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One of my favorite things to do when it comes to Tease & Denial sessions is to work with Wael in a double mistress session that covers both the afternoon and evening , using a method that we call Pre cooking the balls.  Let me explain.

To me, there ‘s nothing better than teasing a guy for a full two hours and sending him out my door with no orgasm whatsoever , just a very leaky cock.  The enjoyment comes from the text messages soon thereafter where the test subject will lament the aching gnawing pain in his balls , so much so that at times it’s been reported that walking is even hard to do.  So what the double mistress session does is it just plays on that idea and carries it to a different level.

For those asking for an erotic experience that blows their minds I always suggest they book Wael in the afternoon at about 2pm for her basic Tease & Denial session.  Then for a good two straight hours she works over the cock and balls with an unrelenting tease from which there is no surrender.  That’s important , that no surrender bit , for 75% of all first timers use the safe word to bail out sometime in the first hour.  For them , they then get to experience the post orgasm sensitive torture , but that’s not what we’re looking for here.

What I’m looking for is to have the guy leave her condo with balls so full of cum that they are literally swollen.  This is the “blue balls” syndrome that guys jokingly refer to , but hate to experience in reality.

pre cooking balls That session ends at about 4pm in the afternoon and he doesn’t get to see me immediately thereafter.  Instead, I allow his balls to “cook” for a few hours through the early evening.  That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gonna be walking around Sukhumvit Rd. with a raging boner , again that’s not what I’m looking for.  What I want is for him to walk around with these low hanging cum filled balls for a few hours where every minute feels like an eternity.

Then when he gets to my condo , unlike Wael where she gets right to the hands on teasing , I’ll just let my looks , conversation, and light caresses create a hard on that can pop through any Levi’s zipper , even the button down jeans can’t contain the hardness I rekindle down below.  Granted some of that hardness is caused by me , but a great deal of it comes from this  “carry over syndrome” where , well , it’s kind of like residual tiredness that athletes experience in sports.

An athlete who plays on a Monday and a Tuesday won’t feel overly tired on the Wednesday.  The hangover of fatigue doesn’t fully kick in until the Thursday for whatever reason.  That’s scientific shit from my volleyball days back in school , and ya I know I’m fucking short and had no business playing volleyball , but it is what it is and that was my sport back then so deal with it.

So whereas athletes experience residual tiredness, my submissive men experience residual hardness.  It’s the carry over from the afternoon teasing session that produces the hardest boners I’ve ever seen constantly.  Take it from someone who’s now seen about 10,000 boners in my lifetime , there is no redness, soreness, throbbing in a normal boner like we get from this pre-cooking method.  It’s rather cruel.

Now where I go with that once I have you so hard, well that’s up to me isn’t it?

If you don’t please me , there’s always the threat of being sent home in chastity.  Even if you do please me but something isn’t to my liking , there’s the terrible spoiled orgasm where this pre teased dick will leak endlessly for minutes on end.

Of course there’s the tremendous let down of jacking off for me which does give you some semblance of relief but isn’t wholly satisfying now is it?

Those who are allowed to orgasm by my hand , well there’s the method you have to contend with.  I mean, the cruelest of cruel sessions will have me giving you the one finger slowly stroking your cock under its head until it leaks cum in again what amounts to a totally unfulfilling orgasm.

Ever tried to cum while being tickled to death?  I’ve made more than a few men cry when cumming like that as it’s entirely impossible to focus on your orgasm while retching to and from in your tightly bound body.



For those that look me in the eye when I ask them “what will you do for me if I let you cum” and answer with a teary and yet fully convincing “anything mistress, anything” … for them they get to scream as their pre cooked cock shoots half a liter of cum across the bed … and then they are left to contend with what “anything” means for the remainder of the session ;  while fighting off total exhaustion.

Are you prepared for all that?

If you think you are, remind yourself first that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.





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