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A good massage in Bangkok is fairly easy to find.  A sexy, talented masseuse that can and is willing to do an amazing Tease & Denial Massage is rare.  Luckily, you can get that here now.

The biggest waste of money in Bangkok right now is the happy ending massage.  I know because I spend tons of time getting massages and have talked to many girls working there ,  thus I know that paying for a happy ending at the end of a massage is as satisfying as ordering an Italian dish in a Chinese Restaurant.  Wrong!

A perfect massage feels just as amazing as a perfect Tease & Denial session.  Marrying the both together is an unforgettable 2 hour experience.  See for yourself …


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I had to be a detective for a few days to find her as she was the girl who I finally chose to be my personal masseuse being the picky girl I am.  I knew right from the first time she massaged me that Wael was different than all the others , the massage was as perfect as perfect can get.

I’m instantly attracted to anybody who thinks outside the box and has a distinct personality which in this country is like trying to find gold on a sandy beach.  So 15 minutes before my 1st massage session with Wael was when her customer had tried to reach up and tried to feel Wael’s breast.  From the back room the customer was walking out hunched over with his wrist in the air in an armbar lock that looked like it would break his arm in half.  What made me like her is not only that she did that to him but that she paraded him out in front of everybody in the shop to humiliate him for trying.   You just don’t do shit like that here in this country , we’re supposed to be weak and sub-servant , not bold and keen to humiliate.  I knew my masseuse had a career ahead of her as a mistress if I could just have a few discussions with her while sampling her massage.

wael's massage with tease & denialNot surprisingly she was let go from that job.  “you not act like good thai lady” the boss said to her and that same day she left the shop for good, but luckily I sensed that may happen and I gave her my number after our massage was finished , and made her promise to keep in touch but in reality we both went our separate ways.

Then , a month or so later , while interviewing yet another hopeless mistress applicant at Ploen Chit Center on the 5th floor food court I asked  this interviewee to give me an example of what she would do to be dominant.  Her reply was that she was willing to go to dinner and hold hands “maybe” with the customer.  I said “fuck, you have to have it in your nature to want to control everything about a man and if he gives you shit or tries to touch you without permission just slap him across the face” and I told her i’d pay for her lunch but that the interview was basically over.

She looked at me kind of stunned for a moment and then said, “there is a girl in my massage shop downstairs that is like that, but not me.”

“Really?” i said raising my eyebrow out of curiosity.  “Can you show me who she is?”

So downstairs we went to Mallika Massage on the first floor and I kind of knew who this black sheep girl was right away because she was sitting alone away from the others waiting in the queue for the next customer her head bent over her phone talking to herself … sounds like me back in school lol.   Then when i got closer and saw her face i recognized her right away, that was Wael the same girl who had massaged me a month prior.

Already there is this feeling of destiny and i love when things like that happen.  I had just ate so we went to Starbucks for a coffee instead and asked her how and what she had been doing all this time.

She then outlined her employment problems because she had either left on her own or been “suggested to leave” from 5 different places since the year began, the reason being that each shop’s customers come to book her specifically after the first session and that’s a huge no-no as the manager instantly will know something is amiss.   As well, she’s on that border line of being too cute for most shops to even consider her.  If I ever went for a job as a masseuse i can tell you now that not one store out of the 1 million in Bangkok would hire me because nobody over a 6/10 in looks gets hired.

Anybody who rocks the boat of poverty, taking customers and business away from others is forced out of that store quickly.  You either leave voluntarily or your possessions get sabotaged with knife holes, rips and burns until you leave out of frustration.  Everybody is fine with poverty so long as everyone is equally impoverished haha.  Wael knew from the first day that no customer goes into a massage shop for just a massage.

Customers go into a massage shop for a sensual experience.  The problem is they hardly ever get one, and here’s why.

wael's tease & denial massageBackward thinking.  Please refer back to my gold on a sandy beach comment for a moment.  The massage world is about giving the most basic massage possible and then hoping for a huge tip so that the next time the same customer comes back the person who massaged you will be more willing to give you a better massage because you are a big tipper.  Again .. wrong!

Wael and I agreed in our Starbucks meeting that to get the big tip you give something extraordinary to the customer first knowing that 75% of them will tip and come back again, and the 25% who don’t will at least tell others what happened in their 2 hour massage.

I asked her to come work with me and see what I do and she had great ideas right off the top of her head, but she wanted to do only what she is comfortable with, which is an expert massage and an expert tease & denial session.  I told her that her way of thinking is already perfect and that she just needed experience but … she fears for her English level, and she showed me on her phone that she studies English on her own every day at the shop where she works.  Look, you don’t find motivation like that here very often, rarely if ever actually.

So here’s the deal I made with her.  I asked her to go for a session with me to see, and remembering that she knows jiu jitsu of some sort, I invited her to a wrestling session with a customer that even though i beat him before is very tough to pin.  I’m undefeated by the way in sexy wrestling sessions haha.

You know what happened in that session if you follow my twitter.  Less than a minute after i tap her hand to come in and take my place she triangles the guy and squeezed a bit too hard i guess because he passed out unconscious between her legs trying to kiss her pussy even though his neck was locked … that’s men for you lol.

I then tried her for a bdsm session the next day with me and an older man … who she loves to do sessions with anyways.  My part of the session went well, but interestingly when the man called back for a second session, he called Wael for her massage and tease.

So let me make it official.  I’m probably talking to the older businessman gentleman demographic i think, because the customers i remember from 5 years ago that liked the long 2 hour Thai or Oil massage were older.  You can book Wael for her special 1 hour massage and tease either at our condo or at your place for 4,000 baht since there is no bdsm involved and she lacks the experience to do such a session anyways.  If you wanted to see her with me, i would recommend a sexy wrestling session with the both of us.  You will lose lol.

Jaa xx

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