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So you are interested in me?

Well based on the compatibility we have together I hope you can look out into the future 6 months from now and already see how well suited you are to worship a goddess like me.   My seduction of you, your heart, and your mind is everything you have ever wanted isn’t it?  You’ve been looking for someone like me for the longest time haven’t you?  But you just haven’t found her until now right?

My soft touch, my caress of your face, and my kinky imagination will take you to levels of submissiveness you never thought possible, and that’s what you’ve always wanted.  I’m not just going to add value to your life, i’m going to add purpose.

Wouldn’t it be great if by the end of the year, you have successfully performed all the chores, duties and tasks that I have given you, you’ve had 2 or 3 life changing sessions with me that have finally given you the sexual high that you’ve wanted to experience, and you’ve taken care of me with tributes to give you the satisfaction of caring for your goddess, and it all started from the conversation we’re having right now?


I’m going to give you a silly job to start you on your way to being my sweet submissive play toy.  Let’s take something you either hated doing or laughed quietly at the poor boy in your class whoemail domination had to do it after school back when you were young.  No not eating out the prom queen in the janitors closet, I’m talking about writing lines as punishment.

Except this time each line that you write is going to unlock your confidence and show you just how good of a submissive pet you can be for me.  So when you’re ready go get yourself a pen and paper, some baby oil, and a pair of your wife or girlfriends used underwear.  If you are single that’s even better because you’re going to feel the red cheek silly humiliation of going to the woman’s section and buying a cheap pair of sexy black cotton panties for yourself.  When you have all those things and you have time by yourself for an hour so that you will not be interrupted we will begin your training.

You are going to put on her panties when you are sitting alone.

Wet your non writing hand with baby oil and play with your cock but do not cum.  If you get close, and you will because of how long you will be playing with yourself, stop for a moment.

While you are playing with yourself , then with a black pen on white paper you will write the following line of devotion to me 100 times as neatly as you can write …

Mistress Jaa is my one true goddess. She is all that I need. Nothing else matters.

When you are done, you will place her panties on top of your 100 lines and you will take a photo of your work.


Send it to me with your $100 Gift Rocket application fee if you’re in the USA, or $100 Amazon Gift Card if outside the United States.

From the moment you send that photo, you give up your freedom of controlling your own orgasms.  Any pleas to be allowed to cum must be sent by email to me, and when i do let you cum sometime in the future, i’ll want to watch it personally on Skype each time.

You may begin.


Goddess Jaa xx




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