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I want to pleasure you.

I want to make you cum.

I want to show you how good I am at worshipping you with my tongue.





You see the common denominator here?

Those are three copy and paste remarks from my emails to here in this story … and I’ve done so to make a point.

That point being … the space between how most men percieve a sexual act and I how I percieve it are so far apart they might as well exist in separate parallel universes.

To perhaps give you a better perspective on the subject let me pose this question to you :  Does a gynecologist go home and dream about eating a girl’s pussy out?

Probably not right?

And even if he does … he for certain doesn’t see a pussy in the same light as you guys do.

That magical moment when a girl begins to peel off her panties for you for the very first time … or maybe it’s you ripping off her panties with your teeth and you see her perfectly shaved pussy for the very first time … and oh what a reaction that gets from your little boy down below.  I don’t imagine any scenario where a tenured gynecologist could ever get that same reaction ever again … even if that girl who’s panties he was chewing off for the first time was me !

It’s not gonna happen for him … he’s clinically examined 10’s of thousands of vagina’s over the years.   But  let’s not focus on the number of vaginas, but rather … the word “clinical.”

That’s his job … his lifelong study of medicine that through one way or another has made him a specialist of the woman’s reproductive area of the body.  He therefore views that area of the body the way an astrologist might study a distant nebula … there’s a scientific method behind each practice.


Mistress Domina powerful sex femdom jaa4u


That’s not to say what I do as a Mistress can be distilled down to a scientific method , far from.

My point is … I’ve also had 10,000 cocks parade through my living room here over the years.  But it’s not the desensitization that I need to bring your attention to … rather it’s the mindset I’ve carried whilst controlling all those dicks.

That point of view of how I perceive the usefulness of a man and how it pertains to me became crystal clear in my sessions with Mistress Wael and ladyboy Arita this week as we began her training.


Truly, I could write a series of books on the Manipulation of One’s Mindset , however for our purposes we’ll tone it down and just call it “training.”

It began with explaining to a visibly stunned Arita after my first slave said his goodbye’s and walked out the door.

I’ll save you the conversation , instead the only quote I’m going to give you is the one after my thirty minute explanation of FemDom to Ladyboy Arita had ended and she shook her head slowly saying only “I had no idea such a world existed.”

May I give you a question to ponder on please?

If Arita’s world – as she once knew it – had just been Matrix-like rocked after only one session … how deeply rooted then is my twisted persepective of the world after 8 years of letting my personality run it’s true course of evolvment?

Perhaps a peek of just how much I’ve sunken into this lifestyle came today in a surprise email from somebody who’s never seen me but has admired me from a far for nearly a decade :


…………[email protected]
Sun, Sep 8, 8:23 PM (2 days ago)
to me

Dear ………

Unlike you I hate travelling for business purposes. India is the worst. And now back to you beauty;

I do not know what happened, but you definitely reached the next level on your way of becoming the best mistress in the world. I still can see the joy in your eyes when reaching 2k followers on Twitter, now the 5k is just a matter of time. What a development within a few months! Pasaya was a bit bitchy and had to tell everyone she is the best. (my Mistress name) simply acts and everybody understands she is the best. Probably a bit simplified judgement (apologise for that) but the difference is obvious. On the other hand I hope (my real life Thai name) is still there, that lovely women needs to be recognised as well. Please do not forget her.


I’m going to take everything he said there and use sex as an analogy for you to see how bang on he is.

Several years ago when I was in my transition phase from acting like a Mistress to actually being a Mistress , I’d have a couple of guys in my back pocket that whenever they’d roll into town doing their modelling shoots I’d hook up with them.  The pleasure in doing so was more being able to get a super super hot guy to sleep with ME .. instead of all the other girls pining for him at the dance clup or wherever.  This blog is 700 stories deep with different tales , and mixed in back there are some old ones that I’m sure some of you more industrious folks will dig up … which describe the feelings I was having when I was banging those dudes.

