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We use Gravity Forms for you guys to contact us , but since a few days ago it’s stopped working.

So Wael and I are working on it … which is like 2 girls trying to fix an F1 Racecar’s engine by watching youtube videos.

I’ve got NinjaForms to work but not Gravity so I might have to switch to a new service and spend the night and day tomorrow redesigning a new template.


Meanwhile, if you want to book a session whilst we’re fixing the problem I suggest you email us.

Mistress Wael :  [email protected]

Mistress Jaa : [email protected]


Shan’t be long.  I’ll have it fixed by the time the sun rises … just not sure on which continent though lol.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be using this page as my test page for the new form today.  Hopefully like me, it’ll start off looking ugly and will be a masterpiece by this afternoon.


Update:  Well it is 2pm and I finally got the damn thing to look acceptable.  I mean, the form is no “Portrait of Dora Maar”… but I ain’t no Picasso either.  At least the damn thing works again.

I’m wondering if any of you were having fun refreshing this page last night seeing me struggle with god awful color palettes?  Say one word and it’s “off with your balls” got it ?





Book A Session

Looking to book a session?   Fill out the form or send one of us an email and in it be very descriptive about what you would like for a session, where you’re from, what your name is, and when you would like to meet.

If you decide to fill out the form, double check that you’ve typed in your email address properly cuz guess what?  If you fuck that up, I can’t get back to you, end of story.  It’s shocking how many guys can’t spell their own email address.

Mistress Wael is available from 1pm until 10pm every day, while I am available at either 7pm or 10pm Monday – Thursday and 4pm on Friday’s.

1 hour sessions are 5k baht while 2 hours are 7k.

Human Toilet Training with Mistress Wael is 15k and with me it’s 20k.

With Mistress Wael sessions are outcalls at your hotel, house or condo and with me they are held here at my condo.

Check out our Fees & Bookings page for all the information you need to know for booking your session with us.

Mistress Jaa[email protected]

Mistress Wael : [email protected]