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Human Toilet Slavery (HTS)

Human Toilet Training (HTT)


Mistress Wael, Bangkok DominaMistress Wael | Chiang Mai:  While I, Mistress Wael – now the Head Mistress, used to focus on sensual Female Domination; I must admit that my interest has shifted to HTT  & HTS – Human Toilet Training / Human Toilet Slavery and that’s what I’ll be doing full-time from now on.  In fact, I’m building a private resort which will be dedicated to Human Toilet Training and especially Extreme Human Toilet Slavery, a place where slaves will be able to shed themselves of their previous meaningless existence and dedicate themselves for a month to serving me and learning to exist solely on eating what comes out of my ass.

I’m especially interested in the long-term extreme kind of toilet slavery for those unique clients who want their limits pushed to the very edge.

I realize that this is a completely different direction than what visitors to have gotten used to in the past 14 years of this website’s existence.

This used to be where slaves would come for sensual domination, mind fuckery, and endless Tease & Denial and I’m looking to hire a Mistress to take over Bangkok operations doing just that.

But until then, familiarize yourself with my Ass to Mouth to Stomach airtight mouth on anus direct feeding technique as seen in my VOOM! videos.

There is no Mistress as extreme as I am when it comes to Human Toilet Slavery, and I’m looking for slaves to begin the journey to becoming a fully functioning no-spill toilet with my Human Toilet Training techniques which – guaranteed – will lead you to Human Toilet Slavery.


12 Hour Toilet Slavery 30k or be brave: 1 month Human Toilet Training 300k , or dip your toe: 2 hours HTT Chiang Mai 15k


And thus, I present to you my website which is designed to engage your deepest fantasies by describing to you via my blog my unique way of approaching female domination and human slavery.

Sessions with me, Mistress Wael, can be conducted in Chiang Rai/Mai (anytime) or in Bangkok or in any other city as long as you are willing to pre-pay for your Human Toilet experience.

So, I encourage you to read my femdom blog, and join me on FanVue where you’ll get unique insight into how my approach as a Mistress of 12 long years has evolved to the point where it functions as it does now.

In the most extreme way possible!

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Mistress Wael – Head Mistress | Human Toilet Slavery

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