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Human Toilet Slavery – What is my style?

VOOM 7 !!!!!!! and all my other VOOM videos are by far the most popular Human Toilet Slavery videos in the world.  But why?

You see, I am still learning as a Mistress.  There are always sessions that teach me something new.  But when it comes to Human Toilet Slavery – by this point I am pretty much an expert on the subject.

When I started looking at Human Toilet Slavery videos every single one was missing the truth – that being a human toilet means the slave suffers, he struggles, he tries to vomit, or he will try to tap out using his safe word.

I watched and counted what happened in 500 shit feeding videos.  I stopped at 500 because it was clear they were all the same.

In 85% of them some of the Mistress’s shit misses the slaves mouth entirely.  92% of those videos have the Mistress leaving a shit-cone (like a snow cone) on the slaves face and then some falls on the floor.

It is hard to tell the exact % of how many have wasted shit on the floor at the end but my guess is >90%.

In my entire life when I have taken a shit do you know how many times I missed the toilet and shit on the floor instead?  0.  I am going to guess for you that number is 0% too, right?


Human Toilet Slavery VOOM videosSo right from my first ever human toilet slavery session it was natural for me to order the slave to make a seal over my asshole and to never let go.

Ok, so that causes problems.  The shit overflowed from the mouth too much when I started.  Slaves would distract me by licking and sucking my asshole or my pussy.  The slaves would nearly pass out because my ass was blocking their nose.

I had to make changes and perfect the ass to mouth system.  Over time I got better at controlling the flow.  I realized that slaves could not just swallow ass to mouth.  They needed training.  That is how I developed my 5 level Human Toilet Training (HTT) system.

Also, I had to learn the angles in different positions that I had to keep so the toilet slave could breathe and swallow.  It is the reason I bought the Face Sitting Queening Chair.  I thought a chair would help solve the breathing problems.

But I learned that the design for almost every Queening / Human Toilet Slavery chair is flawed.  So I am designing my own … the world’s best and most perfect device for feeding shit to slaves.  But I will talk about that later in this series.


From a lot of trial and error I then learned that to make my perfect seal method of feeding shit to slaves there has to be about a 45 degree angle from my body to my ass and to his throat and body.

Why?  Well that lets gravity force the slaves who try to block the shit with their tongue or tightened neck make a decision.  Swallow quickly or let the shit slide deeper and deeper into the back of the throat and deal with the gag reflex the whole time I am feeding him.

In VOOM 7!!!!!!! and all my VOOM videos, you can hear each of my slaves panic when they realize gravity is making the shit slide so far down the throat that they have to either chain gag or just give up and let it slide down to their stomach.

That is why my VOOM method is so popular.  It’s because it is so real.  Ass – to mouth – to stomach … forced swallowing, or swallowing with no choice in the matter.

Yup.  No shit cones with me.  Ever.

Now I know you have a lot of questions about safety, about preparation, about training time lengths, and so many other things.  That is why this is going to be a 10 post series.  Each post will address one of the questions I get all the time.

But for now, let’s about VOOM 7!!!!!!! , (which you can buy, just click the link) my latest Human Toilet Slavery video so that I can explain to you the techniques I am using in the clip.



The Ass to Mouth Air Tight Seal

The slave MUST make an air tight seal by pressing hard around my asshole when I’m about to use his mouth as my toilet.


While that is what I demand in a Human Toilet Slavery session, I can’t just film what happens in sessions.

I have learned how to make great videos.  One of the tricks I have learned is that Human Toilet Slavery videos are not like horror movies where the good films hide the monster.

Guys buying my movies absolutely want to see the monster.  They want to see my slave suffer through the moment my shit comes out of my ass.

To do that, I tell any slave I use in my clips to only push with the bottom lip on the lower part of my ass so that viewers can see my shit dropping into his mouth like dropping a paper ball into a waste basket.


For me that is the most romantic moment.

Yes, romantic.

I don’t think there is anything more intimate that the moment a slave surrenders himself to me at the moment he is most afraid and moves his mouth up to my asshole as it opens.

I’m not as pretty as Mistress Jaa but I do have slaves say to me during a session that they love me.  If they say that to me I will say back “do you want a chance to prove it?”

