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About: Mistress Wael , what-is-human-toilet-training

Mistress Wael Human Toilet Training or HTT is my process of taking a beginner toilet slave who has had fantasies of serving a woman as her toilet to the point of actually swallowing my shit for the very first time.

Through my five step Human Toilet Training Experience I have successfully brought every slave I’ve met to the moment where he consumes my shit.

Most of the time that process takes as little as a week or two because of the step-by-step process, but no matter the time invested, I have a 100% conversion rate from slave to human toilet.

The training goes on for as long as the toilet slave is committed to the task and comes in the form of many 2 hour HTT sessions with me, which are 15k Thai baht per session.

Mistress Wael


About: Mistress Wael, what-is-human-toilet-slavery

Simply put, Human Toilet Slavery or HTS is a grueling test over an agreed upon time-frame of one day, one week or one month where an advanced Toilet Slave attempts to survive as my human toilet existing by only eating the shit of a Mistress 24 hours per day, every day.

When I say “eating the shit of a Mistress” that could mean eating my shit or having to survive eating the shit of any number of other Mistresses or Ladyboy Mistresses that I may group together on any day to feed the toilet slave applicant continuously in an attempt to break his will.

My goal is to get the toilet slave to give up before the agreed upon time comes to an end and obviously, the toilet slave’s task is to survive until the last hour of the last day.

One 24 hour HTS experience is 30,000 baht , a week is 200,000 baht and a month is 300,000 baht ; half payable up front, the other half when you arrive, and note that the refund challenge only applies to the 30 day challenge.

Mistress Wael


Mistress Wael: What-is-the-Human Toilet Slavery Refund-Challenge

The Ultimate Goal in my life, since I’m a lifestyle Mistress, is to have a live-in slave whom I will support financially serve me as both my submissive slave and my full-service human toilet.

To that end, any human toilet applicant who cannot show that he can survive all 30 days eating my shit and the shit of anyone else I may invite over to my home is a defective toilet.

What I have learned so far in 2024 is that there needs to be a financial incentive for the toilet slave to push through the intense suffering because so far not one slave has survived past day 12.

So, any slave who survives until day 14 will not only be given a one day reprieve where I’ll provide him with any food he wishes to eat, he’ll also be refunded 10% of his 300,000-baht investment as well.

Any slave who survives until day 21 will get a 20% refund but no further breaks, for at this point it is both a battle of willpower and a questioning of the meaning of your existence.

You see, by that time, you will have fully immersed yourself in your new purpose – to serve as a toilet and it’ll be interesting to see if one chooses to go back to the world he once knew or if his new existence entices him so much that he chooses to push on.

Would it be that any slave actually does survive until day 30 I will not only refund him the full amount of his investment but that slave will be given a chance to serve me permanently here in my home for he will have proven himself worthy to me.

Mistress Wael


Mistress Wael : where-can-you-serve-as-my-toilet

The short answer is “anywhere you want” in my country.  If it was up to me I’d say come up to Chiang Mai because you are not obligated to provide accommodations – that is my responsibility and in Chiang Mai I can rent us a very spacious luxurious house for under 20k and I know the city very well.  Since you’re coming up to where I live I only need a 25% deposit ahead of time.

If you choose Bangkok, I’ll be renting us an upscale serviced apartment.  Since I need to fly down I will need a 50% deposit ahead of time.

Anywhere else is fine as well and if you don’t have a place in mind then we’ll have to agree on a place beforehand and book it before you arrive and before I fly to meet you.  Again, since a flight is involved, 50% deposit is needed.

Mistress Wael


HTT | HTS : How-do-I-book-a-human toilet session

Your first step is filling out the form on this website.  From there we will have to see what my availability is like because there is a severe supply and demand imbalance where there are so many toilet slave applicants applying and not only am I just one person but so far in 2024 the 30 day challenges could be booked out to the end of the year.

I’m trying to find a balance where I choose some of the 2 hour HTT sessions, some of the one day sessions and juggle the remaining time between the one week and one month sessions.

Also, due to the high demand – I’m no longer doing the Femdom | BDSM | Tease & Denial sessions that I did for the past 10 years (but read below).  Mistress Lucy will be handling all the FemDom requests once she is fully trained by me.

Which brings up my final point.   From June 1st to September 1st, 2024 :  I’ll be training Mistress Lucy to be the head Mistress for Bangkok and Pattaya.

So yes, I will be doing all the FemDom sessions with her as double Mistress sessions and attending to my HTT | HTS sessions as well.  How will that work itself out?  I dunno, it remains to be seen, I’m playing it by ear, one day at a time.

What is certain is that I’m going to be extremely busy in the summer months, but things will stabilize towards the end of 2024 as Mistress Lucy will be able to do solo sessions without me by then.

The more I know about you, the more chance you’ll have of getting a session with me.

So try to say hello not only on your Session Form but on my Scatbook Video Blog and/or my FanVue blog as well.  I chat with everyone who messages me so the ball is in your court.



Mistress Wael


Book A Session

Looking to book a session?  You can either email me:

Mistress Wael : [email protected]

Fill out the form below.  Or message me on my Instagram , and begin the journey of attaching your mouth to my asshole, perhaps permanently 🙂



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