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This Cuckold session is truly one of my top 10 sessions ever.  It started out as a dinner & dancing session and ended up being a Cuckold Session with my customer cowering under the bed sheets of his hotel room crying at 4am.  I’ve told you many times before that i will never accept being someone’s second choice or an option.  I know what I deserve from a man, and that’s his full attention, respect, and commitment but unfortunately 99% of the male population is unable to come close to offering that which I expect.

So here was my customer who had booked me for a 3 day session of “just pure submission” he said and since I really hate to be in the condo for more than 2 hours when i’m doing a session I thought the night would be better spent going out for dinner and then taking him dancing afterwards.  After all, if you think the best place I can tease you in is the bedroom then you just haven’t been dancing with me yet 555.  I knew that 3 hours on the dance floor would have him so horny that he’d do anything for me when we got back to his hotel room and I had planned to tease him until the sun came up the next morning.

cuckold gets taken to above eleven restaurantDinner went well, I took him to my favorite romantic place to eat, Above Eleven, and before even sitting down I had ordered us the Japanese Eel with Shell Fish and a Salmon with Cream Cheese dish to go with my Watermelon juice and his water but it hadn’t gone unnoticed by me that as I was ordering my date was looking at the many beautiful women that were in the place.  Other than bad breath, the only other instant turn-off for me is wandering eyes.  I can understand the normal monkey man as Jaa likes to call them acting like that because it’s their neanderthal nature, and it’s true as most men are just evolved apes with smaller dicks, but for a submissive man who is my customer to start checking out girls … well that had to be punished.

I don’t like meaningless punishment.  It’s why although I can hit just as hard as any other mistress can in the world i choose mental torture as my weapon and i’m quite sure that very few in the world are better than me at playing with men’s minds.  I’m a nice girl 99% of the time but if you mess with me i am downright evil.  The last man I broke up with as my real boyfriend?  He has 2 more years of hell left before he is free of how much I got my revenge on him for making me a second choice.  The 6 months of setting that sting up was well worth the 36 months of payback I am getting now.  The point is, if a man thinks he can get away with playing his games on me he’s gonna get it back 100 times worse.  So I had it on my mind right at dinner that his wandering eyes were going to be paid back tenfold and as I sucked on my salmon like Jennifer did in Flashdance and ran my foot up and down his leg under the table, behind my teasing eyes my thoughts were only about how to get his full attention for the last two days of the date.  I was about to turn his mistress / boyfriend request into a lifestyle experience he will never forget.



As we walked into the dance club later that night I grabbed his hand and put it on my ass as we pushed by the crowd to get to the dance floor.  That’s a touch of poison that make most men obsessed with me because let’s face it; there are girl’s asses and then there’s my ass.  But no, fuck.  This guy even when he is dancing with me is looking at these other girls who can’t compare to me … really.  So after a night of having 100’s of Carter Burke‘s trying to talk me up finally I get a tall Swedish guy with washboard abs and a chunky lump in his tight white surfer pants pressing up against me that made me lose my mind almost immediately.  Then as it always happens for me as soon as i turn and get into dancing with him another handsome guy tries to get my attention with his black t-shirt and his Boston hat and both equally tall i could just melt into their chests if they played a slow song.  As Sweden and Boston sandwiched me on the dance floor i looked over at a very sad looking customcuckold womaner that suddenly only had eyes for me finally so I gave him something to stare at now that I had his attention.  I put my ass to Boston and smiled with a shrug of my shoulders to Sweden to let him know I had made my choice and it took him a minute to get the message but he disappeared into the crowd leaving me to get super sexy with my Boston guy.

Forty minutes later I found my customer sitting by himself having given up on the dance floor and he was into his third or fourth drink of something dark that was helping suck the mood out of his night.

“i’m going to fuck him” i shouted in his ear over the music.

“who? the guy … that guy with the hat? why?  he asked ripping off three questions in a row with his face getting equally stunned with each one passing through his lips.

“So here’s what’s gonna happen” said me as i began to lay out this idea in my mind that was suddenly very exciting to me as I was thinking it up on the spot in front of him.  I don’t know why either, I think it was just the alpha-male handsomeness of Boston that made me look at my customer like he truly didn’t deserve anything from me other than to be at my feet the rest of the night.  He passed a weak vibe to me sitting there alone slouched over his drink and I just got the feel right there and then that I could do anything with this guy and he would go along with it.  Of course if he didn’t and chose to cancel the other two days of his session it would mean a lot of lost money for me but i didn’t care.  Deep down i’m a mistress 24/7 and it’s a predatory instinct i possess that forces me to act out these instincts when I get them.  It’s like this video i’m gonna show you, I simply take what I want from men like her.


