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“It’s just embarrassing, that’s what it is.  I mean, there’s no way a girl should even consider telling me what to do and there’s actaally no way I’d obey.  So listen, I’ll be here when you’re ready to date a real guy, but first … you’ll have to stop being a girl like that.”

This, written to me by an ESL teacher who’s chances with me were fading quicker than LeBron James’ hairline having being rebuked in twenty two consecutive emails , is a microcosm of the attitudes pervasive throughout most men looking to date in this city.

That he went on to call me a prostitute one sentence later and then ended that email by verbally “leaving the door open” to a future date with him … well it shows he’s in dire need of a kick to the groin and sent for a lap around Lumpini park to think about life.

Prostitute, yeesh.  I haven’t even been laid yet this year.

Isn’t having sex one of the more important qualifiers of being a bar girl?

Truth is, I’m more alone than you are with your thoughts at the end of the night.

So it stands to reason that one of the things I’m really enjoying this year is the many Mistress Girlfriend Sessions I’ve been agreeing to go on.

To me, I can’t think of anything more perfect that being a Mistress Girlfriend other than perhaps one day being a Mistress Wife … if indeed I could find someone so bold as to take such a permanent step towards a life of servitude.

Rather than entering into a blood feud for reasons unknown with a jerk like the one above or the thousands like him that lurk on Tinder , I’ve found being a travelling seductress a lifestyle that suits me rather well.

I can honestly say – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that I’ve now given 18 guys the vacation of their lives.

Wait one ‘sec whilst I reach over and pat myself on the back for being the perfect girlfriend.

There, done.

Where can you find a girl who will … go skydiving with you , bungee jump off the world’s tallest bridge for said sport , agree to snap photos of us together in a shark cage , climb a volcano , climb a montain , go cave crawling , lift weights with ya … and ask for seconds of each?

Well … maybe I wouldn’t do the bungee jumping again … truth be told I passed out when the guy counted down to 1 and I looked at the kilometer between my toes and the river below me for the first time.

Woke up hanging upside down 20 meters above a river … looked up at the tiny bridge a mile above … and promptly peed myself.

Maybe it’s just the relatively small sample size of you guys that I’ve been on these trips with … but it seems like the majority of you are just ready to burst with all this potential energy that’s been building up over the years … and once I’ve set it free you all unleash The Crocodile Hunter guy that’s been hiding inside of you.

You know, at the beginning of these Mistress Girlfriend experiences , I was wondering how they’d actually play out.

I remember a story (original) Jaa told me of her time in Indonesia where she locked herself in her bedroom for three days because the guy thought such a trip would involve her milking him 24/7.

She was never able to full grasp the power of being a Mistress though , only seeking to constantly please and in the end it was her downfall.

Me, being more of a “let’s go have fun” kind of girl … I’d say my personality has dictated the fun way these sessions have played out.

I suppose that’s why I’m writing this today , to shed some light on how a Mistress Girlfriend trip plays out with me … and contrast it with Mistress Wael’s type of day as we differ greatly in how we manoever our way through a typical day on such a trip.


Mistress Girlfriend ExperienceBecause I’ve studied men for hundreds of years before coming to Earth , I know that the male species loves my beauty and yet fears my personality.

I’ll use the former to freeze an entire restaurant as we pass through and then use the latter to leave you speechless as you stare at me from across the table wondering what new and hurtful things I’m going to do to you later that night.

So in reality, there’s three girls you’re spending time with.

The adventurous me who never says no to any outdoor activity.

The stunning me who makes the butterflies in your stomach never cease to fly.

And lastly , there’s the playful me … who makes ‘after dark’ something you count down the seconds towards as we meander our way though the day.

Happily, I’ve yet to meet a guy who doesn’t want to spend time with all three types of me on his Mistress Girlfriend trip.

And luckily, there’s been a silent understanding that letting the three of me blend into one another makes for a fabulous time.

See, I’m aware …. that you’re aware … that things could get really wild at any given moment.

The promise of something equisitely erotic happening to you just around the corner is the glue that keeps these trips so tantalizing … but it’s perfectly balanced in my opinion by the mutual agreement that there’s a time and place (re: evening) for the Mistress / Slave side of the relationship to be explored.

Therin lays the real reason why these trips have been so successful I think … it’s that they mirror pretty much exactly what a real Mistress / Slave relationship would be like … if it was indeed something that continued long term.

Yes .. there’s the spontaneous order I may give … or behaviour on my part that catches you off guard from time to time.  Just enough to remind you that you’re not walking arm in arm with a normal kind of girl.

But there’s also that space that let’s each of us be who we are , and so far that space has been mutually respected on every trip.

Which makes the eveningss such a joy.

Like, for example … the time I was in that shark cage … I was fucking terrified.

When finally the cage was being pulled up and the sun above made it like I was looking right into the briefcase from “Pulp Fiction” I thought “ok I survived this … and while it was fun … when we get back to land , and more specifically the bedroom tonight … I’m going to make this guy pay for the fear he just put me through.”

Before that though , we had a wonderful dinner by the sea where the hours drifted away with pleasant conversation.

When we finally got back to the hotel I poured him a glass of wine , turned the tv on for him and beckoned him to relax on the sofa while I went and showered.

