Foot Worship Video Package

foot-worship femdom bdsm video packageFoot Worship is the first form of submission that new submissive men applying to woship us get introduced to.   Ever wondered why?

Eye level and humiliation.

It’s such a powerful tool to be able to order a man to the floor and have him look up at you while sticking the dirtiest part of our body – our feet – in and around his mouth.

For the longest time that’s where Foot Worship stayed as a concept with us , hardly evolving.   These videos reflect that – it’s us showing off  out feet either alone or with a mouth sucking on them.

In fact , about half of the videos come from our first year when Mistress Wael and I were baby Mistress’s , just cutting out teeth.

You’ll see in Mistress Wael’s next vFoot Worship video – “Umm Mumm Momm” that foot worship has evolved to involve all 5 senses at once.

We’ve yet to encounter a submissive male who can withstand even an hour of 5 senses foot worship.

It’s a topic I’m going to be writing about a lot in 2020 , and out subsequent foot worship videos released to this folder will demonstrate exactly what we mean when we say Irresistable.


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