And you know what happens next if they answer Yes 🙂


close-up-shit in mouth


I’ve learned to shoot in 4k so that I can zoom in on the most intimate moment of my shit dropping into his trembling mouth.

The only thing about shooting in 4k is that I am always worried about movie length and file size.  If I make a movie bigger than 6gb I can’t load it to my store.

So that means about a 21 minute movie.

Sounds like a lot of time right?  But there are times in the raw footage where the shit won’t come out and I am squatting over his mouth for 30 straight minutes recording … nothing really.

What’s crazy is I learned that the longer slaves have to wait with an open mouth and nothing coming out the hornier they get.

Often – and I will get into it later in the series – I am stroking the slave’s cock, edging him until I can poo.

The longer he has to wait, the more careful I have to be because after 10 minutes of him waiting and me not shitting … just one touch can make a slave shoot his cum.  Yup.  Just one.  It has happened many times.

Then I got smart and started grabbing the bottom of the shaft or cupping the balls or scratching the inside of his legs instead.

That made my live in person sessions even more amazing because I now now that time is on my side.  The longer the session, the hornier I can make the slave.  The hornier he is, the less he worries about what it is going to be like when my shit comes out.

It becomes a pure Tease & Denial session with me eventually having to say “oops I have to poo now” and he will be like “I don’t care just please let me cum.”

That is why I don’t have a time limit on my Human Toilet Slavery sessions.  In this case, the longer it is the more memorable the session.

And that is my goal … to give a memory that will last a lifetime.




But in real life when filming I often have to yell out “Cut” and the slave will be so disappointed.

I then go sit on the toilet to let my shit drop down some more and usually I have to lock my slave in chastity when I do so because he is so horny … sometimes they just cum accidentally.

Then we go back to filming after 10-15 minutes.  I have to erase the ssd card.  He lays back down and the more this happens the tighter his balls get.

I have had filming days where my slaves balls are like tiny hard rocks if I haven’t shit after 2 hours of teasing and stopping.

Oh and I have had slaves beg me to poo after 2 hours.  At that point they have waited so long they don’t want to be disappointed.

And I am talking about slaves who were so scared about being a toilet that they didn’t even want to come film with me.

So if we started filming at 1pm when he was terrified then by 3pm he is begging me “please, please, I’m ready, I want it.”

I have taken that knowledge into my real human toilet slavery sessions where I will stand up and pretend to walk away.  Pretend to end the session I mean.

Just to see the slave look so sad.  I will say something like “I don’t feel like you really want to prove yourself to me.”

I have had slaves say they will do absolutely anything for me at that moment … just begging me to give them one more chance … like it is their fault I cannot poo haha.

It is crazy fun for me.

That is why I like poo sessions so much … there is so much emotion.  Way more than even a great Tease & Denial session even.

So in the end, all the waiting gets cut in the videos I sell.

It looks boring … just seeing the slave waiting there, right?  But like I just told you … there is SO much more going on while he is waiting.



What is a VOOM video anyways?  How is it different than my other HTT videos?

My VOOM videos, Volumes 1-7 as of the end of 2022, are the most extreme way of feeding slaves.  Ass to Mouth to Stomach direct, no stop over in Chicago.

It is the style of feeding that makes slaves lose their minds and hit maximum panic followed by maximum humiliation and usually maximum regret.

You know how level 4 of my Human Toilet Training program allows slaves to spit it out?

And level 5 means they will be expected to swallow at least one gulp.

Well VOOM is like level 6.  The slave has no choice but to swallow and swallow immediately.  It is the most extreme way of feeding.  Only 1% of all my toilet slaves will ever hit level 6.

When I am not shooting a VOOM style video then I am focusing on other things.  The sexiness of the video.  The coercion.  Maybe it’s one of the lower levels that I am demonstrating.

Where did I get the idea of the name VOOM!!!!!  ???   From Dr.Seuss and the book The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.  It is how I learned to read English.


human toilet slavery with ball busting


Tease & Denial with Human Toilet Training

My next story in this series will be all about how I use Tease & Denial when getting my slaves to be my toilet slave.  There are many variations.

In VOOM 7!!!!!!! I am using the post-shit-orgasm technique for humiliation purposes.

