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So my sin , the one that got my Onlyfans cancelled , was to talk about and show photos of the face sitting chair which Mistress Wael ordered and has arrived today.

Apparently I was not supposed to mention toys that are not used for vaginal insertion and stimulation.  Go figure that a face sitting chair … one that many guys are going to use every opportunity to vaginally stimulate a pussy with their tongue … got me suspended haha.


If you think I’m disheartened and defeated by losing my Onlyfans then go back and read one of my best stories called Maybe which tells you that there is no inherent good or bad news , only the possibilities that such news presents.

However, before I start talking about those possibilities , let me first talk about something that Mistress Wael stumbled on yesterday that deserves a blog story because the ramifications of her discovery are staggering.


face sitting queening chair bdsm femdom


As yesterday’s deactivation played out in the wee hours of the morning I had called Mistress Wael to wake her up and share the onlyfans news.

I asked her if she could maybe tell her subscribers what had happened to my account and explain why it has disappeared.  She agreed , and immediately went about typing up a private post in group messages explaining the situation and went to attach one of my videos with her message … something she has always done as a way of cross promoting one another on that platform.

Only , the message failed to send.   It created an error message saying “failed to load media” and so we initially thought that was a connection error perhaps.  We tried again with the same video and then a different video of mine.  Same result.

Ok, “let’s try a photo” I told her via sms.

We then tried to post the same message and again the same ‘failed to load media’ error popped up.

“Fuck, are they messing with your ability to post?” I asked her.  “Try to attach your photo to the post” I suggested.

Bingo, bango … the post went through.

“Let’s try to post the photo of me and you standing together” was my next idea.   So she created another short private group message with that photo and guess what?  Rejected.




Then it dawned on me.  I’ve been digitally cancelled !!

Think about that for a second.  It’s a groundbreaking thing to say.

See, my problems with Onlyfans began when they introduced their Face Scanning AI through a secondary website – one that asked for my photo to be centered in a square on my phone  – much like the QR code scanning app – and it would take a while to scan and approve every photo.

Shortly thereafter I started receiving red flag emails spit out by their system for every video and photo where it could not detect my face.  So if I was shaking my ass on camera , that post would get red flagged and removed with a warning.

If I had a 2nd person in the video and that person was wearing a mask to protect his identity , that video or photo would also be red flagged because their AI could not detect and identify the face of the secondary person.




My solution as you all know was to remove every single post on the main blog that wasn’t solo and didn’t clearly show my face.   So even my boob jiggling and ass shaking videos had to go.

It took a while because there were over 1000 posts and their system would only let me remove a certain number of posts per day saying I couldn’t remove any more as I had paying subscribers.  But slowly over the course of a month we finally got our main blog cleared for their new AI so it wouldn’t spit out any more red flags.

Well, until it spat out the face sitting chair as it couldn’t recognize a face.

I should have known too because as soon as I posted the chair I got the “friendly” reminder that pops up saying “don’t forget to tag an existing Onlyfans creator” which means immediately that their AI software can’t read the face of the face sitting chair haha.

And that was my undoing , I thought it would be okay to post a photo of a chair as it wasn’t human.   Oh how wrong I was.

But that point is :  Mistress Wael , no matter what video or photo of me she tried to load on her onlyfans account got rejected.

I have been digitally cancelled on that platform.

Meaning, any photo or video showing my face triggers some sort of ban mechanism and doesn’t allow it to be posted.

Which obviously would prevent me from say opening a new account with them under a different name and re-posting all my content again.   (what sane person would ever use onlyfans a 2nd time lol)


onlyfans onlyidiots


Guys, that is a Black Mirror episode in the making.

Imagine the ramifications , of where digital banning based on face scanning software can lead in the future.

Say Facebook and Youtube merged all their platforms.  That be Instagram , FB , Whatsapp , Youtube and so on.   And say they banned me on one platform , they would then subsequently ban me from all social media platforms permanently.

It reminds me of the episode where the mom bad her daughters eyes programmed to blur out anything offensive like a mean dog barking at her , or a man with a criminal record.

Yes it’s not that extreme … yet.  But that it happened to me screams that the possibilities exist to deepen the problem.

