working weekends and going out in the middle of the week. Also, my current hospital is a garbage fire, so it’ll be nice to get away from that. It’s a For-Profit hospital and they just make too many cuts to save money. They recently slashed employee benefits and laid off a couple dozen people and then announced shortly after how their stock hit an all time high, so they obviously give no fucks about their employees and are completely tone deaf about it. The new place is Not-For-Profit, so it should be a better work environment since we don’t have to worry about keeping shareholders happy.

Hospital floors in the US are definitely going to be a mess for the rest of the year, though. I read that the average hospital in the US is designed to run at 95% capacity, so if we have hundreds of thousands of coronavirus cases hitting across the country, it’s going to completely overwhelm the system. There are definitely going to be some people who die because there aren’t enough ventilators to go around who would have otherwise been ok. It’ll be a nightmare for floor nurses, but SHOULDN’T impact my OR too much (unless someone stumbles on a surgical cure somehow…heh).



jaa4u.com | Goddess <[email protected]>
Fri, Mar 20, 8:12 AM (2 days ago)
to Dr.Nicholas
that’s  exactly what the epidimiolgist guy said about  Milan  (  https://youtu.be/E3URhJx0NSw?t=180  ) , that due to the lack  of ventilators  , they’re having to  choose who  lives and who they let  die.

But listen  to what he said  just  before that … about nurses  and doctors having to work even  though they themselves have tested positive … because they’d  literally have  nobody to work in the hospital if  they sent  employees  home who tested positive.

Do you think something like that  would  happen in  either of your workplaces?



I don’t know about the new place, but I’m 100% sure my current place would force people to work. They already write up employees who call in sick more than 3 times a year and calling in 5 times in one year can be grounds for dismissal. My current employer could be the poster child for “What Is Wrong With Mixing Capitalism And Healthcare.”



Can I  ask  ,  what’s your “fuck it, i’m  out” point?   Do you even  have  one?

You’re a front line worker,  but I’ve always seen you as a ‘fuck  it, I’m just a doctor cuz it gives  me a nice  lifestyle”  kind of guy,  and not  one  of  the  ‘first  responder, put my life on  the line’  kind  of guy.

I’m totally a  “fuck it,  I’m  out” kind  of  girl.  Hope  you  are too.

If  indeed  you  are a  ‘fuck this’  kind of guy,  what’s your Plan B ?

Must be  so fucking nice to be single at a  time like  this eh.   You  can actually put  into  motion a  Plan  B  without having to discuss it.

It’s spreading to your state.   Did you  see the numbers rise?

Glad you  moved to  a  smaller  hospital.   Take care  of yourself my slave.  If  you survive this I’ll tease your balls so much that the explosion will be legendary.   Fuck I  might  even graduate you from toe sucker to thigh licker if  you  pull  through.




I don’t have a hard set “Fuck it, I’m out” point. I think I’ll know it when I see it. I definitely have no plans to struggle to survive, though. I’m not suicidal, but I’m ok with dying. I’ve basically been patiently waiting to die for the last decade or so. I’m perfectly fine with trudging along one day at a time in the OR while everything is on easy mode, but as soon as this shit takes a turn towards Mad Max, I’m going to punch my own ticket. I have a 12 gauge and some buckshot. If this goes apocalyptic, I’ll just swiss cheese my brain stem. I guess that’s my plan B.

Starting Monday, hospitals in the state are shutting down all non-emergency surgeries, which is about 95% of the cases we do. I don’t know if they have plans for the staff elsewhere but from what I  hear  they’re going to  send  everyone  home to protect profits,  just as Covid patients are arriving en-masse.

The whole thing hasn’t really “hit” the state yet. People are still complaining that everything is an overreaction. Most business are closed or have reduced hours, schools and other government buildings are closed, but instead of staying home, everyone here is going to the beach and having parties. No one is learning lessons from China, Italy, California, New York, etc and when it does hit here, I think it’s going to hit hard.   Hell, just yesterday with the floor overrun with new Covid patients the hospital bought pizza for the OR staff… I can’t think of a worse food in a pandemic. You have to touch other people’s pizza piece when you get your own and then you eat the whole thing with your hands and instinctively suck the sauce from the  fingers  afterwards  …  and these are fellow doctors and  nurses  on  the floor interacting with patients contaminated with the virus.

This hospital has about a week’s left of supplies for all the staff to operate safely.    Fuck that.    I’ll be fine if I can transition to the other job or if the world goes back to normal after a few months, but anything other than that and I’m probably looking at my plan B.



