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drowned slave

I was once adored by a crew of particularly unsavory slaves , who for a time served their mistress at my behest , willfully performing demeaning tasks at my command.

Predictably, they increased their complaints to counter my intense stipulations of servitude.

My patience for such requests had long been exhausted, of course, so I prepared an alternate course of humiliation.

I provided alcohol in abundance in my last session for the most boisterous of my mis-worshiping slaves , and while the greedy dog slept off his revelry on my couch I shat the entire contents of my bowels into the en suite toilet with every twisted incantation I could muster while doing so.

I imbued each turd with the weight of my ambition and my contempt for his countless complaints of mistreatment.

Callously I summoned the drunken slave to my throne and stood naked beside him , letting him gaze upon the exact contents of his fate.

At my whim, my hand pushed upon his listless head , dragging nose and mouth down into the depths of the throne before him.

He must have cried out , but no sound escaped the swirling brown water.