Consider it like , hmmm , a girl who’s a little too happy with herself over the 20 pound salmon she just fished in from the river.

Meaning, just like the girls in the other boat over yonder who caught a smaller 8 pound fish that day …. in the end … we all ate fish in much the same way.

He fucked me.  Granted I still  get a bit wet between my legs at reminiscing over how we fucked that night … i’m referring right now to a particularly hunky 6’5″ muscular super model.  One of the reasons I loved the series Spartacus so very much (even though it was a bit over the top) was just how closely one of the story lines has rivalled my own.  Including this sex scene which was filmed like it was ripped out from that night with the German model …



Ya he took me like that, and at the time I loved every minute of how he forcefully took my pussy while pushing his rather enormous pecs into my breasts , pinning me to the bed.

I remember the sweat dripping down from his cheek and splashing on my right eye as his hips grinded against mine well into the hour mark.

That was five long years ago.


Then Wael and I , who have been becoming very close friends as of late as we pound out set after set of squats at the gym every night and chatting away after  , stumbled upon a surprising secret.  Shocking really, and thus the thesis of this story.

So there’s this ultra cute Italian kid who has become addicted to us lately – going back as far as January – he’s drained his bank account of countless dollars to make the trip here from his home in Naples to see either me or Mistress Wael … and lately Arita too after his mind blowing session on the 1st of this month.

Haha, it’s interesting that I now refer to 25 year old boys as kids, I just thought of that.  I”m gonna leave that word in there because it’s the word that truthfully popped into my mind as I typed it.

He’s a boy.

A super hot innocent guy next door kind of boy  mind you , but a boy nonetheless.   For those of you who need a visual , he looks a lot like this kid Adrian on YouTube …



The last time I was at a dance club or a bar was about three years ago.

That’s about the time I really began settling into this Mistress lifestyle and embracing who I truly am … and I suppose why it keeps me single.  For those keeping count , that change has happened about 4 years after becoming head mistress for this site after original Jaa retired.

Interestingly enough, Mistress Wael is now just finishing her 4th year and beginning her 5th next month.  Keep that in mind as you’ll see where i’m going with it momentarily.

So we’re at the gym pushing out a 5th set of squats on our leg day when – as we change the weights on the bar – begin talking about her session with Danny  – the Italian kid.

Us girls have a way of knowing when the other is hiding something , especially after spending copious amounts of time together like we’ve been doing.

“It was (pause) ok” … wasn’t going to fly.  I knew instantly there were about 5000 words hiding behind that long pause she gave.

She goes on about how she did this to him, did that to him , describing all her amazing techniques but then I interrupted her with “and what?”

And she smiled.

And I smiled back.

mistress lifting-weightsI was under the bar ready to lift the weight onto my shoulder when she ducked under the machine to come right up and whisper this into my ear “I used him” and then stepped away the way one would back off from an encroaching lion.

“I know” I quipped back, setting the bar down and resting on it by flipping my arm over the bar.  I had to be careful how I said what I had to say next, ‘context’ is such a finicky thing and one must be terribly careful with the words one chooses so as to connote the proper meaning.

“I know because (my pause) … I had to use him too.”

Ok , there’s a lot going in between those two lines that’s hard to transfer to you.  Like one of which is , not only are Wael Arita and I without friends in this world, but we’re like fucking virgins , we haven’t had sex in so long and we both lament that fact to one another daily.

You see, there’s a common denominator at play here and it’s that we can’t ever have a guy fuck us ever again.  There’s just no way in hell that’ ever going to happen at this point.

Why , you say?

Well you’d have to have had 10,000 guys at your beck and call , doing anything you ask for , over the course of the better part of a decade to get an inkling of a clue for how we perceive men.

You see?  I’m way way way beyond that prissy girl who got banged ‘well’ by that German stud.  Like so far beyond that you can’t even begin to imagine and so is Wael.