Survivors of the Apocolypse

Does anyone else find it as ironic as me  that the three countries which will best survive the Apocolypse are  :

  •  China  ,  with its Communist ideologies and massive populice,  who can finally trade in rats for pizza as their new food source  as  they spread  out  and  assume the unclaimed lands of Italy.
  • North Korea ,  they’ll be like the runner up on Survivor,  –  the girl who did  nothing all season but somehow made it to  Final  Tribal council and got no votes.
  • Russia , who not only  will control all Vodka production,  but will bring back the Lada as the car of  the new world.


I too might have to swiss cheese my brain stem because I have virtually 0 guys interested femdom & bdsm from those countries.   The only thing I know how to say in Russian is  Я машина , or  ,  “I am the Machine”



North Korean behaviour ,  as  I understand from the Werner Herzog documentary Into the Inferno , means that if one ever  does show  up  at  my front  door  ,  the session would  play out like a scene from this Bugs Bunny cartoon since they lack the ability to think  and  speak  for  themselves:



Chinese slaves  ,  I  have  a  few  , but fuck man,  it’s like roasting one inch frankfurters on a BBQ  with hair tweezers.    That’s  what  I  have  to  look forward to  ?    On second thought … exit , stage left.




Trippy Existential Shit

Inhale.  …  yes including  you Mr.Clinton.

Ok,  read.

One of  my favourite stories from  World of Warcraft  is  the Culling of Stratholme because of just  how macabre,  but necessary it  was in my opinion.   I sided with Arthus on this issue.

What if, we just  replaced a few words here  and there in WoW’s wiki on Stratholme  …

“The Culling of Stratholme[2] is the first major event of the Third War, signalling the first act in Arthas Menethil’s descent into madness and evil, the suspending of the Knights of the Silver Hand from service and the destruction of the second most important city of the kingdom of Lordaeron.”

becomes  …

The Culling of the Planet Earth is the first major event after the Second War signalling the first act in Donald Trump’s descent into madness and evil, the suspending of the antiquated forms of Government from service and the destruction of the second most important continent of the kingdom of Earth.  (Cuz let’s face it,  Europe’s #1  …  we need Germans to survive this for their engineering and efficiency  , and Italy for their delicious food.)

What if  this is a reset button for society?

I absolutely love that there is  this invisible enemy that at some point in the next 30 days will have forced ALL  of mankind  back into their caves, their  huts,  their homes to “Shelter in Place”  …  which is a human made phrase that George Carlin would  have loved to have  made  fun of.   Let’s call it what it is  shall  we?   “Hide in Fear”

In the 18 months while  we all  have  to  hide in fear , there will be a whole year and  a half  for  animals to multiply without being hunted.    Which means the deer population will spread out of  control.   If you’ve listened to any virus expert … ie:  people WAYYYYYYY  smarter than  you or me  ,  then you know of  the  next world virus they’re concerned about named CWD – Chronic Wasting Disease.

Where is this virus originating?   USA  of course.

What country is most ill prepared to  handle  Covid-19 ?  USA  of course.

Now it hasn’t happened yet  –  that this virus can spread to humans,  but it  can’t  be ruled  out that  it  might.

The virus eats at  the deer’s brain ,  causing  it  to  slowly lose its ability to function,  like this deer’s ability to  walk  normally …



Thing  is,  the  disease has a rabies componant to it …  see  that  deer frothing white foam  at the  mouth?

The deer become agressive  ,  and unnaturally run at other  animals  and humans  in a mad attempt  to  bite them  and spread  the  virus.

Once that disease hosts itself successfully in a human like Covid-19 can , then we have  human’s acting like the fast zombies in the movie 28 Days Later biting  one  another.

Woooo Hooooo ,  fun eh?


covid-19--mimiron-femdom-worrld-of-warcraftSo I got to  thinking that with Covid-19  and  maybe  soon  CWD  , what if this is  like the big red  button in  Mimiron’s room,  a boss in World of  Warcraft.

Except it’s not me or you choosing  to  touch it  or  not.  But rather it’s “God” ,  or “Mother Nature” or  “the entity of the Universe” saying ‘ok you had  your chance,  you  fucked up, time to  do a  culling on human life  so  that you can reset yourself.”

Why not?

We have this antiquated government system promoted  by  the  ‘free  world’  where  we all collectively vote for one magical person to guide  not  a village of  people as the idea started  from  , but instead lead  hundreds  of millions  of  people.

But instead of choosing from  not a selected pool of  great  minds to lead  us … let’s choose the biggest idiot we can  find,   a man of the rednecks ,  Donald Trump.

