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When using Chastity i’m looking for that “holy shit” moment and “Fang” gives that to me every time.

You see,  when you meet me your gonna have an instant hard dick let’s face it.  That’s before you see me in my lingerie after you shower.  It just gets worse from there because i’ll do nothing but bend over to pick up fang from the table and give you a glimpse of my sweet ass.  By the time i kneel down in front of you i might as well be kneeling in front of a rock protruding from a cliff.

chastityNow Fang … has teeth.  Semi-blunt spikes to be exact, but close enough … because even if you were absent the day God was handing out brains, your basic survival chip that’s hardwired into your brain will tell you exactly where those spikes are headed.

A dick could never be a UFC fighter, it would run, hop over the fence and be out of the stadium at the first hint of pain.  So i have to laugh when I see guys on FetLife with photos of their dick for their profile, to me its like putting up a photo of the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz as your profile pic 555

So here is this rock hard dick in front of me to start every session with the slave looking down at me like he’s showing off his prize winning poodle.  Well sorry but cute puppy’s getting put to the clipper right away since the first thing i do is slap on Fang.

Chastity devices are at best just simple tools for keeping the guy from playing with his dick, but once Fang is on the job I get that “holy shit” moment many many times a session when I get your cock to its maximum throbbing size.  Each throb is an interesting exploration of pain and pleasure, and congratulations to the 4 guys who actually “got” my Twitter post with me and a Cenobite from the movie Hellraiser.



Oh no tears please.  It’s a waste of good suffering.

One of the better benefits I get out of using Fang is that not only does it free me from using rope … because even the most pain tolerant slaves won’t want to scrape their dick into pasta noodles by playing with themselves … but i get to face sit on you facing you without worry of you making yourself cum secretly behind me.  It’s cruel I know, but facesitting over top of you and making you look up at my breasts and face unfortunately gets your dick to that throbbing phase I was mentioning earlier.  I get a lot of pleasure looking down at you and seeing the emotion of pain and pleasure pass through your eyes in an endless circle.

Like the song says, you have to be cruel to be kind.

Here’s a small example of Fang in action …



That form below leads to Pandora’s Box.  Take it  … it’s yours.  It always was.


Jaa xx


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