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Ballbusting , if you’ve had it done to you , in all likelihood it’s been done incorrectly.

Too many mistresses look at ballbusting as a way of extracting maximum pain from a man in minimum time, before casting him aside like a spent torch.

If they only knew the one truth about testicles , a secret that men keep locked up as tight as a bowstring.  Which is?

The fear of pain is far greater than the deliverance of such.

That fear can be harvested , strained , and aged like a fine wine, and therein lays the true pleasure of such a session.

Interestingly, I came upon this revelation quite by accident.  It was about two years ago when I was carrying out this “endless love tap” version of ballbusting on my bed , back then I was relatively new to this type of request as they come few and far between.  I might do 100 Tease & Denial sessions before one committed man will ask me to assault his balls for such a session , so the learning curve is quite prolonged.  It’s important you know that , I don’t want you to have a vision of me as some depraved nut seeking mistress who clippity clops down my street like a horse looking for a pair of gonads to hoof on the daily.

ballbusting mistress sessionSo there I was on the bed with that dude , and I found myself getting terribly annoyed.  The whimpering, the begging , it was all a bit much.  I mean after all , the guy had requested I torture his balls like this , so to me it’s like asking Mom for cookies and crying each time she hands you one.  To give him incentive I asked him just how much he wanted to see my small breast exposed as we continued along with the session and he replied “immensely so.”  Thus I told him (really just to quiet him up) that for every 10 love taps he survived in complete silence , I’d in turn slide my lingerie an inch down my cleavage.

It worked.  For about 100 consecutive taps he bit his lip in absolute silence as I baby tapped his testicles until he was dizzily nauseous.

Voila! – I let my boob slip out after the 100th as per our agreement but then on the very next kick the whining began anew.  It was as if he had forced himself to climb to the summit of an unassailable mountain and had exhausted himself in the process.  Because at that moment he turned away from me and began doggy crawling towards the end of the bed.

As he did so I remember laughing at his balls so small and tight jiggling back and forth as he crawled away whimpering.  Then I caught myself , because back then I was much more naive and would let men do things without asking me first sans punishment.  It took a moment to register in my brain that the guy was escaping without permission and you know how you can make a “come here” gesture with your finger ?  … well I wanted to hook him like that with my foot and drag him back towards me with a similar ‘come here’ motion with my toes.

Except, he was just barely out of reach and upon a second, much harder type kick from my leg to reach him – I inadvertently grazed his testicle with considerable force.  Like a narrowly averted car collision I felt my toe brush against the skin of his balls in passing.  But to my surprise, just as my leg fell down at full reach and hit my mattress , the guy tossed himself off the foot of my bed like he was propelling himself from the top of a skyscraper.

The plunge was less dramatic of course, he landed with a thump on the wooden floor an instant later and began making the same noise pigs make when being led to the slaughter house.

I honestly thought he was play acting for there was no contact whatsoever with his scrotum , but then he began spewing up sticky saliva on the floorboards making him eventually look like the android Ash from the movie Alien.


ash alien ballbusting femdom


“What the fuck dude?” was all I could muster.

And after some considerable time had passed he collected himself and barked over his shoulder at me “you can’t hit a guy on the bottom of his balls that hard!”

“Why?”  I was truly dumbfounded.

“Because it’s the most sensitive part, even if you just brush them and miss the pain is sickening.”

Then he went on and on about how he told me to not hit him hard , and that he doesn’t like pain , yada yada yada.  To which I thought , well fuck dude – showing up to a ballbusting session if one doesn’t like pain is like sitting down for an Italian wedding if one doesn’t like food.  But then later that night it hit me , like at about 5:50 am.  Light from the first crack of dawn peeped in through my curtains and whispered into my ear the secret of secrets that would change my ballbusting sessions forever, “you don’t actually have to hit the balls to inflict pain.”

So if we go back to my Alien reference , a movie we’ve all seen countless times yes?  How long was it before we saw the full sized horrific Alien?  Quite near the end of the show right?  The thought of what it might look like, how big it might be, manifested in our heads for over an hour, and that’s what has made that movie stand the test of time.  Bringing that back to ballbusting, just as the anticipation of seeing the creature can make a movie infinitely more scary, the anticipation of being kicked in the nards is infinitely worse than being hit itself.

