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Forced Bi – Accidentally , by Mistress Jaa

Life must be a simulation.  Either that or there is some cosmic force that likes to align traps for me to fall into.  At any rate, some bigger force is having a great laugh at my expense.

Look.  This “session gone wrong” wasn’t entirely my fault.  Ok , I admit, parts of it may have my fingerprints on it but overall I’d say it was just coincidence after coincidence.

The reason I’m writing this story is to basically tell you that even though you might be submissive, and even though you are quite willing to hand over all control of what happens to you – to me …. you still have the absolute right to say “Aw Hell No!”

But you don’t.  You never do.

I’m seriously like Senator Palpatine the moment after he kills Master Windu and yells out at the top of his 89 year old lungs “POWER.  Unlimited powerrrrrrrrrr”



Alright, so let me spin this tale of misfortune for ya.

It starts off with one of my carry over habits from high school – procrastination.  I tend to do things at the last moment, always have.

Even running my business here as a Mistress , though I’m wearing many hats throughout the day I can usually pull things out of my ass at the last second.

Part of that is because I have 0 cancellations.  I’ve been at this for over a decade now and when somebody says they are going to show up , they do …. unless they’re French , in which case they wander up and down my street unable to find my condo until I have to go out and fetch them.  I shit you not.

With nobody cancelling, I can often check in at the last moment – a few hours before the session and just quickly review all the email discourse I’ve had with said person as a refresher.


Now normally, I already have a good idea of what we’ve talked about.  On average we volley about 20 emails back and forth going deeper and deeper into how the session might play out, and last Monday’s session had even more discourse than that – 48 emails in total.

Only – all along I had thought I was talking to one person wherein I had actually been talking to two separate people.

You see , there were 2 sessions on my calendar this past Monday , and when I put you down on my calendar I always put down the email address , never the name.   That’s because by the time the session date rolls around I have already associated the name with the email address.

I’ve been doing it like that for a decade without a hitch.

What fucked me up is that the 7pm session was with a gentleman named Han and the 10pm session was to be with a gentleman named Hans.   What are the chances right?  Like I said, the universe enjoys fucking with me.


To be clear , Han – the 7pm guy had stated he was interested in and I quote “whatever my Mistress wants to do with me, I am here to serve her and her only.”

In his likes he had requested:  “Tease & Denial , Body Worship,  Light Spanking but no marks because I’m married and my wife is in town with me but I can sneak away on her.”

As for dislikes: “I’m not into scat , watersports or anything with a ladyboy.”


Wouldn’t you know it, the 10pm guy was this dude’s polar opposite as he’d requested “Sissy Training , especially forced bi , double penetration , makeup lessons”

And dislikes?  “Nipple play , I don’t like my nipple torture as I don’t react well to pain.”


Now when people fill out the Session Request Form it is my duty to reply to them as soon as they come in if possible.  The reason being, not only is it polite, but if I have replied to email request #1 then email request #2 comes in as a separate email.

However, if I’m lazy OR if two people almost simultaneously fill out a Session Request Form at the same time … they instead come as one email piled on top of one another.

It rarely happens as with Wael able to answer emails now we’re pretty good at replying within a couple of hours almost every time and the occasional time I do have two conversations going – to two different people – in one thread – the names keep them easily distinguishable as to who I’m talking to.

It’s hard to confuse Jerry and Omar.

But Han and Hans?  Ya , universe fucking with me, and as it so happened, Hans sent his email at 2:02 AM my time and Han had sent his at 2:10 AM just 8 short minutes after.  I’m tellin’ ya man , life is a simulation , and the ultimate beings are or were former comedians.

So throughout the whole conversation thread with both , I had managed to zero in on what each wanted solely by their wants and needs and not by their names.

In fact, I hadn’t noticed the similarity in the names until after what happened last Monday.


Ok are we clear?  Good.  Now let me tell you how I managed to compound this problem.

Presently, we don’t have a ladyboy to work with.  Ladyboy Mistress Arita unfortunately is dealing with illness in her family and is acting as her parents caretaker up north indefinitely.

Ladyboy’s are Thai dudes.  Thai dudes are the most untrusting people in the galaxy.  I’d have a better chance growing a dick than I would getting one to work with me – and believe me , I’ve tried.

I’ve tried a couple of Philippine ladyboys but in both cases they wanted to ‘fuck and go’ in as little time as they could.  Not ideal , given that my sessions are 2-4 hours long.


So.  Man, I’m shaking my head as I write this just rethinking how all this happened.

You see, in my new condo here , on my floor, there is a black dude who is quite loud when he talks on the phone.  How do I know this?

Well, my last session always ends at midnight and after I’ve sterilized the toys, washed the sheets , had a shower and made myself a tea it’s usually right around 2am.

I let the tea cooldown for about 5 minutes and when I do – I go for a walk up and down the hallway to clear my mind a bit.

