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Poverty is solvable.

It’s just that whether it be in USA, here, or wherever, the people who have money don’t want it solved.

I do.




I can tell you right now that without a doubt, that is exactly what I would do if I won that crazy USA Powerball lottery. I”m pretty sure I can get by just fine living off the interest of 4 million dollars invested in 2% bonds for the rest of my life just fine. Do you know what the result of me doing that would be? Well for one, every person would be able to live off a base salary of $80,000 per year, or 2.4 million baht. And secondly, this …




… would disappear forever.


How nice would that be? I’m not anywhere close to America though.  So here’s a thought.  If you’re crazy enough to take a chance at changing the world, buy a ticket for us.  No contract, no verbal promise, just your oath that if by miracle we win, you’d spit in greed’s face and carry out my dream.


jaa xx

10 Responses to Powerball Poverty

  • Jon

    Such a lovely thought jaa but it’s only 4.33 dollars per person if you divide it up. Still, enough to give everyone a good cooked dinner I guess!

  • Moo

    A Goddess with a big a big heart made of gold.

  • Raju

    Dear Mistress I am a fan of Mistress Jaa and you and following your blog silently.I would like to point out a small mistake in the amount.1.3 billion divided by 300 million is 4.33 dollars and not 4.33 million dollars.1300 million ÷ 3oo million.

    A humble submissive..

  • David

    Actually the math on that is off because I said the same thing after I saw that on FB. It comes out to be alot less per person after tax currently 950,000,000 M USD

  • Turambar

    I think you need to take a second look at that math. You would just have to win 1 million times. 😛

    Furthermore splitting the money among the population might not be the wisest choise. People are not all that rational as you yourself know. They would start spending abow their former limits, increasing prices on services like airplanes for vacations due to high demand. The moneyprinting, (for those powerballprices) and lowered workforce, (alot of slackers created) will harm goverment and general economy. Banks would go poor as all their loans would be payed down. Low rents and high spending would creat backlash. More problems would be added while the money would run out leaving the country in way worse shape than before, I suspect.

    On another note I do love your altruistic desires. It would be nice if especially the richest people started sharing a bit more. Instead of building 20 different castles around the globe, jumping betwin them in private jets and their ferrari collection.

    If only the top most altruistic and intelligent part of the population satt on more wealth and power. Things might have moved faster in the right direction.

    Love your blog by the way. I read all of it with focus. The comment about loners in your last post ring so true for me aswell.

  • jr

    your stories are a great read. I have enjoyed the blog.

    However poverty is not easily solved. I wish one could just win the lottery and provide for everyone, but the truth is, it is not possible.

    if you won 1.3 billion and wanted it divided among the 300 million everyone would receive $4.33 not 4.33 million. Also you must take into account the taxes and one time payout option. you would receive a max of 50% most likely 35-40% depending on what state. So the 1.3 is now 650 million max after tax us population 322+ million so everyone receives $2 usd. Almost enough to buy a happy meal.

    the rich can only help so many.

  • anders

    I don’t think it would be as nice as you would first think.

    What happens when everyone in the country has 4 million, has the same idea of living off $80k a year, and no longer wants to work? Who does the farming for the food? Who works in grocery stores to sell it? Who works to keep power stations running? Water?

    Poverty is solvable, but not by giving everyone a few million. If everyone has it, it’s not valuable anymore. I’m sure you know that.

  • anders

    ..just realised 1.3 billion / 300 million is about 4 bucks per person. This is why I’m poor.

  • Andrew

    I admire your Idea, but as some mentioned above just giving everyone money would make it even worse. Most people would quit their job if they already get 80k per year anyway. Being a waitress, working hard for a tiny salary if you can live from the interest? I don’t think so. Now think about the owner of the restaurant, how would he get the staff necessary to run his business? Well, maybe with paying them a bigger salary… But how would he be able to do that? If a Waiter costs let’s say 10k per month, he might be forced to take the path of least resistance and adjust the prices in his menu… or close his restaurant. Furthermore it might even trigger a Hyperinflation which could let the Currencies end up like in Germany post W W 1 (and might produce a picture like here: https://iconicphotos.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/hyperinflation-1921-1923/)
    Or maybe 98% of the people would waste the money by financing all their dreams and end up broke again like countless lottery-winners. Which would in the end go full circle back to today’s situation and might only double the amount of HNWI’s.

    My personal opinion is this: If you give a poor person some food (Like the Money in the Idea), you might need to feed him for the Rest of his Life, but if you give him some Land and show him how to raise Crops, he will be able to get the Food by himself.

    I think Poverty can’t be solved within one Generation, like a Skyscraper can’t be built within one Day. I think we can only lay the foundation, by supplying money for Charity which helps Children to get better education (getting the seed). If they grow up, and are well educated, they will come up with greater business ideas. On this Stage we need to provide them the “Land” necessary to raise their “Crops” by investing in their Ideas. By Investing in them, the new Companies would be able to grow. A growing company always needs more staff which would lead to more open jobs.  More jobs on the market means more people with a stable income. And with a job, the employees themselves would have the foundation to “climb up the ladder”, specialize, get additional education and get access to better jobs.

    Unlike today’s “Elite” the fresh grown CEO’s in the beginning of that example might always remember how poor their family was, how it felt to be on the bottom and might “refresh” the cycle by helping those who are in need with their own money. Slowly building that “skyscraper” generation for generation.

    Sounds simple? Well but with factors like corruption and today’s overall not-so-intellectual-mainstream-media and that “greed-is-good-philosophy” spending money for charity is like a drop of water on a hot stone: You may cool down a tiny spot for a short amount of time, but without a steady stream of cold water you won’t be able to see a result.

    For myself, if I go and travel somewhere for holidays I always like to look at the amount I spend for my flight and accommodation and spend at least the same amount to a local charity-project. It might be only a single drop on that said stone, but at least it’s there.

    You are a very special and precious person, and I love reading your blog, but this time I wanted to share my Opinion.

    Best Regards

  • w22

    she’s not only hot.. she’s so intelligent & kind. Just amazing me, all the time.