Carrying it one step further , what if these covid passports become a permanent thing.   What if not having one means you don’t qualify to travel and to work … as it stands right now.   Correct?

What if that means you are cancelled as a person.  You can’t post online via this face scanning technology.

I’m spit balling here but you can see the possibilities right?

Funny thing is , we live in a time that even if it did anger you or trigger you , the only thing you’d do about it is post a #bad , #intrusive , #newworldorder post with said disgruntled-ness and a lot of hashtags … and that’d be that.




Right now, I’m wearing the “Was digitally cancelled on Onlyfans” as something like an MMO game achievement.  I’m proud to have been digitally cancelled 🙂

I’m getting to the “possibilities” part of the post next but first let me say that I’m making so many mental mistakes typing this up that it’s making me laugh at how unconsciously controlled and censored by onlyfans I have become.

For example.  In writing for onlyfans , if I’m doing so on their main blog I cannot put in spaces for paragraphs.  They ensure small written posts that way otherwise it looks like a wall of text.


achievements new world


My solution for that.


Was to put periods to make unnatural paragraph breaks.


Like I’m showing you here.  It had become so common to make a paragraph break in such a manner that these last two posts , now that I’m back on my wordpress platform that jaa4u uses , I still find myself habitually putting in those period paragraph breaks.

Also , not so much today but in yesterday’s blog story I found myself wary of trying to type the word “years” which on onlyfans is a huge ‘nono’ , “no can do”.

For example I cannot write on onlyfans this following sentence :  “I hadn’t seen Mike for 10 years , in fact the last time I saw him I was 11 years old.”  Their software would reject that post citing “10 years” and “11 years old” as being offensive words.

I’d have to always write around it saying something like : “I hadn’t seen Mike for 10 very long years , in fact the last time I say him was was el.even yrs old.”

The word years had to have “very long” put in front of it and any number had to be spelled out with a period stuck in the middle of it , or I’d have to misspell it intentionally like ellleven.

What a fucked up way to have to write eh?

Onlyfans is to the internet as Hitler was to idealism.   Hey, I watched Norm Macdonald’s Netflix special called Hitler’s dog … so I’m ok with mentioning his name now.  I loved Norm Macdonald.



Sessions !!!

I couldn’t write the word sessions on onlyfans.  We had a code word for it that I had to constantly tell my subscribers.  I’d send out messages saying “when I’m talking about Tinder Dates , I’m actually referring to sessions.”

“Guys , I might have t.wo Tinder Dates lined up tonight so I won’t be posting videos until their done.  At least I’m going to have a lot of pasta in my purse at the end of the night.”

^ that sentence was code for “I might have two sessions lined up tonight , at least I’m gonna have a lot of money in my purse.”

Shit like that , I constantly had to write in code for their fucked up shitty website.

Oh meet.  lol.   If I ever typed the word meet it would mean an instant red flag even if I got around it trying to type m.eet.   If I just put the word ‘meet’ the post would get rejected.


Diapers !!!

Oh I miss my diapers guy.  Are you reading this?  Say hello okay , email me.  Or better yet , follow me on Loyalfans … it’s free !!  <– I’ll get to that in a minute.

Ya, can’t say diapers on onlyfans.  Big no no.

Can’t say much of anything on that website is my point.   They had thousands of banned words , so many in fact that it affected the way I typed.

I continually equated to typing around their rules as living in some sort of Orwellian 1984 thought-control world , and it got on my fucking nerves every single time I had to write.


So like I said yesterday , I was mentally so done with Onlyfans that I was going through the motions the last 30 days or so.  I absolutely hated clicking on the bookmark to open up the site to post every night.

Onlyfans is a cancerous website.   Even paypal ,  (heh , i got scared typing that word as its been censored for so long) when they closed my account last year they only held my money for 6 months before returning it.  Onlyfans just seized my $1000 with no intention of giving it back.  Cunt website.

Tim Stokely … I want to shit in your mouth.  You should feel honored.  I only do that for the most special of my VIP long term customers but for you … you vomitous maggot … I’d happily fill your mouth with my turds every day … and I’d make your whore wife watch with an oversized eggplant stuffed up her ugly cunt to boot.


eye candy


Moving on then.  Let’s address Loyalfans.  What its going to be and what its not going to be.  The differences and my attitude towards it and so on.

