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Letting a cum eater eat his cum?  I say no way.

Because guys who wish to be fed their cum have the wrong mindset.

Case in point this request in my OnlyFans chat  …


“What if you did a session, and make him cum many many times. Buttttttt ruin every one of them… each time you ruin it, ruin it into a glass or a plate… save them all… and then at the very end. Make him eat all of it.”


To which I would say … if  there’s an orgasm, it ain’t Denial.

Might as well call  what  we do Tease & Obligatory Orgasm.




Now,  I’m  a professional Mistress and as  such , I need to  have as  much of a  business mind as I do a lifestyle domina mind , so if I went  around calling my service Tease & Absolute Denial  I’d scare the mainstream guys away.

So, it’s been  my  practice over  the  past  7 years to chat  with the submissive guy coming to see me and get a  feel  for where  he  is on  the learning  curve  of experience with female domination.

Think of  it  like  a  hyperbolic curve  of  experience  …  and  yes, I’m calling upon our  recollection of  Grade 10 math here … if the guy  I’m seeing isn’t in  the top third of that curve then 99%  of  the  time  he’s going  to fatally  ask one of two dumbest  questions  I  get  asked:

Do I get to  cum?   How many shots  do  I  get?


To me  that’s  like going to KFC  and ordering wheatgrass.   Um, did you not see the big DENIAL sign  outside  my bedroom door?   I don’t  actually  have  one,  but  it’d be cool if  I  did.

One day when I’m a well-to-do rich and semi-retired Mistress I’ll be able  to  say what  I want  to  say  every  single  time  “No you  don’t  get  to  cum unless on a  whim I decide to”  and  “you get two  shots,  one  kick  in  each testicle because i’m caring and  don’t  play favorites with  you  ball  sack.”

‘Til then the answer is “ya if  you want  (sigh) ”  and  I’ll totally ignore  the  second  question.   It’s like wanting to  land  on BoardWalk or Park Place in  Monopoly  but  you roll the wrong number  and  collect  your $200 instead.




What then,  would the scenario be  like where  I’d absolutely  feed  a  man  his  cum?

Well I  can tell you for certain it ain’t gonna be me  running my arm  out of my socket  like a runaway jackhammer trying to pump  out a 4th  orgasm  out  of a guy  just so I can feed  him with my still attached hand.

In that request,  I’d sit back ,  preferably with a  few of my Mistress girlfriends on the  couch,  and laugh in  unison  at  the guy pumping out his own 10th orgasm in a row and wondering if his  balls will implode  at some  point.

Then I’d  piss in his on the silver platter at his feet that’d been collecting his  cum,  we’d all collectively  spit  in  the  tray and we’d  make  him stir  it  with his tongue before forcing  him to  slurp  it  down.

So keep  in mind …  if  you’re  going  to  ask how  many  shots  you’re  gonna  get  , the answer will be ten , and it’ll  be  your  arm  that  falls  off  not  mine.


But  that’s not the ideal scenario where I’d turn  a guy  into  a  cum  eater.

You know how I borrowed a line from Eddie Murphy’s Delerious the  other  day  on Twitter and said  “I think  in  the  back  of  the mind  , slaves wanna eat  their Mistress’s farts.”



Wel cum eaters wanna eat their cum.   Nothing forced about it.

If Eddie’s joke about  fart  eaters is “that was  a good  one, that was  a good one,  my mouth was open on  that one.”

Cum eaters would slant that joke like “ok  you got  me,  you  got  me,  I gargeled ,  I gargled a bit  on that  one.”

They’re  a  cum eater.   They eat  their cum.   That’s  what they do.   It’s  why  they’re called cum eater ffs.


But you know what  they  don’t like?

Eating another man’s cum.

“HEY!!” they say, and back the fuck away  quick.

That’s my scenario though.  I’d have  another guy in the room, not necessarily submissive  either.   Maybe I’m cucking the cum  eater  but  not in the mood  or  not using the other dude  as  my fuck  toy yet.

In  that  case I’d  be making  the cum eater jerk off  to watching me masturbate the second guy.

Then I’d let my guy shoot his load all over  my hand and …  I’d make my slave time  his  orgasm with  his self pumping …  to  the exact moment I smear the  other boy’s  cum  all over his uneager tongue.


mistress goddess boobs tits


A Forced Cum Eater !

Ya, forced cum eating.

Ah, how quickly the tide turns eh?

Now the cum doesn’t  look like Vanilla paste to a  cum eater does  it?    No sir,  now the guy looks at  the cum the way a fat kid would look at  broccoli.

And to make him slurp it  all down while he’s pumping  out  his 10th consecutive orgasm , now that would be a blisful session indeed.    🙂




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