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200 kilograms of volumous, disgusting life-destroying fat … think about it, that is the same weight of two large men.  For 5 men, I’ve been the inspiration in their lives to collectively shed 200 kg of mass that had prevented them from being the man they were meant to be.  Now not all of my sessions have been winners this year, there have been some stinkers for sure and even some sessions that I ended just as soon as they began, so they haven’t all been perfect.  But I’m thrilled that in every instance where the person seeing me has been obese I can say that without a doubt I’ve touched each of those guys lives in a way that has been life changing for them.

The strangeness of it all though, is that I’ve gone about doing that in radically different ways for each of them, so when I say that Weight Loss Domination is the 4th best session of the past year, I say that because it’s been a unique learning process for me, one that encompassed the whole year through five distinctively different series of sessions.  Yes series.  It’s never been a one-off type of thing with overweight submissive’s, there is an attraction that lasts for a very long time, one which intensifies as it lasts and yet branches off in its own particular path, one so exclusive that it’s allowed me to categorize each man by naming his path as the following :

  • The Slave
  • The Runner
  • The Bag Man
  • The Once Upon a Time Rugby Star
  • The Guy I Touched too Much

Ya I know, it sounds like some prison guys I’ve recruited for my own version of The Longest Yard but trust me no, these guys are too fat for either American Football or Rugby and besides, with no black dudes on the team we’d get smoked.  I’m secretly waiting for the year that African nations and black athletes in general decide they want to take over the white man sport of Rugby.  At that moment 27 million combined Aussies and New Zealanders would collectively renounce the sport and say over that breakfast headline “Well Martha, there’s always hockey.”

The ordeal I went through with The Slave I’ve already written about it at great length, first here in the midst of his month long journey, and then again here at the conclusion of his month long stay as my willing prisoner so I won’t be going over it again.  Those two stories made a lot of people inquire as to not only why a man would subject himself to such an unending torture, but also to why he wouldn’t just walk out.  Simple answer : he didn’t read the contract.



The Runner.

How many times have you been out for a jog and your mind determines “your not feeling it today” or “you’ve done enough, call it a day” and 15 minutes later you’ve got your feet up in your lazy boy chair watching Hentai Porn with a donut in your hand.  If you didn’t already know, I’m a runner (when I can find the time) and though Hentai porn isn’t my thing I have had those lazy thoughts permeate through the outer defenses of my mind after only 2 laps of Lumpini Park here and I know it’s a problem.  When a Swedish man inquired about changing his life through long distance weight loss domination I knew laziness would be a huge obstacle.

running femdomThe ‘work-around’ idea came to me from my foray into Financial Domination, in particular – on Twitter where I had seen some FinDom’s use TeamViewer as a way to hijack a slave’s computer and ruin or control their life from that perspective.  Not my cup of tea but it did get me thinking in what other ways could I invade somebody’s life being half a world away from them.  It was the next day actually that a guy tried to pick me up while I was on one of my runs and the topic of conversation was “dude, what’s up with the camera on your head” and “if you’re filming me I’m going to kick your balls so hard you’ll be filming your own vomit in HD”

I hadn’t moved into my condo just yet but I did have my computer set up at Mistress Wael’s condo and given that I was usually finishing up sessions over there at about 10pm it coincided perfectly with my slave’s late afternoon or early evening exercise time over in his Scandinavian homeland.  I instructed him to bring his phone with him every time he went out to exercise and to Skype call me every 20 minutes to report in to me.

Now ever since Mistress Wael found my weakness and bought a Moo-Ga-Ta bbq electric grill for her room, I stopped going home at 10pm and instead we’d sit, eat and talk until 1 or 2am.  Every time the phone would ring after midnight we’d giggle.

“Please Mistress, i’ve done 50 laps, I’ve been out here for 2 hours, may I please go home now?”

There’s something cathartic about seeing a guy soaked in sweat and tired beyond his comfort zone pleading with me to end his exercise regiment.

“If you go home now, you must call me and show me that you can drink your piss from a glass in one attempt without stopping.  Or continue to do laps for another hour.”

