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Cuckolding – The Intellectual Sex Fetish … otherwise known as Take my wife please, Sir!  555

So Cuckolding what is it?  Cuckolding is one of my favorite fetishes but since it’s more of a lifestyle fetish rather than a session fetish my chances to have a Cuckold session are not many.  Now yesterday i finished the last day of a 4 day mistress | boyfriend style session where he wanted to know what it would be like to have a mistress for a girlfriend and so I introduced him to the world of Cuckolding which caused him to cry and leave on the first day.  But like a good little Cuckolding boy should do, he came crawling back after a night by himself when he realized that this was truly his place in life.  So let’s get to what Cuckolding actually is before I write my longer story about what happened over the last 4 days which had a shocking ending!

When you hear your wife or girlfriend moan with pleasure while she has sex with another man, don’t you just feel so useless—then even more useless after that? When your girl tells you that the other man is much better at sex than you ever were, you feel worse, right?  But of course you do: You arranged this encounter or at least participate on a voluntary (or sometimes involuntary) basis because you are a CUCK!  This is what Cuckolding is about, enduring the shame of pleasing your lady in every way except sexually.

Aha yes, but like squeezing a lemon over my salad i’m always trying to squeeze the last drop of bitterness onto my plate.  So the question for me has always been, how do I take cuckolding from its definition to something that squeezes more juice out of the situation for him.  After all, what is bdsm at its core?  It’s the process of extracting greater feeling out of relationships, encounters, and sessions.

Thus, if he just fucks her and goes home, that’s one thing, right?  But if they fuck for an hour, then have an intellectual relationship where they sit and talk for two hours afterward, it hurts a lot more, don’t you think?


In this respect:

cuckolding attracts “the very highly educated,”

It being truly intellectual in its enterprise because it replaces sexual touch with humiliation and emotional pain, both of which are psychological.

So i’m looking to take cuckolding’s common definition of wives or girlfriends having sex with other men, with their husbands’ permission … to an experience that goes far beyond sex voyeurism.  An experience allowed by me because i simply don’t need my client’s permission as you will find out shortly when i tell you the details of this week’s session.

You see, a true Cuckold will accept the situation, regardless as to whether he likes it or not! Or, to put it bluntly, my Cuckold will do as he is told, when he is told!

Obviously if you have a tiny useless dick there is no way you will ever get near my pussy. What would be the point? I would not be able to feel you inside me and sucking your dick would be like having candy in my mouth lol.

cuckold woman
That is not to say you tiny dicks out there cannot be of some use.

I need someone to wash my clothes and iron them prior to going on a date. There is also make-up to be done and my dinner to be on the table when I come home……If I come home!

What about when my lovers stay over? Someone needs to get their beer from the fridge, cook their meals, clean their dick, and my pussy from big cock cum.

When we go out I’ll need a tiny dick to go fetch the drinks (and pay for them) while I check-out the hot talent (translated as hot guys with big dicks) at the club.

So, tiny useless dicks, you do have your uses and can win a place in my heart by doing exactly what you are good at and leaving mattress gymnastics to a real man with a big cock.

cuckolding motto

The dagger to your heart is that I will find you intellectually stimulating in all other ways and it will appear that I am completely in love with you, and who knows maybe I am.  I have only had the pleasure of a 3 day and a 4 day trial at this lifestyle so far.  Anyways, i have found the combination of beauty, intelligence, and cuckolding makes for an experience that is as my last customer just wrote to me … “unbearably enjoyable”.

Jaa xx


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