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“I want to eat your shit Mistress”

To which I say, “I really don’t care what you want” and if you cannot understand the esoteric subtleties of why that is perhaps you belong where you are , curled up on your bed with one hand on your dick and your other hand on your mouse clicking from one Brazilian scat porn clip to another.

Being under my ass is a privilege not a right, one that is earned slowly over time and is granted to you only after I have made you become so far in love with me that you have proven to do anything that I ask of you except the greatest show of devotion.  We may be laying on the bed with your head on my lap as my fingers run down around your hair to momentarily caress your chin before sliding up to your lips and as I press a grape into your mouth that you delightfully chew I lean over you and ask you “what else would you be willing to take into your mouth for me?”


Oh I would do anything for love , but I won’t do that , no I won’t do that

It comes at a point where sessions are not called sessions anymore, they are simply visits to the girl you cannot live without and one of those times the option will be given to you to walk out that door or show that you really would do anything to experience your Mistress.  Or maybe that moment will never come.  It’s not a decision that I make it’s a feeling that I act upon, a feeling inspired by chemistry between the submissive man in my lap and myself.

eating shitLet me tell you what it is not however, for it is not something that you write me like you are ordering steak from a menu.  Consider it an off the menu item in an exclusive restaurant that you need frequent often in order to be shown the vip room where items like that would be considered being served.

I’ve spent the better part of the afternoon explaining that over and over to the masses of people emailing me about that very same menu item.  In fact, I’ve answered that request so often the past few days that in my dreams last night I had opened a restaurant where people stood outside a massively large green door that when opened revealed only one table , a tiny one where you would lay down and rest your head upon only to look up at the distant ceiling and my much closer ass above your open mouth.  Somehow in that dream my ass was dispensing poo like it was spewing out Dairy Queen soft ice cream yet somehow it was infinitely more delicious.

You see I don’t look at this as a job I look at it as an experience, one that must pleasure me as much as it pleasures you.  Your submissiveness brought you to me just as much as my natural dominant personality brought me to you , it should be a mutually beneficial experience.  Yes it should be an experience, not a list of items you tick off like you’re shopping at the supermarket.  Think to yourself, what are you bringing to the table?  Why should I even agree to see you in the first place?  If you mention your desire in passing like “i wouldn’t say no to more forceful ways to show my devotion to you” you are more likely to get me to note that in my calendar about you, whereas saying something blunt as if your family genealogy never evolved past caveman status :

“Mistress.  I can eat shit?  You?  Yes?

… will get you an answer like this from me…

“Hey that’s amazing, you strung 7 words together this time instead of the usual 3.  That’s a 100% improvement, why by next month I’ll almost consider you for a session.  Almost.

Submission is like falling into quicksand, you sink slowly into it.  Each request in a session is like one grain of sand covering you, almost unnoticeable until you are covered by me, tasting me, smelling me, desiring me … and it’s that sand covered thing that you’ve become that will submit to me in a “more forceful way” without any force at all really, nothing but the words “slide under my ass for me baby” are all that I need.

How many get to hear those words?  Few if any.  The closest any of you ever got to understanding Chemistry was from watching Breaking Bad.  Maybe it was their body odor, the dirt in their fingernails, their bad breath, or the way they converse that did them in, but most work their way into my ‘meh’ list after the first session.  You see,  most guys are looking for sessions, i’m looking for someone I choose to go on a submissive experience with.  It’s a big difference.

So yes, a 2 hour session with anything that involves my poo is indeed 15,000 baht.  The question is, what are you willing to do to be the 1% of guys who actually get the honor of paying that to me?  Are you the next Bud Fox?

Jaa2 xx








2 Responses to Eating Shit |… Off the Menu

  • Darren

    Hello Mistress, I am iceblock180 from Twitter. Posts like this make me love You more everyday. Who would just give this away to anyone? I agree 100% with every word.

  • Mike

    Hi Mistress , being with and submitting to you is a privilege.