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sleeping in my asshole

Let’s just cut to the chase shall we?  Here , in ascending order are the 5 things men secretly want me to do to them – without having to ask …


#5) Pull them by their Dick

It’s funny but true, men want nothing more than to be led around by their dicks.  It’s strange that it’s used in such a frequent derogatory statement “she’s leading you around with your dick in her hand” because if I want to get an instant erection out of a man , be it in my bedroom or on an escalator at the mall , grabbing a handful of cock and walking the man like a poodle behind me causes an erection harder than a diamond.

Insider tip :  I use this trick all the time on guys who claim they can’t easily get a hard on.

Where I do it the most?  :  At the movie theatre while leading the guy to his seat.  Good for humiliation too as it gets tons of people glancing over their shoulders at us once we’re seated.




#4) Getting Hit in Retaliation for Crossing the Line

I was just going to coin the title simply as “Face Slapping” but that doesn’t fully encapsulate the truth behind the action.  In fact, it doesn’t have to be just a face slap – it can be a knee to the groin , a hard twisting nipple pinch , or nails dug deeply into one’s testicles.  It’s not the action, it’s me standing up to a man in a shocking confrontational way that screams ‘public fight’ which turns certain men on.

Caveat: Doing this to the Alpha Male type more often than not causes a counter strike to my counter – and yes escalates to a full on public fist fight.  I’ve both bloodied a man’s nose and gnawed a guy’s baby finger to the bone as the fight escalated.

Insider tip : Again, great for humiliation when done in crowded quarters like a packed elevator.  Nothing turns a man’s ears beat red than being forcefully slapped in the face in front of 20 startled people trapped in a lift together.

Where do I use it the most?  :  Surprisingly, not in public and not at my condo either , but at the guy’s house or condo because being on their home turf spurs courage , and with courage comes actions that are out of line with me 99% of the time.


#3) Fuck with their Sense of Smell or Taste

This might seem to crossover somewhat with #1 on the list but in reality it’s a totally different thing we’re talking about.  Here I’m referring to something like going shopping for three hours and then taking a swab of my rank pussy with my fingers and suddenly making the guy I’m with gag as I hold it under his nose to smell.  Guys will ALWAYS smell what’s put under their nose , even if common sense tells them it’s going to be something awful.  Or perhaps we’re laying in bed and i do an ass swipe check to see how awful my asshole smells and let you determine the degree of stench by giving you a whiff.  And not to dismiss taste in all this, nothing is better than adding a bit of my golden champagne to that glass of wine you ordered at dinner.  Not to mention adding sauce to your green pees in the form of a nice ball of spit.

Insider tip:  Guys are initially repelled by the taste or smell , it’s actually the lingering thought in their brain some hours after – when they’re alone in bed the next day , that causes them to get wildly horny over what I did to them.

Where do I use it the most? :  Ya you guessed it, movie theatre.  Don’t let me take you to the movies , I’m warning you lol.




#2) Leave ’em Hanging

Surprised?  After all , you’d think that men are all about the happy ending – especially here in the happy ending city of the world Bangkok.  But absolutely nothing wraps a guy around my finger more than a well timed total loss of interest in his raging hard dick.  I mean, I could be fondling your dick and balls endlessly while cuddling on the sofa watching Forest Gump , and by the time he’s running back across America and you’re cock is foretelling volcanic eruption – I’ll just turn off the tv and ask you to leave claiming I’m super sleepy.  Don’t even bother trying to beg me or worse – grab me , less you’ll be getting a good sample of #4 which’ll just make you even hornier.  Nah, just take the walk of shame out my condo door and deal with your dick trying to kiss your belly button as you shyly make your way down the street and back safely to your home where you’ll pump your dick furiously in anger.

Insider tip:  This works because men are all about the solar system revolving around their needs and desires.  Once I flip that , making them realise that I have not a care in the world about what they either need or desire , it makes them as crazy for me as a cat is for catnip.

Where do I use it the most? :  Cruelly , and I don’t get to do this often enough as I hardly ever let a man sleep over nowadays , but fucking with a guy’s morning hard on by making it even harder , and then sending him off to work is probably the most fun a woman can have.  Especially when I continue to fuck with his mind at work via sexy emails and sms photos.




#1) Your Nose belongs in my Stink Hole

Yup, this one is almost universal.  Think about this the next time you’re on a crowded bus or train – I want you to look around at every man’s face and know for certain that each and every one of them shares the same fantasy.  They all want to be grabbed by the hair and forced down to smell or sleep with their nose buried inside a smelly rank asshole.  Oh get this … they’ll all “complain” about it too , every one of them.  But in the end , they accept that’s their lot in life , not good enough to snuggle and hold me like men are taught to do , but instead acclimatise themselves to the smell of my shit and wait for the moment I tell them “open up, I have to fart.”  Don’t ask me to understand why you guys love it , I’ll never know.  But what’s that saying?  Ah yes, “it is what it is.”

Insider tip:  I used to say “I have to fart , open up” but I found that nearly all guys would act like they’re smelling it or swallowing it when in fact they’d be holding their breath.  Now I get them to sing their country’s national anthem right into my asshole – and are instructed to do so while keeping a perfect O ring seal around my anus.  That not only opens up their larynx but allows them to ingest my fart so deep that they can taste it in their stomach and throat minutes – even hours afterwards.  (How hard is your cock after reading that?  Bingo eh !)

Where do I use it the most? :  The transition phase my lovers go through when I”m done using them sexually , but not quite ready to give them the option to be an unwilling cuckold just yet.  Reducing them to living in my ass prepares them properly for suddenly being sexually inadequate for me, and more often than not leads them to agree to being bound and gagged in my closet – shedding a silent tear as they watch their heir apparent fuck me well and good in front of their wanting eyes.


There you have it folks, that’s bdsm gospel right there , truth – based on a decade’s experience with tens of thousands of men that have passed through my bedroom.  Feel free to email me about which one is your silent #1 , “promise” I won’t use it against you when the time is oh so right.  XD




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