He never once took the piss drinking option, and those extra laps – done until he literally couldn’t walk home properly were the recipe behind his 40kg weight drop.  I’d make him do all sorts of things for me like pull ups from the monkey bars in the playground I saw behind him and I’d make him smile into the phone while he did 100 pushups for me – making him start all over again if for one moment he dropped his worshiping grin.

On days where I’d be busy or on holidays I’d send links to video demands I had recorded for him and he’d have to play it and follow along.  Those cracked me up.  Seriously, try talking to a person … in this case Mistress Wael … who is holding a camera and counting like I’m doing a show for Sesame Street.  I’d get to 3 or 4 and burst out laughing at myself and it’d take 20 attempts for me to get through the whole recording.  I should make a blooper outtake video for you guys, it was too silly.

Unfortunately the financial reward for such a time investment was too little and by the second month I was regretting the meaningless payoff that I had agreed to more than I was excited by his total body transformation.  Something that I probably went too far the other way with in dealing with The Bag Man to compensate for the time/money reward ratio.


The Bag Man

shit in plastic bag femdomIn a perfect world, 1+1 does in fact equal 2 and here in this case I had a fat guy who was also fascinated with not only seeing my pussy which I hadn’t yet allowed the privilege of seeing but I had made him into my SMS shit slave by sending him a photo every time I ended up taking a shit at home in my condo.  It started out with a casual tongue in cheek offer in this Line chat we were having and it evolved to this thought I had that maybe this guy would indeed come over to my condo and eat from a bag of my shit that I’d leave hanging on the door handle.  Well, truth be told, it wasn’t my condo we were talking about at the time, it was Mistress Wael’s condo where we did sessions up until September of this year and therefore I had nothing to lose.

Her condo has without exaggeration 100 video cameras which I thought might get her kicked out of the place if they could zoom in on what he was eating so I had to lay down the rules properly for him.

I told him that once a day at exactly 4pm (convenient as it’s 1 hour before my first session of the day) I would wrap one piece of my shit in a tortilla and subsequently wrap that in tin foil to be placed in a plastic Subway Sandwich bag that I would hang from my door handle.  He was to consume nothing else each day from the time he woke up until the time he would come to Wael’s condo at exactly 4pm, and if he was late by even 1 minute on one occasion I would cancel the whole exercise permanently.

He was to stand at my condo door and consume my special home made tortilla within 2 minutes and upon swallowing he was to knock twice.  Each and every time he did that, I promised him I would open the door wearing less and less each day and that I’d hand him a water bottle and tissue before sending him on his way.  Afterwards he could eat whatever he liked up until the time came for him to sleep and we’d repeat the process the next day … assuming I had a session which was about 90% of the time.

I told him that I may or may not be watching him through the peep hole of our condo door, and if he made any gestures that would look suspicious on the cameras that were watching him, he wouldn’t be allowed to come back.  Basically, I wanted him to eat my tortilla like it was a pure Mexican delight.

I also promised him that if he was able to follow such a diet for 30 straight days that sometime in the month that followed I’d summon him to eat directly from the source, and at that time he’d finally be allowed to see my magnificent pussy.  On the very last day of that second month I sent him an sms at 1:13 am and told him if he wanted to see my pussy he had to drop what he was doing and show up at my condo within thirty minutes.  Now, I had noticed a drop in weight over the month that we were doing this, but then after the 30th day of him eating his daily tortilla we went an entire month talking only by sms on Line.

I’d chastise him and humiliate him every day asking him why somebody so fat deserves to see the hottest ass and pussy in the city.  Then on just one occasion i mentioned half jokingly that the following month, if he hadn’t changed his appearance, he’d be eating Ass Burgers for the month of April.



When he showed up at Wael’s front door after one of our 2 hour BBQ fiestas I was ready to shit three days worth of food into his mouth and was squeezing my legs to keep it in.  Wael who was looking down from the balcony window to the parking lot below said he saw the guy sprinting from the motorcycle taxi that dropped him off to the lobby and that he looked somewhat different.  What an understatement, as the guy who knocked on the door a minute later stood before us sans beer belly , replaced by a normal sized tshirt which pronounced what could have been the onset of a 6 pack of abs.  Was his two month long ordeal worth it?  I dunno, ask him …
M S <m……[email protected]>
Mar 5

to me
I loved your lingerie.  It was intoxicating and sweet to suck the silky fabric, so close to your pussy yet so far 🙁   I could lick you all day if you’d let me. Your ass hole was pleasantly awful too 🙂


The Once Upon a Time Rugby Star

My relationship with Gregory has been more of an exercise in getting him to believe that I’m sincere than anything to do with weight loss.  If you have taken time to read over my website and the stories within, you know that I’m willing to give all my heart and effort to create for you a FemDom experience that involves the mind as much as it involves the body.  I do what I do best, I take your little plan of what it means to be Submissive, and I turn it on itself.


