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“This is what ruling is: lying on a bed of weeds, ripping them out by the root one by one before they strangle you.” Cersei Lannister































Men are like weeds.  Well the ones who lie and cheat so um most men haha555.   Most women let their weeds grow.  Me i cut them.


The first time i catch a man lying or cheating i cut him forever from my life.  Stop crying and apologizing, deal with it.  I don’t take shit from men.  Ever.

Pasaya xx



Funny me and Jaa both talk about Cersei from Game of Thrones same day and we did not talk to each other yesterday or today about our blog.  Crazy na!





About the Author, the Domina, and the Girl: Mistress Pasaya


I am not jfon-carust a Bangkok Mistress and Domina / Dominatrix , i am the most sexy Domina in Thailand and for sure with Mistress Jaa we are the smartest.  A Bangkok Mistress these days is about the colors red and black and fake photos pretending to enjoy bdsm in an expensive dungeon.  I enjoy bdsm because i play with my clients using my brain, my imagination and my understanding of how men think.  The bdsm toys are just a tool really, a real dominatrix doesn’t need to use tools if she doesn’t want to, and that’s where i am coming from — i am a real Dominatrix — Jaa and I are Bangkok’s only true domina ‘s in my opinion.  I’m really into Tease & Denial since it makes men beg but i’m also into a different kind of begging — the kind a man makes when i’ve stolen his heart, his soul, and his mind — and then then throw him to the water for the mistakes he has made to lose me.  I guess i am a teacher for men as well then, i teach men what it takes to keep a girl like me.