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Cum on … I don’t know how safe this is to do but I’ve recently discovered a way to make any man cum in waves – and by waves I mean no less than 6 waves of the biggest cum shots I’ve ever seen.

I’ve even gotten 10 gigantic cum shots out of this technique, and nobody’s died yet so that’s a plus lol.

So first let me tell you what I do to get this massive load out of a slave and then I’ll tell you the evil way I use this newfound knowledge to my benefit – which is what I really want to write about but first thing’s first right?



sexy mistressThis requires two sessions back to back within hours of one another and no pee break in between.  As well either a chastity device or absolute trust is needed so it’s something I can’t do with everybody because – well , men are selfish and self-gratifying.

The trick , err – mean ploy that I use is quite simply to edge the slave’s cock for the full two hours of his first Tease & Denial session and when I let him cum instead of ruining it I just block the whole exit off after his balls start to tighten.

Now to do this right I have to do two things correctly which isn’t always easy – but when I get it right – bingo.  (pardon me, this is for seo : cum and cum again and cum and cum again with cum , ok continue)

The first is to try to perfectly time that moment where the cum is about to release from the testicles – and what I mean by that is there’s a brief blip in time where the cum won’t settle back down into my slave’s balls and makes it’s own decision to ride the rocket – regardless of whether the outside stimulation is continuing or not.

It’s not.  Being stimulated that is.  Because I need to release the dick just a nano-second before to allow the cum to decelerate upon it’s ascent.  Told you this is tricky.

Then, like you’ve seen Superman do in those Saturday morning cartoons way back when – I have to stop the volcano from erupting.

I do so by both squeezing the hell of the dick just under the head and stroking it downwards ever so slowly and at the same time pinching down on the hole at the top with my thumb to prevent as much from leaking out as I can.

Obviously some cum will escape but if I do it right the majority will sink back down and it will split with half leaking back to the balls and some spilling over to the pre-flight room where your piss is kept.


cum to this arabian-mistressIt’s an awful feeling and the most common thing I hear is “what the fuck?” when I pull this off properly to an unsuspecting slave.  Like it just ruins their evening full stop.

I believe it’s the same general feeling as someone stiffling a morning yawn just as your mouth is wide open.  A boyfriend did that to me one time and I backslapped him with my knuckles so hard I cut his lip open.

Why would I do that?  Because no matter what I do after to try and coax that same yawn back out it just won’t happen and I get so pissed off.

That look of rage that I see in myself in the mirror  at that moment – is what I see on my slave’s faces when I do this to them.

Now luckily I’m doing this only with guys who are booking me for either the 4 hour or the all day session which is very rarely.

Which means that I’m usually quite close with a slave booking me for that long as it’ll be quite long into the slave-mistress relationship that they’ll book me four or more hours.  By extension : I don’t have to worry about any arguement as any slave who has known me for that long will know that me doing something like that is just par for the course at that point.

However, that doesn’t mean that I can trust him to not wank himself.  Horny men who have had an orgasm not ruined but obliterated absolutely cannot be trusted so they must be chasticized.  (<- is that even a word?)((locked up))


Goddess-Jaa bdsmWhat all this does is (I think) combine the next orgasm with the remnants of the obliterated one and produces an orgasm that’s so strong it looks as if a farmer is tossing buckets of cow’s milk out of your cock hole.

Or you know those jackhammers that construction people use to break up concrete?  Imagine that thing attached to your cock & balls and it hits a geiser deep in your nutsack producing your very own version of “Old Faithful.

I shit you not man, I’ve had slaves who’ve gone home topless because as I was learning this I hadn’t the fore-knowledge yet to tell them to remove their shirt and it would get soaked in cum.  (< – is fore-knowledge a word? or am I just re-defining Webster’s dictionary as I go here?)

Ah, there’s a trick though.  Yup, another one.  The slave has to be edged for quite a long time in his second session to ensure he’s so out of his gourd that the ensuing orgasm will be equally volumous.  (ok at this point I’m dazzling myself with these new words, holy shit because that’s the first time I’ve ever used ‘volumous’)

(fuck it’s voluminous, so that’s three words I’ve pulled out of my ass)

Question, for myself.  Why can I bang out 3-4 blog posts of 2000 words in a matter of minutes on my Loyalfans blog but it takes me literally forever to get to just 1000 words here?  There’s something about writing here that doesn’t let me be me any longer – I have this voice in the back of my head that says “be perfect , this is a public post” and so words like voluminous come flying from my ass to my fingers somehow.