When you have that much pent up pussy frustration … there comes a breaking point … a point where … you just have to use a guy.

And that … is the moment of understanding that passed between Wael and I as we both admitted we used Danny.


But get this, the wonderfulness is in the details.

So after the ‘tryhard’ girl with the skimpy halter top (sans bra) and headphones comes over and tells us to get off  the squat rack if we’re not using it , we move to the pulley weights and continue sharing the details of how this ‘usage’ played out.

Going back to my days in high school , college and university I freely admit that I had my fair share of trite conversations with girlfriends that went down more or less like “did Tom fuck you last night?  Oh really?  How was he?”

In every such conversation until I firmly became a Mistress such conversations were always phrased “did so-and-so fuck you?”

Anyone evesdropping by the pulley machine would have gotten an instant boner hearing the way we talked about this Italian kid that we used and abused.

I love that we both went for the word “used”.

To be clear , we didn’t fuck the Italian kid.   We used him.  Or more to the point … we used his cock to get off.


The breaking point for us was his cock.

It wasn’t the type with the rock hard skin that could hammer a 6 inch spike through a board



Nah, his has this remarkably soft skin.  And though he’s thick as my upper arm his dick never gets fully hard.  Not flacid either.  It’s perpetually in this state of 80% full mast and violently leaking oil all the time from the intense teasing we’ve both done with him.

Needless to say, such a Picasso of a cock has had us dreaming about it and so …

Starting with Wael first , nearing the end of her 1 hour Tease & Denial session where he was going out of his brains with frustration (she truly is a master at cock handling , much more so than me) she told me she needed an excuse to get a condom on him.

So she told him he was too sensitive for her “20” game and needed to wear it.

Ok so, not too many things make me go slack jawed in life nowadays , but how Weal described to me – in English by the way – that’s how good she is now , we both converse in English to one another – but anyways how she described exactly how it played out floored me.

By her words, she forcefully put her hand over his mouth and told him to “shut up , don’t say a word” and mounted him.

Then with her hands pushing his face deep into the pillow for leverage , she slipped his pretty dick inside her and for 20 seconds – rode him to orgasm.

Here’s the kicker … she then slid off him , looked at her watch and said ‘time’s up , go shower and take care of yourself at home, I’m done with you.”


Asia's-Hottest-Mistress-450Why slack jawed?

Because it was just three days prior to that … I had used his dick in exactly … and I mean  exactly the same manner in my own session with him.

Goddamn if we weren’t just sitting on my bed with him totally covered head to toe in saran wrap – with a hole cut out for his cock and balls.

Usually I stop just short of the neck when it comes to saran wrap … guys freak out in a big way whenever I go but an inch above the neck with the stuff … and there’s a pretty hillarious story in my book about such an incident … so I’ve stopped wrapping as soon as I hit about an inch under the chin.

Except with Danny , there had been a transference of trust over the sessions that began back in January and admittidly , this was the first time I had carefully fully wrapped a guy entirely … leaving but two punctures for his nose to breathe.

Which means , yup , I didn’t cut anything out for his eyes to see.  He was perfectly mummified , except for his cock hanging out and his muffled breathing from up above.


I think what happened was, for me at least , is that there was this separation of man from cock.  Know what I mean?

Like, when I wrap to the neck , the guy can still talk , move his head to see , beg , and even cry … and I notice every time he does so.  Sure it may be a subliminal recognition , but it’s a recognition nonetheless.

In this case, there was little to no noise whatsoever as I teased his cock.  There was no talking , no begging , nothing.  Just me and his cock.

As we moved into the second hour I became more and more amazed at now the skin retained its’ softness and though the color of his dick had changed to a crimson red , it still remained at 80% hardness throughout.

The more he remained motionless , the hornier I got.

Past the hour mark the sheets under the bed between my legs were thoroughly soaked … and that never ever happens !  Ever.

Like the gynecologist analogy above, what I do with guys, my seduction – everything – is clinical.  I know how to make men weak.  I know how to make them melt.  It’s what I do , and I get nothing more than a giggle out of it nowadays.

