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I wanted to get  laid this week.    I  thought I  was going  to  get  laid.   The pussy trap ,  I thought,  had been set properly,  and it was just a  matter of reeling the  shark in ,  ie: get him  back  to  my  new condo.

But I didn’t get laid,  somewhere along the line I fucked up because the shark swam away.

Ya  you  read  that  right, once the metaphors  have been  tossed  in  the  toilet  it  reads  as  such : “the hot dude didn’t want to fuck me.”

So let’s put on our nerd slayer super sleuth dectective’s Fedora hat , turn up the collar on our Private Eye style raincoat ,  and slither back into the  shadows with me  as we dissect just what went wrong last night.


femdom-goddess-Jaa-bangkokWhen you’ve spent nearly a decade as a Mistress,  both a dominator and seductress of men –  certain personality traits subconsciously float to the surface like tiny champagne bubbles.   Have too many of those bubbles pop and fizz around a normal gentleman and his instincts will no longer lay dormant.

That’s what happened last night for in just being “me” I set off too many ‘male alarms’ on a TinderMale (basic boring unsophisticated boring guy) and it took a conversation with Wael and her date , back at my condo to realize all the things I did –  which  a  normal girl wouldn’t do.

It was a double date,  me and my first date with a guy called Ian were to meet up with Wael and one of my other submissive guys who begged me to be Wael’s ‘date’ so he could feel like a cuckold at dinner.

He had been warned to sit quietly , chime in when necessary,  but never to drop a converstion hint about my Mistress life.


It was Alex, Wael’s dinner companion, who caught on  back at  the condo that I was flustered, hyper, and somewhat beside myself.

“You really liked him, huh?” he said.

“No” I replied as i kicked off  my shoes violently and watched them fly high into the air of my cathedral like living roomm,  “I just wanted to fuck him” and I glanced up the 30 foot staircase leading to my bedroom in the clouds of my 38th floor condo.

“umm no, that wasn’t going to happen” he said  boldly.

See the cool thing  about  guys who play the  part  of  the  submissive is that they’re quite tuned in to both how normal interactions between men and women go  down  ,  and  how they unfold from a dom/sub perspective.   You guys are like superman and Clark Kent , all observing and all  knowing , just sucking in this excess information human interactions are presenting  you  with because that’s  your  hidden superpower.   Color me jealous.

“Why what did I do wrong? I asked.

“Oh, plenty”  said superman ,  quite smugly, back at me.


whipping caning slave femdom


Then he started firing off rapid style questions and answers like we were on a game show.

“Did you choose that restaurant or did  he?”

“I did.”

“Did he present an alternative place?”


“Did you insist on your restaurant?”


“Did you set the meeting time?”


“Did you instruct him where to meet you?”

“Of course ,  I….”

“Did you arrive first?”

“Ya I always….”

“Because Wael ,  you  and me were waiting for him on the chairs outside the place for 5 minutes remember?”


“Do you remember what you did when he arrived?”


To that question I paused.   It’s true, I demand punctuality.   My uncle, when I was sent to live with him taught me three rules to live by.   Arrive 15 minutes early.  Do more than you’re asked to do.  Stay late, and be the last one to leave.

So naturally I was the first to arrive,  15 minutes before anyone else because that’s what I’ve been conditioned to do.

The problem is that tardiness is  laughed off with a  joke or silently tolerated by most women,  whereas I ,  ummm, am more verbal when displeased.

“I told him he was late , maybe in a mean tone is all , right?”  I said,  questioning my actions.

“and?” Alex probed further as he comfortably put his feet on my coffee table ,  obviously enjoying this dissection of my mannerisms.   Noted,  but – next session he’s going to pay for putting his feet up  like that without asking.

“And, um,  nothing” but I bit  my cheek  as  I replied because I  was  thinking  there probably was “something” else I did which Alex no doubt had detected with his superpowers.


“You pinched his chin,  Italian style, and firmly too.”

I laughed.   “So?”

Alex laughed in return.  “So .. that moment was your first time meeting him,  ya?”

Aw fuck.  True,  we  had only texted until that point.   Ok so maybe pinching a new guy by the chin in  disgust isn’t as normal as a firm hello-hug  ,  but he arrived late dammit!!!


