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Here’s a sure sign that tells me I’m way too used to being filmed lately.

Yesterday I was out and about knocking off my ‘to do’ list of errands right from the get-go I kept running into these “are you fucking kidding me?” moments.  You know, those moments where some dude says something , or you see something outrageous right before your eyes and you whisper those exact words.

Usually just one such incident is enough to set us off right?  Well I had three in succession.

Only … I broke the 4th wall on each one by glancing away at an invisible camera as if I was being filmed , just like Ferris does in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off …



Because , no shit, there’s been a camera in my face nearly every other day for a year straight and so … ya … I sometimes feel like Ferris here in real life.

Started with me being on the BTS and I got this email for a supposed session … from a girl.

A 70 year old fat woman who wanted to be abused and humiliated.

Well right off the bat my spidey senses were tingling … except whereas a male Spiderman’s senses would tingle his obdula oblongota , mine just tickles my nipples.  ie: I can smell bullshit a mile away.  ( <– finally borrowing that saying from an old American friend )

Here’s his email and my instantaneous reply …



Perhaps, had he changed the file name to “me playin bingo” I’d have bought his story for .01 hundredth of a  second longer.

Point is though, when I hit reply – I looked up at that invisible camera and broke the 4th wall right away – just for an instant  – and then went back to my email.

Seconds after that as I stand up to get off a foreigner comes to stand beside me – gawks at me – which given how I’ve been dressing lately out in public is fine I’ll give him that – and opens with “hey , I’m new here, can you help me find a good place to eat around here?”

Immediately I break the 4th wall but this time I hold it … so much so that the blonde hair dude glances over his shoulder to see who or what I’m looking at.

“If you were as white as Casper the Ghost I’d buy that you were new … but you’re darker than the tar baby in Br’er Rabbit … so ya, that’s a lie.”

“Oh” he was momentarily surprised , then composed himself to say “you’re clever, I like clever girls.”

To which I snapped “no you don’t , you like ez pussy, that’s why you’ve been here so long that your skin’s turned black , now kindly fuck off.”

And out of the train I stepped , went down the steps , out the turnstile where I got whistled at … loudly.

Turned around and saw a guy from my country who must have been 80 or if not, 90 years old , with one leg and a fu manchu silver-white moustache with matching eyebrows to boot , exactly like the guy from Kill Bill

Again, broke the 4th wall and even smiled for the non-existent camera , then fuck it … shook my ass for him as I walked away doing the walk that I do which gives guys instant hard ons …



Not that he could get it up at that age, but at least he’ll  remember me as much as I have his eyebrows perma burned into my memory now.

Ya so that’s it, rapid fire wtf moments , all inside a 5 minute span and then after that a pretty normal day.

Ah , well there was this dude in a Ferrari stuck in traffic outside my condo.  I laughed at him as I went into the bakery to order my coffee and my apple turnover.

Then laughed at him 5 minutes later when I walked out and caught up and passed him 20 meters down the street.

I dunno man, having a sports car in this city is about as useful as trying to shoot pool with a piece of rope know what I mean?




What else.  Ah yes.  The pCloud – damn am I proud of myself for coming up with that idea for storing our 400 femdom clips.

I suggested to Mistress Wael who’s going through the same anal retentive song and dance charade that I had to go through to get her models approved for onlyfans … just so she can post her videos on the blog …. to just don’t.

“Give all your subscribers your pCloud folder password and just inform them of every new video name and its location when you load it every morning.”

Took 6 months for me to realize that there’s absolutely no point in uploading anything remotely controversial to the main blog.   Only thing the main blog is for is shaking my tits ‘n ass …



All the juicy videos go to the pCloud and are linked and so … now Wael and I are fighting over who gets to load videos to our pCloud all morning afternoon and night via games of rock , paper , scissors … which is impossible to win vs. Wael.

Seriously, if any of you can win a game of ‘first to 10 wins’ in rock paper scissors with her please for the love of broccoli tell me how you do/did it.  Thank you.

Anyways, she’s happy, she’s got like 40 loaded already with another 60 or so to go.   She’ll be live with that to all her subscribers by tomorrow.  Now my next mission is to get ladyboy Mistress Arita down here so we can do the same for her.

Ok that’s today’s update.  On my onlyfans this first half of the week I’m featuring the super hot Tease & Denial videos I shot over  the weekend and then I’m chomping at the bit to film a wonderful foot / stocking / shoe worship video that was submitted to me.

Which reminds me … IF any of you guys have creative ideas as to what would look great on video … PLEASE … write it down and share it to us.

We LOVE guys with imagination who email us and say “this is a cool idea from my imagination , do you mind if I share it with you?”   Yes, yes and yes.  Please, with sugar.  Ok not sugar, Stevia.

I’ve shot almost every single idea submitted so far.  So if you have great ideas don’t hesitate to drop yours in my gmail inbox:




Later boys,


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