I’m not going to rush and load all my 400 videos to that platform to rapidly try and recreate a duplicate of Onlyfans there.   I’ve already done that on my AVN Stars platform so if you want access to my entire video library its there waiting for you on AVN.

My library is also available on the pCloud , and so whether you are paying the $20 via Loyalfans or AVN , you are getting the monthly password for my pCloud video archive.

And you’re getting my latest videos and thoughts.

I suppose over time my Loyalfans page will eventually have the 400 videos I’ve shot in the past year , but it will happen naturally.


Also, I don’t see a way to post videos on Loyalfans so that subscribers can see them only.

I have 3 options.  1) Public  2) Subscribers & Followers  3) Subscribers only.    But … if I choose subscribers only, I MUST put a $ value to sell the video.

Does that mean that’s the price of the video in their clips store or does that mean as a subscriber you have to pay for the video too.   I’ll have to test it out to see.


leftHowever , my intention is NOT to recreate an onlyfans environment.   My intention is to make most of my content free (well the clips where you can’t see my face will be posted publicly like I do on Twitter).

I won’t be writing long stories like I did on Onlyfans.  I’ll be doing that here.

My home is here now.

My home away from home is both Loyalfans and AVN stars where I’ll habitually load content.

But the majority of my time I’ll be here writing.   Booking sessions.  Attending to my gmail ( [email protected] ) and replying in detail and great length once again … as I used to do before.

In short, I’m going back to what I used to do … write and book sessions.  My secondary focus will be to maintain a video presence, but I don’t ever intend to spend all night loading clips and chatting like I’ve been doing this past year.

If I’m to survive the remainder of this pandemic, its going to be through booking femdom sessions.


Look, I have enough money now to survive October and possibly to the end of November – IF I can snag 2 or 3 sessions over the next 60 days.  I have 3 on the calendar for this month now including one tomorrow so I’m relatively confident I can achieve that small goal.

Hell, t’was a time I was doing my maximum of 50 sessions a month and complaining about it every single day.  So asking for 3 shouldn’t be much of a reach – IF – I go back to what I used to do.

Only thing is , with an army of videos that I can embed here and a slew of about 1000 photos , my blog stories will have plenty more interactive content than my posts used to have.  My blog should become twice even three times more popular than it was before.

Ah see, I’m up to 4 subscribers now on Loyalfans as I type this and 10 now on AVN where one of my video stores is fully loaded.  And that’s in the first day sans onlyfans.

Those who want to video call with me,  chat with me at night , I’m sure you’ll find your way to me on either platform.   Or email me here.



It’s the most powerful blog story I’ve ever written.  It’s helped me develop a proper mindset for getting through not only this pandemic but any adversity.

I was reading the news here today and two more people got arrested for posting a sex video on onlyfans.  So there’s a crackdown going on as that’s the third couple since September to be thrown in prison for having sex.

Its comical really as we have .. oh what … 1 million whore houses?  LOL.   Ain’t like there’s any shortage of sex going on in the country.  But post it online and you get thrown into prison and tortured with the key thrown away.

So ya, maybe leaving Onlyfans at this point in time is a good thing.  Sure feels like a safe thing to do.  It was funny reading the news story of what they used to shame the couple.

The story focused on shaming the cosplay uniform the couple were wearing while having sex outside under some sort of sacred tree – so considered by the village idiots who named it as such.

“She had sex in a bankers uniform!”  oh the horror , the horror.

For me it would have been “she put her nylons under his nose and told him to sniff!!!!”  oh the horror , the horror , the horror x 10.

The authorities cracking down on onlyfans kind of reminds me of this Elmer Fudd & Daffy Duck cartoon , only replace the words rabbit and duck with “whore season , slut season , whore season , whore season , FIRE”



The moment he sticks out his tongue and goes “nyyugh” makes me laugh every single time.

Anyways guys ,  I’ll be posting here every single night from now on and once I’m done here – then and only then will I mosey on over to Loyalfans and AVN Stars to post there.

I may have pulled out a bit early in focusing on writing and sessions but as you guys can attest to … its better to pull out too early than too late, amiright? :))


Mistress Jaa


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