I was intrigued  though,  “what else, anything else?”

“Oh, tons.”  he smiled and  offered a gesture of  his  hand  that had “get the  fuck  out  of  here,  are  you  kidding me” message  attached  to  it.

My eyes looked skyward,  searching my databanks for whatever it was I  could  have  done over dinner to make  my pussy as pissed  off  at  me as  she  is now.   My  search however came  up empty, I  truly am  oblivious to my actions.


Picking up   on my empty databank search Alex -I could see , was preparing this whole charade of letting out bits of information on a need to know basis ,  and seeing how well sunken into my chesterfield he was with his feet stretched out over the air and pearched on the coffee table,  I sought means to extract information in a much quicker fashion.

ie:  I reached down and grabbed his balls , sinking my nails deep into the skin and whispered ever so romantically into his ear  “blurt out a list of the things I did to be stuck  here with  you  instead of him.”

Thus he began to recount his list  …

“He wanted to order pizza , you wouldn’t let him.   You made a recommendation and coreced him into ordering something he didn’t really want.

I was tempted to comment  on  that  as I know the pizza’s at the place aren’t  good value when comparing  the size  they give  you  to the  price  , but I let  him continue as I was enjoying watching him try  to  speak  through  gritted  teeth.

“He kept caressing your shoulder and hair over and over and as he did your mood changed.”

Ok, I don’t like being touched without permission  ,  and over – touching a girl is a sign of insecurity,  but whatever.

“He tried to sample your cream tortollini and you scraped it off his fork laughing  …  umm,  because that’s a huge no-no.”

“Go on” I said laughing cuz its true,  you just don’t go encroaching on my food’s borders without signing off  on a trade agreement  that’s in my favour.

“Umm, he ordered his favorite wine without asking you if you liked it , and  he initiated the ‘cheers’ and tapped your glass last.”

Fucking perceptive this Alex boy is.   He’s well trained by me I’d say.

“You tugged his hair …twice ,  and  slapped  his ass after dinner also twice …  uh,  guys might find  that  aggressive  on a  first date.”

Ok, ok, but agressive is my middle name, anyways I digress.

“At dinner you , sorry,  again twice brought up 50 Shades of Grey and when we were talking about that comedian Bill Burr’s premise about female psycho robot’s and you said many times you’d spank his ass for talking like that.”

“So?” I interjected.



“So, you keep bringing up bdsm topics and talk like spanking a guy’s ass is no big thing … and then after dinner you go and … yup , spank his ass.”

“Anything else” I mumbled, rather dejected that everything he had said was quite  true.

“Sorry but,  you reacted pissed off when he divided the bill in half and then half again for you to chip in.  Ungodly no no Mistress.”

I rolled my eyes, kinda saying “obviously.”


BDSM Mistress JaaAll that.    I did all that in 1 simple hour over dinner.

This my friends, is  why i’m 33 and still single, layin’ on the sofa alone  – again.   Imagine if you will … a whole day ,  or week , or month with me.    Now,  close your eyes and let the priest’s word “forever” sink into your brain like I let it sink into mine when thinking  about  wedding vows.

Ya,  not gonna happen.  The only ring I’m ever getting is  the one around my anus from guys sucking  on it  too hard.

See, this is why the only way I can have sex is to wait for a  hot  guy to  book  me for  tease & denial , tie him to a  chair,  and jump on his dick while putting my  hands tightly over his mouth so he can’t complain.

Then fuck the shit  out  of him for 20 seconds  or  so,  and  send  him  on  his  way sans orgasm.

To me,  that idea is ludicrous.   But I just know 1000 readers out there are acting  like they’re in grade one with their hands frantically raised ,  waving back and forth  violently whilst screaming   out  “me , me  , me,  ,  me  , me  please,  me.”


I’d say I’ll change.  I’ll be normal … if it gets me handsome dick as a reward.

I’d say I’d act normal  or  even  maybe  act the part of the submissive innocent but oddly hot girl ,  just so the evening ends with my face mushed into a pillow and my ass in the air being both penetrated and spanked.

But they say a zebra can’t change it’s stripes.

That’s fine, Zebras don’t have access to vibrators, I  do!



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