And , around  him  , let’s  devise a system like  my doctor friend mentioned above where citizens are lied to and  told that health care  must be paid for instead  of being free  ,  and let’s make those hospitals publically traded  companies.

Put those hospitals  fate in the hands of the stock market people … cocaine snorting  , uneducated salesman who get hired to  push  stock  sales because they claim  they  have a ‘system’  to predict the anarchy of  stock fluctuations.

Oh and hey,  let’s  keep  1/2  the  world living paycheque  to  paycheque  ,  and a good 10% in absolute poverty so that  when  a virus hits  and  people have to  “Hide in Fear” for 3 months, the world either dies all  at once  or spirals into another great depression.


And how about  human behaviour?  The micro of which i’ll get to in a moment, but  how about  the macro?

You  know,  the reactions to this Covid-19 thing on Twitter  have  been  nothing short of astounding.  Have you been paying attention  to the  reaction shifts?

First,  about a month  ago when it  began in Wuhan  the denziens of  Twitter began phase 1 …  Tweeting about news about Covid-19 to show they’re  “in the  know” ,  just  before returning to their Candy Crush Suga’ game on the  commute  into work.

Then phase 2 of Twitter’s reaction was the “This is me reacting to news of  peeps dyin’ in Italy y’all”  followed by a meme or a  selfie  with a  shocked look on the face … tweeted  just  before they went  back to liking somebody’s food choice for lunch on Facebook.

Then began phase 3  , millions of people tweeting out  the year’s new catchy phrase “Weapon’s of Mass Destruction”  … err, oops,  I mean  #flattenthecurve  y’all.   “We gots to flatten this  shit bitches” …  tweeted out  before returning to  another 20  rounds  of  Call  of Duty.


Sometime in  the  last  7  days  saw the most  dramatic change I’ve ever  seen  on Twitter.

People  put down  their  phones for  the  first  time  in  years ,  and actually began to discover a lost sense of “community”,   something that my parents and  your parents have learned and supported through many disasters in their  lifetimes.

Stories and  tweets about “who needs  help?”  ,  “how I’m helping do my part to save the world”  ,  and vidoes  of people  knocking  on old people’s doors  and  offering  to go  on a  food run for them began  appearing all of  a sudden.

The Italians, and The French , and the Chinese all uniting  to sing from the balconies in  solidarity ,  and  cheering health workers  of their  country as  recognition  that  they  are  our modern day infantry.   All being tweeted while … helping others.

Maybe they’re all  realizing that  this could very well be a  global  reset  button  … if it continues to spread like wildfire over  the  next  30  days , and reaches a  point  where  it’s  uncontrollable.


What  I’m saying  is,  maybe there  is hope for humanity.

But to get there and realize that  hope,  maybe a  few hundred million need  to  die first.    Maybe me included.

It was  interesting to  me  that up until a week ago the “brains of the UK” (yes the same ones who pushed hard for “Brexit  –  the playful fun name that’s been given to a disaster ) , came up with the novel idea of letting their citizens willingly die as  their method  of dealing  with  Covid-19.



Mind you, their intial idea was begat  from the core  idea of  preserving  the value of the world’s strongest  currency by keeping  absolutely everything in England operating  as normal.

But  the  idea  of just letting  Covid-19 infect the entire populace of  the UK , and letting a pre-determined  %  die  off  , while quickly having the survivors be immune to  Covid-19  , at a rate  far  ahead  of the  rest of  the world’s immunability  …  was  ballsy  if  not  brilliant.

Of  course the British public figured out the plan rather  quickly and voted a strong NO  to UKExit.

Damn.   (sorry Rob)

How the fuck am  I going to  have  a  chance  to  see half  the world  die if people keep trying to live ????  I need human stupidity to prevail.  Oh,  thank you India ,   that 14 hour country-wide lockdown is exactly what we need to accelerate this Covid-19 spread.



Covid-19 and  Femdom  | Altering Human Behaviour


As  you  know, I lead  quite the solitary life.  It comes with the job , anonymity I’ve found is my greatest friend when it comes to  helping me become a renowned Mistress.

I was born three months pre-mature as  most  of  you know , and having survived I’ve been tagged with a  -3 to immune system with regards to dust allergies.

Therefore, I might be wrong  in my own  self-assessment, but I think I’d be one of  the one’s who would deteriorate quickly  and  die horribly if I caught the Covid-19 virus.

So for a month  now,  I’ve locked  myself inside my  condo  here all alone.    I’ve left twice , both times with gloves scarf and mask to look for a  new place to move  to as my lease expires here on March 31st.

