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eiffel tower red dress

I’m wondering , how many Thai girls from the village slums have stood in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre and soaked in the brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece?  By my estimation , there may be 10 of us in the country who would even recognize the name let alone match it with his most famous painting so to answer my own question – i’d say none.

It’s not their fault , their naivety is a product of the Logan’s Run philosophy of schooling here where we’re taught “nothing exists outside these walls.”  But let me humor you with a silly dream of mine that I’ve had since I was about six years old.

I’ve had this reoccurring dream of me standing on the viewing level of the Eiffel Tower wearing a flowing red dress and my hair blowing in the wind as I looked out over the magnificent city of Paris, France.  Strangely enough, even as a girl I envisioned myself at that moment not as a child but as a grown adult , a testament to this vision I’ve had for myself that there is indeed a world outside of these borders and one I must see at all costs.

As I pack for my trip to Europe , I’ve not included a red dress of any sort – no sense in being mellow dramatic about it all ; but make no mistake – a week’s hence – that vision of myself standing there will indeed come true.

Just as the vision of me visiting the Louvre will also come to fruition this month.  For me, that’s a statement.  A declaration that no matter what the odds are against somebody , sheer willpower can overcome anything, it just takes vision and as I mentioned on my twitter : indefatigable purpose.



I’m not overly smart , I’m just unstoppable when it comes to getting what I want out of life.  And what I want is meaning, begat from rich experiences.  Visiting the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower are two such experiences , but then again so is bungee jumping from the highest bridge in the world , climbing a mountain , kayaking towards a sunset , and surfing a wave off the coast of Bali.

So what I’m doing to prepare for my absence is writing a few stories of some pretty interesting sessions that I had in the month of June and leaving them for Mistress Wael to post whilst I’m away in July.

However, since Mistress Wael will be doing sessions in my stead I’m encouraging her to post some of her own experiences so you can get to know her more.  She can’t write in English very well though so expect instead quite a bit of photos and videos to be posted by her.  This week I’ve been going over with her how to post stuff both on the blog here and on Twitter so on Monday I’m going to let her try a test post on her own to let her see it’s something she indeed can do.

mistress wael bdsm femdom bangkokIt’s been a real pleasure for me to continually open Wael’s eyes and see her grow as a person in terms of her scope of knowledge of things in the world.  Posting on a blog seems daunting for her at the moment but I hope once she sees her voice on the internet it’ll consume her as it has done me.  There’s nothing quite like having something to say and using a website to share my thoughts with the world , Mashall McLuhan would be proud of me I’m sure.

Mistress Wael has done over 200 sessions with me now and her bdsm / femdom skills are equivalent to mine.  I’ve edited a large handful of videos for her Tease & Denial sessions including some sounding, ballbusting, heavy bondage, cbt , candle wax play and a lot more.  I’ve encouraged her to talk about them briefly one at a time and post them regularly so I hope you enjoy them.  She’ll be here while I am away so please go ahead and book her for anything you wish.


See y’all soon , I have a date with the Mona Lisa.




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