Well maybe not infinitely, but that anticipation has made my ballbusting sessions a hell to survive , even if the actual kick count is probably 10 times less than any other mistress doles out in a similar amount of time.  But I’d argue that my sessions are an Event Horizon type of experience, in that it takes you to a place nobody’s ever gone before.



How exactly do I accomplish such a journey of the mind you’re asking?

The first thing we do differently is that Mistress Wael and I turn the person around so that he is facing away from us.

For what reason?  Well the mind won’t just let me or Mistress Wael walk up and kick the testicles without a self preservation response.  Their eyes will flinch, the body will tighten and there will be either a rise to the tip toes or a clear out jump in the air to lessen the impact.

That’s why you can watch ballbusting videos where the guy can take considerable punishment and you wonder just how the man can withstand such a frontal assault.  Because it’s exactly that – a frontal assault.

But turn the man around and now the imagination of horror begins to take over the mind.


Important word that is.

Christmas is much better when you let the kids open the tinniest of presents first and slow time down so it feels like forever before they get to the biggest gift under the tree.  (I assume.  I’ve never hosted a Christmas seeing as though we don’t celebrate it here, but that’s what I’d do if I was a mom.)

The simple act of turning him around and fussing with his hand restraints , or standing behind him and deciding upon the appropriate footwear heightens the forthcoming moment.  I like to let it sit there and stew in his mind for a bit.

Then, and here’s the Tabasco sauce added to the recipe , Wael and I will force the guy to stand with his knees flailed outwards.  If we’re doing the session together, I’ll let her string his hands up above him so that he’s suspended and can’t collapse to the ground later on.  While I’ll put an object – currently we’re using a 2×4 wood block , between the legs to keep them apart.

Try it.  Just for hoots, put yourself in the same position that Mistress Wael has put her guy on the balcony before her last ballbusting session pictured below …



She goes the extra mile with her sessions in that she’ll dress the guy up in sexy woman’s lingerie from the waist up – because the condo across the car park can see quite clearly to her balcony and she’ll humiliate him publicly by dressing him up like that.

Difference between her and I being that she’ll gag the guy tightly so he can’t scream bloody murder to alert the neighbourhood when her foot lands flush , whereas I like to hear the guy cry freely, so no gags from me if you’re coming here.

Squirming in your chair yet?  Chill, it gets worse.

Usually with a Tease & Denial session , the type we do 99% of the time , there is a certain rush against time.  There’s a seduction element that takes time to brew and take full effect, and the teasing needs to build to a crescendo which takes time, so we’re always managing the two hours in our minds.

With ballbusting , the guy usually wants out after 10 minutes.  I mean, we’ve had a few troopers who hold out for an hour or so , but that’s back when we were kicking from the front.  Since we’ve implemented this blind side ballbusting routine, nobody as of yet has lasted beyond a handful of actual strikes.

So knowing we’re going to have a lot of time on our hands , quite simply we’ll use that time to let the guy sit and wait in suspense.

Because once the guy is strung up on her balcony , or tied spread eagle up against my sofa here , he ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.  So we’ll just leave him like that.  Let him wonder what’s going on.  In fact, we’ll catch quite a few guys cheating on the position and opting to bring the knees back to a normal position from being flailed apart and we can get in a few free ass spankings for that.

Eyes forward bitch.  There’s no looking back over the shoulder allowed and if they do , they get blindfolded.  And so there they stand for minutes at a time , perhaps even a whole half hour.

One thing about being a mistress that you guys might not recognise as being totally foreign is that we’re fine with wasting time.  It’s nothing to us to leave a guy hog tied naked in the living room and go shopping for an afternoon.  For the mistress girlfriend sessions I’ll often dress my boy up as a maid and leave him a long list of things to get done while I go out and watch a movie and / or go for a massage, only to return hours later when it’s dark out.  We use men at our whim , it’s just how it is.  So leaving a guy strung up with his knees apart for a good hour is a pittance of time.

