Toilet Training Video Package

Toilet Training bdsm Video PackageToilet training, Fart Eating , Drinking pee like it’s champagne , this is my specialty.   I’m Mistress Wael and I do toilet training often for first time slaves.

If Tease & Denial is my first specialty then Human Toilet training is my second.

Since I was a girl I always loved to fart on men.  I started in University and every boyfriend broke up with me because I would fart on every date.  It broke up my marriage because I would fart in bed and fluff the bedsheet.  Now my dream come true … men travel around the world to eat my farts.

From there I learned how to feed pee drop by drop so even  the most scared slave could say he drank all my piss.

Then my new dream was to make toilet training something so sexy that no slave would say no.

In my videos you will see how I make toilet training so sexy that your dick is always hard.   No other Mistress does toilet training like me.

The most submissive thing you can do in your life is to train to be my toilet.

Start by watching my videos and learn how.  Then come to try for yourself.


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