But this was something wholly different.

Thing is , I was really aware of my horniness too.  Like, I began to ache inside my loins , like I hadn’t done since early high school when I’d be laying in bed well past midnight slowly scratching pussy in my pitch black room.


Unlike Mistress Wael , my fondling of a guy’s cock and balls is secondary.  My mind games are of paramount importance , my little glances of affection I give you , the way I whisper to you , change the tone of my voice, everyting … it all adds up and leaves my hands to do their own thing.

Wael has mastered every technique in the book … and with help from me, is writing a de facto series on Tease & Denial techniques , unlike anything that’s ever been written on the subject.

I mention that because, for the first time in since … well … forever … I was truly focused on only one thing … his cock and balls.

For two hours I would Tease him with one hand and rip open just enough saran with my other hand to find enough room to wiggle down to his prostate and I’d slowly fuck his ass in rhythm with my hand.

But even that didn’t get him to 100% hardness.  Nor did it harden his baby soft cock skin.


Worship-Perfection-Mistress DominaNever in my life have I ever “forced” a condom on a guy the way I slammed that goddammed piece of rubber onto his.  It was painful for a brief second , he twitched left and right as I madly pushed the condom to the base in one hard motion.

It was bliss.

I didn’t have to look at a face.  I didn’t have to even think about emotions, transference of looks, or any of that nonsense.

I hadn’t been laid in ages – a Mistress’s curse I suppose , and his soft thick cock nearly instantly made my muscles tighten and convulse inside my pussy.

My hands , don’t ask me why , I seriously have no idea even now thinking rationally about it … began slapping his face from left to right as I got closer and closer to orgasm.

Like, I’d keep slipping off trying to push down on his face but the saran wrap was so wet from my own pussy juice – on my hand – that I’d fall forward and have to balance on the bed.

…which interrupted my rhythm.  … which I percieved as failure on his part to please me.  … and failure results in punishment.

So I hit him.  Hard.  Many times across the face in rhythm to my horizontal thrusts and voila … I came inside of 30 seconds.  Wael and I agreed that I had lasted at least a good 10 seconds longer than she did.


Here’s what made me smile when we shared our stories over the pulley weights …. as soon as I had fnished I told him in these exact words “I’m done with you , leave.”

And he replies “yes Domina” … just like in the Spartacus show in how her slave would reply.

Fuck it was a brilliant moment.

Within 30 seconds he was gone … without orgasm.

Same thing post Wael’s session with him.


I truly loved it.

I absolutlely love using men like that.

Truly I could go another three years without sex , if , in the end I got to use a guy’s dick like that for my pleasure … and got to send him out the door without any relief in the end.

Of course I would.  At this point,  I don’t give a rat’s ass if the guy coming for a sesison gets his orgasm or not.

I lvoe to hang that fact over his head, making him beg me for “at least” a ruined orgasm .. and make him profess how wonderful a truly terrible ruined orgasm would be.

Gotta laugh at the occasional email that comes in where the guy thinks he can dictate a second orgasm just because he ‘cums too easily the first time.’

Such guys presume too much.


Danny of course, has been punished for being the one we chose to use for our personal pleasure.

Ladyboy Arita finds him to be incredibly sexy .. or well his ass at least.  And he’s spent the last couple of days forceably taking it up the poop shoot from her while tied to my living room sofa.

Luckily for him I’ve been booked for back to back Mistress Girlfriend trips to Bali and Dubai , so I must send the boy home, tail between his legs tomorrow.

Sadly for him , Arita is staying at my place one more night as she fnishes the last day of her fully booked week with us.

Once we told Arita “he’s our slave, you can do whatever the fuck you want to do with him … and as reckless as you want” the lights went on in her brain and she “got it” … well let’s just say that boy’s ass has been entered more times than a tunnel in the London tube.

All part of the training.






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