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My breast worship session started out with an innocent email :

“I want a session where the suffering is unbearable, any ideas?” =  Breast tease time

he, a USA man 48 years of age and obviously looking for an experience that makes him feel like he hasn’t been around the block and seen everything in life.  For that fantasy he was asking me, a girl 21 years his younger and with half the life experience he has to give him something special for his 2 hours with me.  The result was the most prolonged two hours i’ve ever had to endure and the most amazing experience of his life.

In the two and a half years i’ve been doing these seductive teasing sessions i have never had somebody complain about my smaller B cup breast size, not even when I worked with Mistress Jaa and her comparatively enormous C+ size boobs.  It’s not just that I have other parts of my body that make men melt, it’s that I have long since accepted the challenge of making men cry and beg for breasts that are not as in demand by men as the silicone hills that dwarf the dunes of the Sahara desert.  But make no mistake, i love nothing more than making men’s knees go to sleep worshiping at the throne of my perfectly rounded B sized breast.  Yes breast, not breasts.  You only get to worship one.


So Mr.Minnesota, a shorter man than I had expected to meet was waiting in the lobby of the condo last week and after my streak of melting 20 year old hearts in my condo for the past month it was actually refreshing to have a 40 year old guy sitting there waiting for me.  That’s been the average age of my wannabe boyfriends and lovers of days and years gone by, choosing that age demographic on purpose for the challenge it presents.

I’ve been chasing the handsome millionaire 40 year old set for 3 years now and it’s just been this past year that i feel I’ve perfected the art of bringing these rich executive types to their knees.  So i smiled at my partly balding but very rugged and handsome stocky man and like I always do took the lead in walking him to the lift so he could get a good free stare at my ass.

“What did you look at first in the lobby, my ass or by breasts?”

“Uhm” he answers as if it’s a trick question, choking on his on voice he squeaks out a shy “your ass” with a sheepish smile.

“9” i said.

“Beg your pardon?”

“You can hit 9 for the 9th floor” i laughed.  “So my ass lor” i asked again.

He tapped 9 and the elevator started up, then he took a good long second or three to stare right at my tits.  “Your breast is too small, but your ass is perfect” he said.

“Really?” i sexily whispered out my favorite word.

As the elevator ticked up past the 4th floor I crossed over to move face to face with him as Tom Cruise did to Kelly McGillis in Top Gun’s elevator scene.  I allowed him a brief glance at my nipple down my skirt and said into his ear “I’d love to make you beg for these breasts until you cry”

top gun breast tease scene



His silence was broken only by the ‘ding’ of the elevator hitting the 9th floor and I guided him out the door pulling on his hard cock outside his jeans.



I have to admit that unlike the first Mistress Jaa I am not one to use a lot of ropes in my session.  I’d like to have a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs with a clip to make restraining quicker and simpler and as this session needed … a head restraint as well.  A restraint for the head would eliminate many of the slaves failures to comply with my rules in the session, and since each failure is punishable by flogging his nipples it’s a toy that on of you future slaves should bring for me for your own nipple protection lol.

forced breast teasing at jaa4u.com mistress pasayaThose stated rules are simple …

  • no sucking allowed of any magnitude is allowed whatsoever.
  • no biting is allowed either and that includes gentle presses of your teeth to help suppress your urge.
  • no licking or stroking of your tongue under any circumstances unless you want to feel the full wrath of my cane on your nipple.

Sounds simple enough right?  If these were the ground rules for a final Survivor immunity challenge you’d be feeling pretty close to the million bucks i’m guessing.  You’d be wrong to think that however.  The game is is simple in explanation, but not in execution :

“Your job is simply to stare at my nipple on my breast and when I tell you to hold it in your mouth you are to cradle my nipple as gentle as if it were as breakable as rice paper covering a spiky floor.”

He accepted the rules which I explained to him much the same as in my video where i took off my panties, except for him I was removing my bra from underneath my see through black lingerie blouse as I spoke.



“Now we’re just gonna lie here and talk for a few hours you and me” i said snuggling in beside him laying my armpit over his round bulky shoulders and dropping my hair on the other side of his face so that his view was completely curtained off and the only thing that was in view was my breast hovering just over his mouth through my lingerie.  “Now what’s the most boring thing in your life right now your job or your marriage?” i asked him while stroking his hair and his cheek with my fingers.

“My marriage for sure, my business gives me a place to go every day”

“Business lor?” i said reaching off behind me for mistress Wael’s special oil bottle.

“Ya my business lets me travel 8 months of the year on and off and gives me something to look forward too when i’m at home having to …..” his voice trailed off into silence as i slipped my right breast out from my lingerie and rubbed the oil on my breast slowly that left a hint of vanilla in the air.  With the lights in the room off and the 6 candles only behind us on the headboard to light the room my breast reflected the oil with a nice orange hue that made his mouth start to water.

He almost instantly brought his bottom lip up over his top one and sucked it down into his mouth and he was completely unaware he was doing it because when i said “don’t suck your lip off” he looked down at it and let it go like a kid would let go of a stolen cookie when caught by his mom.


“Now answer me truly” i said bringing my breast to within an inch of his mouth, “what do you really want to kiss at this very moment, my ass or my breast?”