Twenty minutes later I walked in front of him totally naked and asked him if he’d prefer to continue watching TV or would he indeed prefer play a game of kissing my feet and seeing how far up my body he could make it.

I put my sport watch on the glass covered coffee table with a 30 minute timer … and when said timer finally counted down to zero he was allowed to advance 6 whole inches up my leg and begin his kissing anew.

To my benefit , I got to watch 2 whole movies before he got anywhere close to the area between my thighs that made focusing on the 3rd movie rather difficult.

In the end, after his legs had gone numb from four straight hours of grovelling his way up my legs … he was instructed to somehow stand up and jerk his swollen rock hard red dick and stop just before cumming.

And just as he let go his grip on his ‘mighty python’ … I caged the damn thing … and sent him to his room for the night … reminding him to have my morning coffee served up promptly at 8am the next morning.


gorgeous mistress beautiful sexy


The days and nights play out much the same with me willingly following along with whatever you as the tour guide have planned for the day … while the nights belong to me.

Give and take.  Ying and yang.

As the nights of the trip progress I escalate the slave mistress romance … perhaps , maybe … allowing you into my sleeping chambers one night to see just how well behaved you can be.

It’s a cruel trick that I love doing on the Tinder dates which turn out well.

The ultimate test , by my view of things … is to be asked to sleep beside and perhaps lightly touching that which you want to penetrate oh so much … but knowing that any attempts to do so will attach serious consequences.

There have been occasions … not many , but a few … where one glass of wine too many has led the slave a little bit over the line for a moment and at the height of his raging heart I’ll invite him to spoon me and leave his wood to die a slow death pushed against my back as I drift off to sleep.

To date , nobody’s been able to survive beyond a second night allowed in my chambers.

I’m not sure why just yet, but the Slave crowd isn’t quite as good at problem solving as the Tinder dates who are presented with the same puzzles.

I need you guys to be Neo , a man simply able to download a new skill set when required , and thus progress to the next level.

The last guy I vacationed with as his Mistress sent me an email saying he felt like he was in the movie “Groundhog Day” , trying to solve the traps laid out by his Mistress and that he was so close to solving me , but that he ran out of time.

I asked him “would you do it again?”

“In a heartbeat , no hesitation.” he replied.

Perhaps he was recalling the final night in Dubai when I finally let him release with a scream so loud that his ex wife stopped working in her garden briefly to look up at the skies and smile.


Mistress-Domina-Girlfriend-ExperienceIf that kind of psychological torture has you stroking your beard and considering a safer alternative , there is Mistress Wael’s Mistress GF experience which has a whole different kind of hell.

Wael has … changed a lot since I met her.

She’s kind of taken that saying “Give no quarter to the man who practices 1000 kicks once , but rather , fear the person who practices 1 kick a thousand times” …. and run with it.

‘Cuz if we’re being frank here , Mistress Wael has me beat hands down when it comes to the practical handling of a guy’s dick with regards to Tease & Denial.  Her skills are , well,  legendary.

Which is fine by me, milking the guy of his cream is an afterthought for me … I enjoy the confusion in the back of his mind as he contemplates how to leave his wife for me as my hand clumsily drains him of his fluids.

Wael … she loves watching the guys struggle against their restraints to do a half sit up and stare beggingly at their cocks and pleading to be allowed to finally orgasm.

And when they’re allowed to do so … the feeling is so cataclysmic that the next day they’re willing to go through all sorts of petty slave tasks to please the Mistress into allowing such an orgasm again the next night.

In other words, if my sessions are like leading you to chase a carrot that you firmly believe you can eat if just given an extra minute to get your mouth on it …..

Wael’s idea is to feed you the most delicious goddammed carrot in the world … and make you jump through hoops to get another serving the next night.


Mistress's-Girlfriend-Experience-WaelThat means a day of fetching food for her , washing her in the shower , sniffing her laundry and washing it by hand , followed by an evening of being tied to the bed while she watches movies and plays with your cock …without a word spoken between the two of you.

That’s fine, there’s no end to the amount of guys who are willing to paint their mistress’s toenails , serve as her leak proof urinal , and endure a painful spontaneous half hour of face slapping … just because it pleases her to make you do all that for her.

She very much has followed the road of servitude , and has embraced knowing that her slaves will do any task laid before him … because there’s a guaranteed carrot waiting at the end of the night.

Wael asked me to write a caption for her latest Twitter photo , one that captured where she’s at as a Mistress … and when I later showed her what I had written …. she showed me a secret video she has on her phone … of her surprising her slave’s ass in Singapore , with her 5am dildo wake up call.

I had to watch it a couple of times to realize what had to be asked :  “You made him sleep tied to the bed?”

“Yes of course.  He came to soon without telling me.”

Interesting eh?

I try to make the guy sleep as close to me as he can without touching me … and she makes the guy sleep all tied up … ass proped up by pillows.


Certainly we’re different Wael and I , especially in how we approach the Mistress Girlfriend sessions.

But if you spend time with either of us, it’s hard not to get caught up in the idea that maybe , in a way, we’re actually one in the same.

That’s because any experience you’re apt to have is going to be a good , fun time … with an exciting end to things.

So be it she , or be it me … I think you’ll find that in the end what your life needs ….

Is a “girl like that.”




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