Spanking Wrestling Video Package

spanking wrestling femdom videosSpanking for sissies the video package should be called.   In the ten years we’ve been around doing sessions , I can count on one hand only the number of sadistic slaves we’ve had come and ask to be tortured with a hard skin bruising spanking.  These videos are spankings that your mother would shake her head at and say “that’s not a spanking.”

Our philosophy regarding femdom & bdsm has always been :  Keep it sexy , Keep it  seductive,  Keep their cock’s hard.

So as this video library grows , you’re going to find yourself watching the content with a smile , saying to yourself “fuck, I wish that was me.”   How many FemDom Mistress’s can make their slaves actually wish they could be part of a bdsm spanking session?

Just us.

The wrestling stuff here is an afterthought at the moment.  Mistress Wael is the resident sexy wrestling & Jiu Jitsu expert but you’ll have to ask her for access to her Custom Wrestling Videos.

Or you’ll have to order a Custom Video for yourself.

She needs to be able to go to her wrestling classes with anonymity , that’s why.  The wrestling videos in the package are older funny stuff.


Video Order Form

Simply enter your email address, which package you want and with which method you prefer to pay. Mistress Wael will invoice you and grant you access to the folder thereafter.
    Currently, we have 3 ways you can pay, listed above by the order Mistress Wael prefers. She will invoice you if choosing the first method, while Amazon and Bank to Bank you can initiate yourself.