That might mean a sudden deep passionate kiss given to a guy who hasn’t been kissed like that in countless decades, and letting that seed grow in his mind as I send him away to dwell upon the meaning behind the 5 seconds of pleasure concealed behind 1 hour and 59 minutes of anguish.  But just as much as it can be a physical act, I find that most men are simply trapped in patterns that degrade their life and nobody has had the fortitude to step up to their face and tell them like it is.  Two things motivate people to change, desperation and inspiration, and I’m simply the motivator of inspiration …
jaa4u.com | Goddess <mistress……[email protected]>
Sep 16

to Gregory
Email Opens: 14 Clicks: 0 Last Read: Thursday, Nov 19th 2015, 1:36:55 AM

So I know you well enough to say this without you getting too offended.

Grow a dick. Then once it’s grown, grow a pair of balls to go along with it.

Which means, stop apologizing for every fucking thing you do, it makes you look weak, and you come across as an idiot rather than a man who is confidant in himself and I know you can be that.

Yes lose some weight, take control of your life and don’t just hope it stays off, make sure you do whatever it takes to keep it off. Because you know, if you want to be around celebrating your 90th birthday like Jimmy Carter did or if you want to be fertilizer in 6 months is completely up to you.

Take control of who you are and who you want to be and more importantly, how you want to represent yourself.

I’m hot, I’m out of your league, yet I still talk to you , deal with it. Stop fucking blurting shit out and then apologizing for it 10 seconds after. It’s a pathetic trait you have and it needs to stop. Why? Because without it you’re a really cool guy. I wouldn’t keep talking to you otherwise.

Whatever you lost, double it. Don’t make it a target, fucking accomplish it. Do it. Get it done.

Be who you were gonna be when you were 20 playing rugby still.

Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, whatever the fuck is out there is mostly brought on by a chosen lifestyle. I’m sure your problems are brought on by yours and if you are doing things right now to correct that forever then fuck , about time.
gregory,M…………[email protected]>
Sep 16

to me
Fuck you! And thanks, you are 100% right, this is exactly what I needed to hear.




If you notice, I sent that to him in September and he has been re-reading it as lately as November 19th a full two months afterwards, perhaps even three if he’s read it again this month.  Hey, you want to change your life?  Do this.

You know the feeling you get inside of you when you’re going to ask a girl out, and you present the best possible version of yourself that exists within?  Be that guy every day.  Be the author of your own success story, be the guy a son would proudly tell everyone “THAT’S my dad.”  We’re here on this planet for a very short time and sadly for a great majority of the guys I met this past year, they all died at age 25, yet they wont realize that until they’re 55.  I had an interesting discussion with a man from Quebec, Canada last week who told me that we walk through our lives with our eyes closed and when the time comes to die, a lot of us die with our eyes open like this hockey player’s wife did, not wanting to give in to death when it comes too early.



The Guy I Touched Too Much

Admit it, this world is full of bullshit.  It permeates every corner of our lives and we’re so used to it that we’re desensitized by it.  So when we witness a truly pure action of love or kindness it’s fine … if the recipient of that action is anyone else but ourselves.  That’s why it’s such a popular thing to do to share ‘feel good’ videos on Facebook and we all watch them don’t we?  But what happens when a sudden act of kindness is directed at us?  Especially if that person is an overweight person who has long since forgotten what it feels like to be touched in such a way that awakens the senses?

I’ll tell you what happens, the guy goes bat shit bananas like a man in an insane asylum.  Oh sure, at first it’s a magical like thing to experience one of my sessions …


At the moment I feel like a puppet and you are the master of the strings…
I cannot explain how hard you touched my soul, my brain, my feeling.