Other than that , I’ve been writing,  watching Netflix  , and finding things to do to occupy my time.

When this Covid-19  threat first started whipping people into a panic , one of  my favourite hobbies of fucking with men’s  minds  on Tinder  dating app  disappeared as  all communication came to a surprising instantaneous halt.

Us young people don’t  date like our older generations did.

We swipe ,  looking for a visually stimulating hot looking guy in my case  – girl  in  your case.   We chat a couple of  times and agree to hook up for a meeting.    At  said  meeting  , usually over  coffee  , we both are making moment  by moment  judgements  as to whether  or  not  there’s gonna  be any action happening later on … be  it in  the  simple  form  of a  kiss  goodbye,  or full on fucking  under the covers later that night.

Guys aren’t stupid.     I  don’t know why we think  they are  when  it  comes to  dating.

When such face-to-face dates aren’t going well,  I have no qualms  at all  about smiling and saying  nicely  that there’s nothing going on  at all  chemistry wise ,  and excusing  myself  from the  coffee  shop right  there  and then.  Which is  a good thing for  the  guy anyways as none  of them are ever going  to  fuck  me , my intention is  to  simply  give  them  the illusion  they  can and  will ,  only  to monitor  their  individual reactions.

Other girls though ,  they have ghosting  techniques  that  are so  predictable  by  men.

10 minutes  into  the date they’ll  get  a  “surprise” call from “cousin Ashley” ,  who has  called  to “shockingly report”  that grandma  had  a plane  engine fall through  her house  from  the sky and killed her instantly.    Thus, the girl absolutely must regrettably excuse herself from the  date  …  and once  outside  the  restaurant  immediately block all Facebook,  Line,  WhatsApp, and  Instagram contacts with the  dude.    ie:    Ghosting.


As if  guys didn’t know, right?

Well, starting about a week  ago,  Tinder responses started  happening again.    That’s  right  –  as more  and  more  of  the  world’s  population has  been  forced into their  huts ‘n  homes  ,  Tinder dating  has  popped back  to  life !

By  way of  … virtual first dates.

I had 3 of  these  video  chat  first  dates just  this  week.    And  let  me  tell  you  this  …  there have  been  some  very noticeable changes in  human  behaviour  ,  thanks to this  Covid-19 crisis.  I can’t  help  but  wonder if these changes are temporary or permanent?


Change  #1 –  Nakedness

I’ve  done  all  3  first  dates  wearing an  unwashed t-shirt , a bit  of  makeup but  not  much  , my unwashed hair  ponytailed back ,  and absolutely nothing but  my bare legs  and  pussy coiled  up  on the sofa  down  below.

All 3 guys I’ve dated have had  unkempt hair,  and a shirt ‘n tie on.

So I  asked all 3 guys to stand  up  and  back  off  in front of the camera so  I could see a whole  body  shot.    All 3  initially refused.

Know  why?    Cuz  they’re  naked  too  !!!   Well  almost,  it  seems  guys  love to wear  boxer  shorts or  tight  ball  hugging  undies while  locked  up at  home.

It’s a great laugh  , so my  recommendation to  you  guys is  to  call your first  dates out on  the  same  thing  and  see how  our gender  reacts.   It’s a  great  ice-breaker  !!    And you’ll  come  off as saavy  ‘n  smart  to  boot.


Change #2 – Ghosted,  really?

Truly ,  there must  be nothing  more  humiliating as a  man  than at a  time in  the world where your  video date is locked inside  her  house  with  nothing  else to do thanks  to  Covid-19 –  that  she’d rather ghost  you  and be alone than talk to another  human  being.

Worse than that, there’s now no surprise phone call  from a  friend and the announcement of  another dead grandma  trajedy.   Nope, now  it’s  just “insta-black”  on the guy’s screen  followed  by “loss of connection” message.

On  redial,  the  girl’s  ghosted you  ,  blocked you.

Hasn’t  happened to  me yet  , but remember it’s  always the guys chasing the  girls’ approval , and never the  other  way around,  even  in these  new Covid-19 times we’re  living  in.

This  is  the ultimate  femdom  humiliation  for  a  man isn’t  it?

That’s  why I  think  this Online Femdom Session idea that Mistress  Wael is promoting is  so  tenuous for  you  guys …  to  be ghosted by  a Mistress, of  whom there  are so  few in the world,  that must be worth an  orgasm  or  two before  the  crying sets in,  amiright?