There is only one thing worse for you than having me make you cum after I have just shit in your mouth.  Do you know what that is?  If you don’t you will have to read tomorrow’s story.

So in Voom7!!!!!!! I make the slave cum AFTER I have used him as my toilet and he is holding my poo in his mouth.

One of the worst feelings for a slave is to still have poo in the mouth when all the sexual feeling is leaving the body after an orgasm … one that he didn’t want in the first place.

You can hear him complain in the video when he realizes I’m going for the cum shot.  Why?

Well in a real session I will just let the slave lay there as his cock gets soft and the humiliation sets in.  The longer I make him lay there the more he wants everything to end.

Oh, but there is no rush.  I have let slaves lay there for hours while I go clean my condo or even go shopping.  They don’t dare move either.  They know the punishment from prior experience.  (My severe ball busting technique)

Given a choice between not being able to walk normally for a week or laying there feeling disgusted … slaves will always choose the path of humiliation.

Which is good because I don’t like to hurt slaves at all.  I like to train them.  The day of extreme ball busting is just there to put the seed in the back of the mind of what happens with disobedience.

I will get into it more tomorrow but there are 3 ways I use orgasms in my Human Toilet Training sessions.

I can make make them cum before I feed them, while I am feeding them or after I have fed them.  Each method has a different purpose.  Only one feels good for the slave.  The other two are awful for him.

The worst being when I make him cum before feeding him.  If I had to give that a level it would be like level 7.

Actually.  Hmm.  I have not done a VOOM! video yet where I edge him, make him cum, and then do ass t0 mouth to stomach.  That just might be VOOM 8!!!!!!!!



Stockings, Pantyhose and Thigh High Boots

Men are visual.  I can make a man’s cock get hard just by wearing something that turns him on.

Since feeding a new slave my poo is something very hard for him to do the first few times, it is very important that he sees things that turn him on and make him forget what is going to happen to him.

That’s why in almost every video I am wearing stockings, pantyhose and/or my thigh high leather boots.

In VOOM 7!!!!!!! you can see I am teasing him with my stockings, letting him feel them on his body and sliding across and into his mouth.  It makes the slave hard.

I had one session where the slave was very scared to try level 5 but I knew he was ready.  I know when slaves are ready, it comes from experience.

He had a pantyhose fetish.

So with a pen I poked a tiny hole big enough for his tongue to fit through right in the crotch area of my black pantyhose.

When I sat on his face I was wearing no panties and I told him to find a way through my pantyhose to lick my pussy.

He spent the next 10 minutes tearing a hole with his tongue and then his teeth.  I was scared he was going to bite my ass.

By the time he got through and was able to reach my pussy his cock was leaking pre-cum and all I was doing was cupping and massaging his balls while he ate through.

He was so horny, and all the time he was tearing a hole I was kind of meditating.  Pushing my poo down and holding it right at the hole.

So that when the hole was big enough and he first touched my pussy with his tongue I quickly slid my asshole over his mouth instead.

His tongue went deep into my ass and to his surprise … right into my poo.  But before he could panic I started stroking him and sat harder on his face so he couldn’t breathe.

From there I filled his mouth and throat and as I did … just by holding his cock under the head he came so hard.

See?  And 15 minutes before he was begging me to stop the session, that he wanted to change his mind about being a toilet slave.

Amazing what a pair of pantyhose can do to a slave huh?  🙂



So that’s everything that is going on in VOOM 7!!!!!!! , my latest VOOM video, which you can buy, own and jerk off to forever, just click on the link.

If you want to watch them all, there are 7 in total with #8 coming the first week of January.  They are the #1 selling human toilet training videos in the world.

I know that because I am #1 on all the sites I load them to haha.

But I would not expect you to see me for a Human Toilet Slavery session and just jump right into being used ass to mouth to stomach.  There are levels you need to go through.

Take it easy, step by step, and I will show you that submitting to me like this is the sexiest way you can serve a Mistress.

It is something you probably never thought you would ever want to do.  I have made over 500 slaves thankful they did.

Tomorrow in part 2 of this series I have written about how focusing on the slave’s cock is THE most important part of leading them from level 1 to level 5 in being my toilet.


Mistress Wael


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