“You’re gonna go back to the hotel and pass out on the edge of the bed like you are drunk” which if everything worked as I wanted to would give me more than enough room as the beds at ALoft hotel here in Bangkok are massive.  I gave him a moment, looking eye to eye, to think about it.  I could smell the rum on his breath as I leaned in closer to him to stroke his hair and play with his smooth baby face cheeks.  Glancing up, i saw the Sweden guy behind us sitting at the bar looking at me shaking his head presumptuously in disapproval before he flipped me the finger.  Noted for later.

“Look-it, i’m not going to let you take that guy back to my room and bang him in front of me” he stated with his last hurrah as a customer but a reach down between his pants with my right hand gave me the true answer I was looking for.

“Then why are you hard babe?”

“I’m not hard i’m mad.” he insisted, obviously not wanting to submit so fast but his hard dick betrayed him so really it was just a matter of time and authority before i got him to leave.  The recipe for him doing so required a pinch of humiliation with a spoonful of desire.  After glancing around to make sure that nobody in particular was watching I kept hold of his dick in my right hand while my left hand slid up under my skirt to my thigh and came down holding the waist of my panties.  I turned around showing him my divine ass and had to release his cock temporarily to pull down the other side until my soft black silk panties from La Senza were dangling from a finger in front of his face.

“Open your mouth my Cuckold”

cuckold mottoHe did so without hesitation.  Like being ordered to walk the plank on a pirate ship he was starting to succumb to his destiny.  Albeit, having to take my sweaty panties into his mouth is a far better fate than having to jump into the middle of the ocean.  Or maybe not?  lol

His jaw dropped like a broken mechanism opening in small quivering slots one slightly bigger than the last until there was enough space to slip my panties fully into his mouth, afterwards moving back a step to admire my work.

“Now you are not to look in the direction of the room door when you sleep and at no point are you to move your head to look.  You will lie there and simply use your imagination only to picture what is happening on the other side of the bed.  Which means as well that you are not allowed to move your arms to grab your dick so if you want to jerk off while i’m getting laid you better have your hand on your dick while you’re alone and we come in.”

I cupped his balls under his tiny little hard dick and added, “if you do as I say i’ll reward you later with something special” having of course no idea what that something special might be, i just said it to place the seed of thought that there might be pleasure at the end of the torment.  These little seeds that i plant often grow to be enormous trees of thought in a man’s mind.  The seed can be as simple as a well timed moan, or as complex as a perfectly chosen word at the end of a session but both can occupy the man’s mind for hours, days or even weeks after I’ve left him to ponder it.  I know it’s evil and that just by saying that i’ll grow the ire of the monkey man legions that war from the shelter of the YouTube comment section :

That’s fine, no venom spewed can mask the truth of the seed’s power.  Men chase the pussy, the finer the pussy the more desperate the chase, and desperate men will do desperate things regardless the nomenclature of their personality’s classification.

Like sending a horse away with a slap of it’s ass i sent him on his way with a squeeze of his dick and took a moment to soak in the high that comes from those moments of full domination.  That high is a story or a thesis rather for another day, and not until I have dominion over my own domain will I go there, but one day it needs to be discussed.  For now let’s just say i am well aware of it’s all consuming power.

He left with such an absurd look of disgust on his face that i wasn’t all too sure he wouldn’t just check out back at the hotel ending my little game rather quickly.  I have faith in the seed, it needed time to grow so though my legs were sore from 3 hours or more of dancing I had another hour to kill before going home.  I needed less than a minute however to convince Boston it would be a better idea to go back to the hotel for the night.  Men would eat dog food if it meant there was the possibility of pussy at the end of the meal, so Boston didn’t need much convincing that my “ex boyfriend” would be passed out in the hotel room because i had broken up with him.  He’d probably fuck me in front of his mom and dad so having a chance to do me in front of a grovelling ex was easy to pass off.  It did take some convincing though.  He originally wanted to go back to his condo in Silom which actually being closer to my place wasn’t a bad idea, but i really wanted to play this cuckold idea out so I actually pleaded with him to play with me at the hotel room instead, preferring to talk to his dick brain i put my hand inside his thigh as I asked and got kissed for his reply of yes.