We covet what we see, and my candlelit breast was enough to make him completely forget about my ass that he had been leering at only 15 minutes prior.

“your breast” he whispered.

You’re gonna have to play by the rules if you want my nipple in your mouth Mr.Minnesota, are you ready for that, to play by the rules?  Rather than answer me as he should have he pressed his head forward to try to answer with a suck as his acceptance of the rules, ironic na?  Or maybe just stupidity.  My bamboo cane cracked across his far nipple twice in succession and hard enough to make him yelp in pain but not enough to make him cry out yet.  This is where that head restraint that i told you about would come in so handy.

This time i propped him up in a half sit up position with my knee under his shoulder blade and my arm cupped under his short black hair.  His arms stretched backwards behind him in a horrible looking crucifix position but he didn’t seem to mind as i turned his head to his left and tilted his chin up so that it was resting right under the curve of the under part of my breast.

“The rules, you will follow this time?”

He shook his head to say yes this time.

“And you know the next time my cane hits it’ll break the skin of your nipple, and you accept that as your punishment yes?”

Again he shook his head yes yes yes.

“Then put your lips around my nipple but not quite touching the skin of my breast and keep your tongue suppressed.”  and my hand cupped behind his head bent his body to his left so that his mouth covered my nipple.

I took out my Kindle and balancing it against his far right shoulder began to read A Feast for Crows in the Game of Thrones series.  I just finished a season 3 and season 4 marathon this week and wanted to see what the book for season 5 is like compared to the shows.  That and, the torture doesn’t really take effect until many minutes into the game so a book passes the time.

After the 10th minute i felt the first drop of saliva from his mouth that landed to the right of my belly button and ran disgustingly down my thigh and onto the bed beneath.  By the 15th minute the drips were beginning to drip like a leaky faucet and the 20th minute brought on the beginning of the ever flowing river of spit that was cascading out of his mouth like a Venezuelan waterfall.

At the 30th minute I felt the tiniest of sucks, the beginning of his breaking point and he was rewarded as promised with two of the hardest cracks of my thin bamboo stick across his right nipple.  This time he screamed.  I hit him twice in his face for the noise before grabbing him by his hair and pushing him back onto my nipple.

“You said my breasts are too small remember?  Now you’re trying to steal a suck?  The next time you break the rules i hit your balls and i’m not nearly joking do you understand?”

“yes” he whimpered and for whatever reason his left knee began to pulse up and down in a rhythm that would have been 3 times faster than a heartbeat.

What i’m making him do is against nature’s instinct.  Deep buried inside your mind is the memory of sucking on your mom’s breast and as I said before, all men are born into submissiveness before their mother.  All i’m doing is bringing back that memory, which gets stronger every minute my breast is in your mouth, without giving you the gift of being act out the pleasure of sucking that your memory is reminding you of.  I’m breaking you of your inborn instinct, minute by painful minute.

The slobbering of gooey spit though, that is something i’ll have to do with a towel on my lap from now on.  In the second hour of the tease the feeling of his drool splashing on my skin was giving me shivers of revolting reaction and it was only his increasingly shaking knee that made me not break off the tease because his torture was putting him in a trance like state.  The cadence of his knee keeping him going, that and the fear of having his balls whacked off haha.

One hour and fifteen minutes into the tease i reached down with my left hand and rested my fingers just inside his walking shorts and right beside his dick.

He shivered when i did that.

“I’ve got a new rule.” i smiled down at him.  His eyes were closed but he was listening.  “You can suck, once, for 5 seconds.  But if you do choose to suck, you don’t get to cum.  Understand?”

He shook his head.

“Your answer is in your action.  I’m gonna play with your cock for the next 40 minutes, and if you suck as you get more and more horny i’ll let go and send you home with balls bluer than a BMW painted midnight blue.”

My thumb started on the head of his cock to get it to pop out from his shorts, the elastic of which then pressed down on his dicks blood vessel making it turn red as it reached maximum hardness just a minute into the tease.

Three short minutes into my fingers rolling around just under the head of his cock his other knee joined in the shaking, followed by his ankle and finally both his legs.

On the first squeeze of his dick to hold the cum half way between his balls and his dick’s head he sucked, and sucked hard.  For a moment, the caveman aggression of his mouth and tongue aroused me enough to consider letting him continue, but I had already done something outside of what I normally do, and if you bought my first Amazon book you know exactly what I did that shook Boston’s mind and soul.  Mr. Minnesota however, having given up to the tease only 5 minutes in wasn’t going to get anything but what he deserved.  An abrupt end to the tease.

“no please, please, please, i’m sorry mistress ” then after a pause, “mistress jaa” he corrected himself “please don’t stop i’m sorry, i’m sorry”

I simply turned around and pulled his hair into my silk lingerie covering my ass.  Looking behind me I said “you have 1 minute to make yourself cum, and when you do you will scream the words ‘i am a loser’ into my asshole.”

“please … mistress … ple…”

“57 , 56, 55”

I didn’t even reach 30 before he shot all over the floor and as he did i pulled him by his hair into my ass so that his scream almost echoed inside my asshole lol.  When he finished i held his chin up from where he sat on his shins and asked, “was that suffering memorable enough for ya?”  555


Jaa xx


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