No – I don’t fell in ” love” 😍
I now that I am an old man – and you are one of the nicest girls … But I like the idea that you can control me.

Maybe…. No …for sure crazy… I know I am an old idiot at the moment …but it feels so good to be an stupid idiot.


and maybe perhaps the feeling of my session persists, but with a hint of self-doubt of why the session was so powerful, a hint which is easily dismissed in it’s early stages …


Sorry mistress for all my emails,

I hope you don’t blog me … but I think day and night and every free second about the last session and you….

No idea what you did with my brain – it is gone …. No more brain…

I had no drink in your room – so no drugs … It is a little bit like hypnosis.

You did not hurt me …you did not hit me … You just gave me your smile…
I think it is dangerous to play with you … In my emails with mistress jaa, I don’t like to meet you … I was just addicted to see mistress jaa

And now?

I am on holiday – I should relax – I should sleep with my beautiful girlfriend – I should have an easy time …

But the reality is different

I don’t sleep with her, because I worship you … I cannot relax …. You are always here ….I miss your smile, your skin, your weight on my body, your weight on my face, your soft hand, your skin, your lovely boobies, your beautiful ass, your eyes, your smell – YOU

For sure … I send you to much emails – and maybe you blog me …
But I have to tell you that I miss your laugh and your smile….

You definitely need a photo on your website with your eyes and your natural smile…

I wish you a perfect day !!!


Ah but the feeling of being touched so deeply festers like a Menthos inside a Diet Coke …



Maybe not … I don’t know … My “plan” was not to write so much emails to you … You will get boring from me… Too much stupid things…
Too much from my little live … Too much from my feelings …

I booked jaa into the session for my safety.
Last time was harder than I expect …

The mental whip was deep under my skin … Around my heart … Opened memorys …
I dont want it again…

It was lovely and sweet but deep

So I booked her for MY safety …
I told her that you wear an uniform –
In her blog you wear a school uniform

I am not horny for kids or school kids – I think it is just to forget what you can do …
To see another person in the session – mistress to be mean to me not nice to me
Mean and bad to me – different

Not nice…



So he books Jaa and me together and surprisingly to me he shows up smaller, thinner, more handsome than before.  Then the session that I hinted at before goes down and he finds his “protection” in the form of Jaa (original one, not me) is a girl about to perform her last ever bdsm session and decides to put on a 2 hour demonstration of how to clean the condo from ceiling to floor.  Well if he wanted dissociation from me and his feelings he certainly got it in that debacle of a session.  That awful session didn’t dissuade him however, and his road to being a better version of himself continued …


I come for sure in February back to Bangkok and back to my mistress
It is not necessary to write emails….

Yes, it is true … I like the contact … I like the mails .. I like xxxxx
But you don’t have to do it ….

Ups… I write to much again…
Please don’t tell “your other personality” about the emails ….
Thanks mistress for your time …. I will try yoga at home in Germany … Maybe I will do a course … Maybe not …

For sure I will start to “run” again …. to loose weight again … to be a little bit more fit
Have a nice sunny day


I should just leave it there, up until that point I inspired the guy.  Then one mistake, in an attempt to show him that I’m different than other girls … which would prove why my sessions with him were genuine, I asked him what my favorite gem stone is.  Diamonds aren’t necessarily ugly, but if you put the most beautiful diamond beside the most beautiful Opal, it’s quite clear which is the more beautiful of the two, yet, diamonds are pushed onto us as the more beautiful and then the supply is rationed so as to create a fake inflated price for the piece of shit.  Ah, remember what I said earlier about this world being painted with bullshit.

So he painted me as a bullshit artist after posing that question to him and it went downhill rapidly from there.  I don’t hold it against him, I understand that he and half of you haven’t bought into the “land of smiles” bullshit and some of you actually see just how many snakes in the grass there are here.  But I do hold it against him that he didn’t see I’m not one of them.  I’m more of a bdsm femdom therapist.  No, not The Rapist … therapist.



… though I have been known to rape a few asses this year , but that’s #2 in the year’s top sessions and a story for another day.


jaa xx







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  • SG

    “diamonds are pushed onto us as the more beautiful and then the supply is rationed so as to create a fake inflated price for the piece of shit”

    Blood Diamond, fantastic film.