cuckolding my tinydick slaveI played poker many a night in Australia with my classmates and I know that as strong as a hand I have, it can all be done in by a nasty flip of the river card and going all in like I had done so far could leave me broke and alone.  Just so.  But before leaving to play my hand at the hotel there was one little piece of business I had yet to settle.  It hadn’t gone unnoticed by me that after my submissive had left, Sweden guy had found himself a girl and she although quite sexily dressed would look rather normal standing next to me outside ordering food from a street vendor.  I asked Boston to go outside and get me a green tea because i needed some alone time.  The place was closing, the lights turned on and suddenly all that was sexy and hot a few minutes ago was vanilla ugly for the most part and that included Sweden’s girl who was clinging to him like saran wrap on salad.

Walking right between them I grabbed Sweden by his shirt and pulled him to within an inch of my lips and waited for him to close the distance.  When he did i turned my cheek and let him kiss my neck for a moment and then pushed him away gently laughing.  His girl had disappeared without so much as a fight and he wasn’t so eager to chase after her with my neck on his lips lol.  Timing Boston’s return perfectly I pushed Sweden off of me and stepped back and away from him flashing him the finger that he had saluted me with an hour earlier.  Except it was closing time, and I was leaving with my guy while he was now leaving with no one.

“Who the hell is that” Boston asked me and i only had to say “someone not leaving with me” and he held my hand a little tighter after i said that.  It’s criminal to control men at this level lol.

Going to the hotel i resisted the urge to sms my customer.  Yes I could order him some more to make sure he would do exactly as I had asked but the thrill of opening the hotel room door and seeing him pretending to be passed out would be a much stronger act of submission to me.  Still, the anticipation was making for an out of body experience almost as I didn’t feel as though I was even in the taxi until Boston leaned over to kiss me.  To which I grabbed him by his jaw fiercely with my left hand and slapped his cheek with my right.

“Not unless I say you can.” and seeing the shocked look on his face returned my wandering soul to my body to deliver me the message that Boston had no idea he had been chosen by Mistress Pasaya, had no idea what that meant, and thus had to be initiated into the proper way of thinking.  It’s like a lottery when trying to gauge the reaction of a man to an action that comes from the mistress side of me.  The Alpha-males think it’s a kinky challenge the degenerates into a non-winnable fight, while anyone less can be won over to being under my control with varying amounts of resistance.  Let it be understood though, in its finality, resistance is indeed futile.  Your patterns of male dominance will be assimilated by me and the empty husk of who you were will be commanded by me.  I guess i am truly the Borg queen haha.

Opening the door to the hotel room was like the opening of the curtains at the beginning of the movie, the next two hours ahead full of surprise with no idea where the film will take me.  It was however my movie, written directed and acted by me and my supporting actor was dutifully laying face down in his corner of the bed curled up in a fetal position under the blanket.  Now men have this cock block problem that doesn’t allow them to get hard when in proximity of other men.  So laying down on the bed and doing something together romantically right next to my cuckold wasn’t going to happen without Boston trying to shoot pool with a rope.  There had to be both reason not to get close to cuckold and enough emotion to make him forget about cuckold.  We could fool around in the bathroom of course but that wouldn’t be as powerful an experience for the cuckold as it would be doing it right beside him.

In a way that’s good for him isn’t it?  For the cuckold his enjoyment comes from being humiliated by not being able to serve me in any way sexually, and the more i can rub that in his face the more exciting it is for him.  Probably i would think not when it’s happening right beside him, we are all human and experience similar emotions.  So for the cuckold, pain of rejection would be the same as it would be for someone else.  The difference however lays in the memory of what happened days after coupled with the expectation that the whole experience must be relived again soon if it was a relationship and not just a session.  However in this case because what happened in that hotel room was so bizarre and so far from what I had scripted, well, let’s say that pain of rejection was the furthest thing from his mind when the cuckolding went down.  Replaced certainly by his fear of all the blood he saw creeping toward him on the bed sheets, a memory token of which I carry with the scar on my scalp to this day.

Cuckold story continues in Chapter 2 here


Jaa xx









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