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To fall for such a little thing …. a stain on a panty 🙁


“With all due respect , you shouldn’t call this a Dirty Panty Session.”

“What should I call it then” I asked.

“You should call it a Filthy Panty Session , Mistress Wael.”


Just like that I learned a new useful word … filthy.

My gym panties … the ones I wear to the gym every day .. are filthy dirty.

They’re not sexy , they’re not lace , they’re not lingerie … they are just super comfortable for working out in and I only have one pair.   And so, I put them on … no matter how filthy … every day before I head out to the gym.

I try to always hold my sessions after I work out because I love nothing more than to hear the cries of my slaves when I sit on their face and rub their nose into my filthy panties.

It’s very funny to me.  Because they think that is the worst their session is going to get.

Then they see me take my panties off.  It’s natural.  They get excited because they get to see my pussy but I did not take my panties off to give them a free show between my legs.





I will turn around.  Bend over.  And I will wipe my ass hard and deep with my white panties and show the deep brown stain to you with a smile.

Only then … will I put my panties all inside your mouth for you to suck on.   Don’t worry … I make 100% sure the crotch sticks to your tongue before I push the rest in.

And?  Then what?

My naked ass hole goes on your nose … of course.

Doesn’t matter to me that you can’t breathe and you feel like your nose will broken.  I try to give you one breathe before you pass out.


It’s not a 5 minute part of the session ok.  Not even 10 or 15 minutes.  I sit like that until I have a very large fart to feed you.

You should feel lucky then.   I take the filthy panties out from your mouth.  And you can breathe normal too … are you not happy?

I can’t do math very well.  I cannot do science very well.  I was good at nothing in school.  Only volleyball maybe.

But one thing I can do verrrry well.

I can fit my asshole perfectly over your mouth.

Yes you have to support all my weight with your jaw very wide open for me.  Yes it hurts.  I don’t care.

I need you to to do that for me so my wet fart can enter perfectly into your throat … not your mouth.



Because in your throat …  you can taste my fart for a very long time after.

Then like sealing cheese in a dark room … i wipe my ass again with my panties and seal my fart in your throat with them.

This is my Mistress fantasy.  To laugh at you while you deal with smell.

Your head mistress likes clean facesitting …

and I love filthy facesitting …

and I think that is one big difference between her and me.






I am addicted to smell fantasies.

It started in school.  I used to sit on boy’s faces and ask them how many fish they smell.

Now in my sessions I play the same game with pussy worship facesitting sessions.

My goal is to get you to say 100 fish.

Because in school I had one boy I loved to fight him and sit on his face when I win and always he would kick and cry and scream and say 100 fish 100 fish 100 fish.

Suffer.  The more you suffer … the more I enjoy to tease your cock … so you will say yes to want to sufer more.

It’s crazy yes?  I don’t know why I am like that.  The more you suffer the more I enjoy the session.



I asked your head mistress in her vacation did she make her slave sleep with his face in her ass … and she say no.  omg !!!!  Why not?

Every mistress girlfriend experience session I do … I always make my slave sleep with his nose in my asshole all night.

I fart often and I pee often when I sleep.

A perfect slave for me means I never have to move all night … I just use him.

That is why I train my slaves to drink my pee one drop at a time.  No mess.  Every slave I have can drink my pee for 10 minutes like that.

And I love it because I don’t have to get up and walk to the bathroom.



dirty-panty-mistress-waelI’m learning how we are different … your head mistress and myself.

Her slaves love to fall for her sweet seduction.

My slaves love to suffer.

Her slaves love exploding orgasms.

My slaves hate my ruined orgasms and my laughing.

Her slaves crawl anywhere for her world’s perfect ass.

My slaves fear my ass.



She’s damn pretty.

I’m damn filthy.

and that’s the way I love it.



Mistress Wael


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