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moby dick attack

Moby dick … Dick Attack …  ya it’s a stretch for such a play on words  … anyways read  on guys, you’ll see where I’m going with this.


jj ul…
Feb 14, 2019, 1:41 PM (2 days ago)
to me

I like Thai lady very much that’s why I stay with my girlfriend more than 10 years allready Unfortunately she don’t like this mistress Slave Play so it’s difficult for me to be 100 Prozent happy in our sexlife but I don’t wanna force her to do it .
So I allways happy to see u before I going to see my girlfriend
For me you are a real queen and you looking like a model
It’s easy for me to serve u because all of you let me falling on my knees
Thank you goddess


jaa4u.com | Goddess
5:18 PM (1 minute ago)
to jj

Well you have to agree that most girls want their man to not be submissive, because it goes against societies norms.

So most guys , who all have different non-vanilla cravings, have this dilemma  of trying to force their secret desires upon their present gf , or having someone like me in their life.

The smart ones like you , choose to have someone like me.  it makes their lives perfectly happy … so long as the girl doesn’t find out lol.

And lucky are the ones, who’s  gf is totally ok with their boy having a mistress.




This is such a common thing.   I’d say,  that even by guessing, I can comfortable say that 80% of all guys out there have secret non-vanilla fantasies that they crave to act out – but just can’t find a way to include their girlfriend or wife to enjoy their tastes.

Not to mention, that clearly,  every guy out there has wanted to have a hot relationship with an incredibly hot girl.

In  the  email I just answered following up after  the one above, the guy asked me “what does my mistress like , what can I do to please her?”

I had to chuckle at the reply that came immediately to my mind.


“Make sure you don’t have bad breath.”


You wouldn’t believe how much of a deal breaker it is when you guys show up with nice clothes , dapper hair style, charm and personality for days … and horrid breath.

50% of you , without exaggeration ,  fail … really fail … at checking to see if you your breath is pungent.

So  that’s my dream , that all men take as much time to ensure they choose their mouthwash with as much care as they do their cologne.




Good lord my calendar is busy.  Took a poke at it with another of my Dearest Abigail tweets , which I have to do because the greatest casualty of a busy calendar is nightmares of being attacked by dicks.

I have this theory that we , as humans, have  this limit  of how many dicks or pussy’s we can see in a short amount of time before it causes our brains to fry a little  bit.

Well , maybe not for you guys eh?  Is there indeed a limit to how many pussy’s you can lick in a given week?  My inquiring mind wants to know.


I’ll  get to finishing my greater story later tonight and post it  tomorrow.  This is just me regurgitating what’s on my mind in  the middle of a busy week.




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