I need to write for jaa4u like I write for my Loyalfans subscribers – like an 18 wheeler going off the edge of a cliff and landing in a tire fire at the bottom.  Whee, who gives a fuck.  Anyways, I digress .


cum truck cliff


Ok so are we clear on how to extract the cum geiser?  Yes?  Good, let me show you how to use said geiser.

All this recipe needs is a session request from a new slave who’s never met me and says the magic word “sissy” or is even so bold as to admit he wants to suck cock.

Of course he’s referring to ladyboy cock but that ain’t happening.   See where I’m going with this?  Are you smiling?  I am haha.

Oh and I need a slave who knows about this technique to be in the city – which in the summer months isn’t always easy but I got lucky last week and the universe alligned nicely.

And – said experienced and well known slave has to be willing to have a blindfolded guy suck his dick.  Which – if I may say – is GREATLY helped along by his great need to have a proper release after just having his first orgasm obliterated.

I just used the word great twice in one sentence didn’t I?  Ok ok, I’m just gonna leave it, not tempted at all to be perfect and come up with a synonym for greatly.  2 hours to write 1219 measly words, sheesh.


So let’s zoom back in time to last week where this played out as I hoped it would – save the endless gagging and throwing up which lasted a good 10 minutes – that I wasn’t ready for.

Because this kid of *wince 21 years old ( ok I said it , it was a slow month ok and I said yes to the boy) had no idea what was in store for him, but we both did.

In fact, I think because I had done it with my experienced slave a month before and he had requested it again AND was so eager to cum and see the result … well the anticipation made everything go oh so well.

Cuz usually I try avoid at all costs having two dicks and four balls in the same room – which is why I had blindfolded the kid and told him “a ladyboy friend of mine is now going to make you suck her dick.”

Force !!!  Force you !!!  I had a chance to use the word force there and like a fucking Pavlonian trained dog I used “make you” instead of “force” becaue Loyalfans and Onlyfans has trained me to avoid using that word.

“This ladyboy friend of mine is going to force you to suck her dick” … and then I had to make sure my “ladyboy” re: my male slave … never spoke a word.

Now that I think about it I think the exact thing I said in the moment was “shove her dick down your throat” , meh , I’m sticking with ‘forced’ as a big fuck you middle finger to censorship on those sites.


Where was I?  Ah yes.  Want to know how long the 21 year old kid got to suck his first dick for?

Ok well I have this game called “30” ( because Mistress Wael has a game called 20 and I just HAD to beat her lol ) and slaves complain all the time that it’s an impossible game to win.

The rules are in my Twitter post here , take a sec and read them if you want.

Point is, like you see in the comments the complaint is that it’s impossible for a man to cum inside of 30 seconds.  Bullshit.

It took mabye … maybe 20 seconds for my experienced slave to shoot both his loads down the throat of that kid , in fact the orgasm itself took longer than it took to reach it !!  Chew on that.

I may have winced when the cum started oozing out both sides of the kid’s mouth.  I may have shuddered when it began leaking out of his nostrils.  But I lurched when the kid pulled off the cock and was going to vomit it out on my living room floor.

I kicked him in the direction of the washroom, turned around and my other slave just collapsed on my sofa like he had been hit in the head with a wrecking ball.  (trying to get that song stuck in your head , did it work?)

No?  How about now …




Then the laughing started.  Because the kid kept upheaving cum into my toilet non-stop we just couldn’t stop laughing.  It was as if two evil twins who had pulled off the perfect bank robbery high fiving each other.

Which we did, but then we both collapsed on the sofa laughing.  Finally after 10 long minutes the kid emerges from the bathroom looking like I used to in my parties down in Australia at 3am.

He looks at us both, stops walking and stands in place for a moment and finally blurts out “he’s the ladyboy?”

My other slave said back “ya sorry ’bout that I needed a mouth.”

The kid bolted for the door and I had to go kick his shoes away as he was about to run away without leaving the tribute.  Man, his ears were as red as a firetruck.  His cheeks too.

It got worse for him too as I found out just the other day that whilst in my bathroom trying to get the cum out of his throat he resorted to drinking gallons of water from the tap.

So he’s had the shits since last week as a memento of the occasion.

Well when I say I give sessions that people never forget I’m not exaggerating in the least.  That kid if he lives to be 99 years old will always remember the first time he sucked cock!!