Then ;  whack !!!

Out of nowhere, the house will shriek in pain in sympathy with the guy who’s balls we’ve just stealth kicked.

For the pain is ungodly.

That’s why , as a rule of caution , at Wael’s condo the guy’s head must be below the level of the railing for they’ll just collapse forward near unconsciousness for a moment.   Can’t have dudes plummeting to their death every day , so – safety first 🙂

Now depending on my mood, and certainly with Mistress Wael as well , we’ll either let the guy recollect himself slowly and begin the process anew , or , (especially if he’s cute) we’ll come up behind him and play good cop / bad cop by cuddling him from behind and cupping his throbbing balls and playing with his cock for a bit.  Just enough to get him hard – and we’ll leave him alone again.

Believe me, the passage of time between the first hit and the second hit is eternal for him.  Those are the moments where it clearly registers in his mind just what he’s signed up for.  Even the odd guy who has boasted he’s withstood countless ballbusting sessions with “Mistress So And So , the evilest woman be-known to man” – they’ll shiver in those moments after the first kick from either of us has been delivered.

The second kick , the onus is on us to ensure that force and speed of the blow is much much harder than the first.

Hell is found after the second kick.



Usually about thirty minutes have passed by the time the second strike has been delivered and it’s our experience that nearly all guys resort to their safe word at that moment.  That’s where the real work begins.  It’s a fascinating study really.  The amount of over ride a girl can do on a guy’s mind just by playing with his cock and making him hard – it’s mind blowing.  For us it’s a power trip like none other.  Like, I know and he knows that the next kick is going to be near lethal, but once he looks down and sees my hands on his dick and feels me talking into his ear as he lays there crumbled on his knees – he will rise just like bread in the oven.  Every … single … time.

Now, at about this point, most guys have to be blindfolded.  And why? (i need a ballbusting blindfold by the way.  specially made one for my ballbusting sessions.  I’ll explain later.)

Simple.  They’ll all begin looking over their shoulder because we’ve taught all the boys that the void of anticipation is indeed endless.  They want to know when the next ballbusting kick is in flight , and we’ll deny them that by covering their eyes.

It’s hard not to giggle really.  The man is standing there blindfolded with a rock hard dick and shattered balls realising I’ve goaded him into another ballbusting  round ticket to hell and back.  At that moment he is quite at odds with his cock , for it is his dick that has agreed to such pain once again and not him.

Sound , at this point of the session, sound alone can bring a man to his knees in a mighty mess of whimpering mush.   Wael will put on her high heel shoes and go stand by the bathroom for a while , then she’ll clack her heels hard on the ground so he can hear the force of her menacing march toward him and she’ll grunt just behind his ear like she’s about to kick his balls clear across to the other building over yonder – and the guy will nearly rip his suspended arms off collapsing to the floor at the sound cue of her false kick.

Me?  I’ll either plant the seed early that I giggle just before I kick , and use that giggle to get him to collapse similarly.  Or, I’ll “accidentally” miss my kick and hit his ass instead , then draw back to reload , angry that I missed.  He’ll sense that anger – and again collapse.

By the time the one hour mark has rolled around , we’ll have fucked with the person’s mind so much that they’ll be chanting their safe word endlessly like a mantra.

Which, is one million times better to hear than somebody saying “thank you mistress, thank you mistress” to the 100th , and 101st kick in succession.  That’s failure.   Yet that’s what most all mistresses and their slaves see as acceptable.  Sad.

Now I realise pretty much none of you guys would ever dream of coming to see Wael or I for such a ballbusting session.   I don’t blame you.  Tease & Seduction is so much more desirable for the sane 🙂  ballbusting is truly for the insane 😛

But look what I just did.  I gave the .001% of guys who get turned on by this type of thing our whole playbook.

You now know exactly what’s going to happen in your ballbusting session , should you have the balls (pun intended) to show up.

And you’re still not going to last.

But you will truly know hell , that much I can guarantee.



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