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Hello.  It’s been a while since I’ve written about things going on in my life so I’m going to outline a few things that are going on as my Twitter posts are creating rabid speculation about what changes are in the wind.

December is vacation month for Wael and I but we will be staggering our time off so that there will always be somebody her to do sessions.

Basically , without going into much detail , before Christmas you can see either of us on most days , and just before Santa arrives you’ll be seeing Wael exclusively until mid January as I have some things I need to sort out in my life.

With that in mind, I’m going to be writing every day this month as there are a ton of drafts I have written since September that are just now getting back to me all edited and ready to post so I’ll be uploading those one per day until I take my holiday break.

Come Christmas, Wael will do her best at writing for the blog until about mid January.  I’m teaching her the best I can and she’s quite up to speed on how to get a story posted.

You’ll find that Mistress Wael is more expressive through her videos and photos than she is with story telling as I am , so I hope you’ll enjoy the different style she brings – quite a visual one compared to mine.

Anyways I’m teaching her how to cut her videos , how to load them , and how to get her text from her Phone to the blog as she prefers to speak her blogs into her Galaxy Edge phone which does wonders at correcting her grammar.  Enough so that it’ll be legible for you all.



We’re going to make an adjustment on Mistress Wael’s Tease & Denial Only session which is currently a 2 hour session offered for 4,000 baht and is a very popular choice for you guys hesitant to dip your toe into the waters of female domination.

Frankly, it’s been hard getting the meaning of the world Only across as there are more than a few people trying to add dildos, sounding, whipping , caning , face sitting , pegging , and other fetishes to that session.

So to make it clear , Tease & Denial Only includes light bondage if you wish to be tied , oil , and an hour of straight teasing.

Yes, an hour.

90% of all guys give up well before the first hour has finished and the sessions have become more of a “how many shots can I get in under 2 hours” kind of thing.  Apparently the word Denial escapes most of you beginners.

It’s an endurance test folks.  Quite simply , how long can you last without cumming when you are brought to the brink over and over again?

If you do try to sneak a cumshot out , you’re going to see what post orgasm sensitive head torture is all about for the duration of your time no matter how loud you scream and protest.

So starting today, Wael’s Tease & Denial Only session is a one hour experience, still 4,000 baht,  in call or out call , same day reservations now possible due to the increased flexibility in time.

As is my session , Wael’s  7,000 baht BDSM Female Domination session covers anything and everything , as light or as hard as you desire.



Here’s a touchy subject that also needs to be discussed.  I’ll try not to offend anybody.

It is what it is , for whatever reason me and people from India asking for sessions don’t get along at all.  It’s a personality clash, that simple.

Probably for her love of Indian food , or that as I wrote on her page that Wael is just an all round loving person , she gets along splendidly with Indian folks and her sessions play out remarkably well compared to mine.

So going forward , if you’re from that area of the world and you’re looking for a session , for the sake of better business and happier people all around , I’m going to let Wael take care of those emails and sessions because they all work out fantastically.

I have the same sandpaper affect on French people as well.  But whereas Indian folks and I just don’t see eye to eye and we call it at that due to their sweet personality , me and French dudes fight like cats and dogs.

Like , we’re verbally argumentative and I don’t need a pissing contest with Alpha Male types because I’m not going to give an inch and neither are you , so why bother ya?

But as some have found , once I’ve lost my mood and you pull the “ok ok lets just do the session” card , you’re going to get the shit kicked out of you once I have you tied up or cuffed.  I’ll beat you fucking mercilessly until half your blood is spewing out onto my condo floor, I don’t give a flying fuck.

I rammed a cactus plant so far up the last French guys asshole that he still writes me calling me a bitch because he can’t properly sit down a month later.

Like I said, couldn’t give a fuck.  You want to challenge me ?  Well that’s what you get.

Also, why can’t French people find my fucking condo?  Out of every nationality in the world, the only ones who wander up and down the street aimlessly trying to find the easiest condo in the city to find – are French dudes.  Fuck.  Learn to follow directions.


Pegging.  It’s in my Fees and Bookings page.  If shit comes out of your ass, you’re eating it.  That or you take the alternative which is 40 of the hardest lashes you’ve ever taken in your life on the fleshy part of your ass which won’t be so fleshy once I’m through counting to 40.



That’s about it.  I’m working on a VR experience at Wael’s condo , you’ve probably noticed from Twitter the massive monitor we’ve bought and we’re looking into getting the HTC Vive in January once I’m back.   I have this theory that seeing your avatar self getting it on with my avatar self or Wael’s avatar self while having your cock teased here in the real world is going to be mind blowing.  You’ll be in two different realities at once but genuinely getting teased on this plane.

How cool would it be to do nude VR sessions.  I’m looking into motion capture and stuff like that , but it’s all sketchy right now.  It’s coming though, early next year.  Would love to hear your thoughts  in email of where you think this could go.

I mean fuck, if it doesn’t work out you can have VR Gaming sessions with us and we’ll have a blast doing that.  Not that I game , but willing to learn.


And follow my Twitter.  We broke 1000 followers and if you look at the quality of the tweets we put out ,  it’s far better than anyone else out there so help spread the word.



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