Change #3  – The Real Me

I know, or  at least I  think  I know, just about  every single line, move  and social gimmick  that guys  use on a Tinder date.   I have to keep dating guys on Tinder as research because a  first  Tinder date is in  no way  at  all  close to  a first BDSM / Femdom session  meeting.

I  use  Tinder to keep myself grounded on what’s  really going  on out there  in  the world.    If  I  relied solely on Mistress –  Slave  interactions as  my  guideposts to  life,  I’d  be  lost.

Guys are  wholly predictable.

I  have a few  rules  to  deal  with  them  , like,  I never answer a  question.   I answer  a question with a  question of  my own,  it allows  me to maintain the  power  in  a conversation.   It’s a tip I got from a CIA  interrogator 5 years ago ,  right before I whipped his ass for an  hour  and got him to  say Thank You Mommy over  a  hundred times.

Until this week I could honestly say ,  especially after my latest 100 Tinder dates experiment  ,  that I knew pretty much what  each guy was going  to  say and do 5  minutes into  the date.    Without  fail.     Maybe the  occasional  exception  ,  but even  the  one’s who surprised  me  would regress  to  the mean  eventually.

Until this week.

Tinder first dates on video have  baffled me.   At  first I  thought it’s because of  me,  that  I’m relying on my  English so much to  make an impression  … not my strongest gun  in  my  arse(enal).

It wasn’t until half  way  through  the 3rd  video date that I caught on to what was  happpening.

Guys were being themselves.

They were being that  guy  who’s  invited friends  over for Sunday afternoon  football  and shooting  the  shit  over a  few beers.  The guy  who watches a basketball  game  in his undies ,  itches his crotch  ,  and takes a whiff  to judge the smell.    The  guy  who wipes his armpits with  his hands  and dries them on his jeans.   The  guy  who when  alone  picks  his  nose  and flicks it  across  the room  towards  the  laundry basket.   The guy who leans over  and  rips a  window shattering fart  and sniffs the air  a moment  later  to see  if  it  reeks or  not.

That guy.

Why?   Why  are these  guys  talking to  me  like  I’m Joe  ,  their best  friend  from  grade 2  who’s been with them  through thick and thin until I was best man at  his wedding?    Or  best  girl  as it  were.

Seriously,  I caught the 2nd  guy smelling  his  balls  on  camera after wiping  them.   He  did  it without even noticing.    Never  once has  a  guy  done that  while out on  a  real  world date with  me.    Fuck  ,  I don’t  even  know  if  I’d ghost a  guy who did  that, I’d  probably commend him for acting  so naturally.

I closed  my  laptop yesterday  and pondered this new phenomenon  over a box of fettucine alfredo that I  had just ordered.

Then  it  hit me  an hour later.

He knows!!!!

He  knows  he’s  got  nothing to  lose.

There’s no  action to be playing  for , or  fearful of.    No goodbye kiss  ,   no pussy to  eat  or  fuck  later  on at night , nothing.    No  chips  are  in  on the  poker  table for him  ,  he’s  just leanin’  back  , looking  at his dealt  hand  ,  sniffin’ his balls,  and  sayin’  “ah what the hell.”

With that , there is nothing to  lose.   Guys are finally being  guys.   Especially  when I go  into Mistress  mode and  order them to stand up  and  show  me  their  boxers on  camera.

All 3 laughed  , one  even jumped and  slammed his foot yelling “fuck how do you know,  how did  you know? ” and immediately ripped  off his  tie  and  unbuttoned his dress shirt.

I  told him  “go put on  a tshirt and be you  dude,  I’ll  wait”

“Fuck ya, hold  on” he cheered  back.

The third guy  , when I called  him on wiping his  groing and sniffing  his finger simply  said  “fuck,  did  I  just  do  that?    Did  you see that?”

“Fuck  ya” I  said,  “what’s the defcon  rating?”  I asked,

“Defcon rating  …  as in  ,  how many more  days can  you  wear those undies before definitely having  to wash them”

“Oh  fuck ” he  laughed  ,  “these  have  at least two or  three  more  days in them.”

“Right  on” I said,  “mine are well  into  day 4,  I’ll show  you the smear  on  mine  if  you show  me  the  smear  on yours.”

“Hahaha” he burst out  laughing ,  “you’re  fucking cool you know  that?”

“So  are  you”  I smiled.


Know  what?   I  kind of  like  these new Covid-19  guys ,  I hope the  change is permanent in all you guys.

So  stay safe ok  ,  if  Covid and the zombie deers that are coming after don’t  kill  us,  we’re all gonna have some fun  shit to  talk  about 🙂




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