Like clockwork, right at 2am this black dude whom I had only seen once down in the laundry room gets a phone call from his girlfriend and for whatever reason he likes to sit with his back to the door inside his condo to talk to her.

Like I said, he speaks loudly – especially for 2am.  Thus, I can hear every single word he’s saying no matter how far from his door I am unless I’m all the way down the hall at my condo.


Not that I’m an eavesdropper , but you hear things, it just happens.  I try to tune it out but my little ears are like radio antennae.

I learned two things about this black gentleman over the past month.  Well three, but the third was circumstantial , the first two I actually heard him say.

One – his birthday was last Sunday the 17th.  Two , he was thinking about moving out because he was running low on money.

As for the 3rd thing – I had surmised that he had a massive sized cock.  How did I know this?

Well that girlfriend I told you about – she has a propensity to visit this guy for sex at about 3am.

Which … if you’ve been following along with Mistress Wael’s Loyalfans blog is uncanny as she – over at her condo – has had not one but two black dudes – living on her floor – who have girls come over to get fucked at 3:30am.

My condo must be in a slightly earlier time zone than hers.


When this guy fucks her – she howls.  And no, not like Lassie in the movie Porky’s , I mean the “that fucking thing is not fitting inside my pussy anytime soon” kind of howl.

Not that I’ve been listening … ahem / cough … but I can clearly tell that she only allows him to fuck her with the tip of his penis because every time he goes in deep she leaps off the bed … as attested to by the “thunk” on the floor I hear sometimes as she leaps off.

You get a lot of information from walking the halls at 2am ok.



Happened to be that last Sunday , a day before my sessions , I was about to do laundry and while waiting for the elevator with laundry basket in hand who should leave his condo to do the exact same thing!

“Laundry too huh” he said as an ice breaker as we were standing there waiting for the lift.

“Ye” I said curtly.  Seriously, I hadn’t planned on saying anything beyond acknowledging his initial chit chat.

But I’m like fucking Dennis the Menace sometimes – you know , when he starts rubbing his fingers together because curiosity is getting the better of him.

I don’t know why my brain skipped to the thought process it did – as Ray said in Ghostbusters “it just popped in there”



In my head it went like this in rapid succession:  I’m desperate for a ladyboy , this dude is broke , he has a large cock in all probability , I can break the ice back with him by saying happy birthday , he’s probably into me as I’m wearing my see thru Tommy Hilfigger t-shirt with only nipple patches on, fuck it – I can recruit him!

Huge leaps of assumption eh?

Before I knew it I blurted out “Happy Birthday” as my fist bumped the L button on the elevator.

Then of course I realized a moment later that bit of info I’d just released into the air would definitely need to come with an explanation.  One look at his slack jawed mouth affirmed my suspicion.

So, Mistress instincts … they’re kind of similar to Spiderman’s spidey-senses.  They kick in quickly whenever I truly need to take control of a situation with a man.

“Oh please” I said rolling my eyes at him, “your voice is louder than Donald Trump having an orgasm.”

Black dudes are cool as fuck though, they’re not so easily put on the defensive.  He just smiled and uttered a long “shiiiiiiiit” followed by “at’s a good one.”  Ah, but I did notice the glance down at my tshirt, no doubt wondering why my nips weren’t showing.  Anyways, that’s weakness and exploitable.


forced bi throat fuckLook, no guy can make me feel uncomfortable anymore , especially someone I just happened across and don’t even know – so from my perspective there was absolutely nothing to lose by not pressing the advantage in that conversation.

However, the next words spoken were not uttered until we were both unloading our clothes into our own washing machines a good few minutes later.

“The fact its your birthday ain’t the only thing I overheard coming up from doing the laundry the other night.”

Cheeky reply this one gave me in “you do laundry often …. (pause) … huh!   If you put an exclamation mark instead of a question mark you can decipher the tone of his comment.

My reply was even cheekier.  “Ya well, I got money to do laundry every day unlike some of us.  And given what I do , every day laundry is a necessity.”

If this had been a fencing joust , I had just attacked, retreated and lowered my sword all in one swift act.


He gave me the “you got some nerve , lady” stare.  Man of few words he was, gotta give him credit for that.  Most guys undermine their intelligence by over talking.

Ask me what I do … ask me what I do  <– that’s what I was whispering to myself , just hoping he’d take the bait.  For if he did, I already had my answer ready.

Sure enough , “and what do you do that requires laundry every night?”

My immediate reply “to know that, you’d have to come along with me.  It’d be worth your while, you’d come home with 7 big ones in your pocket.” and I did that thing where I stick my tongue out and wet my upper lip with it.

It’s a dance club or bar move , it connotes “I’m more than you can handle, wanna try me?”

Long pause between us.

“7k … baht huh?  <– this time definitely with a question mark at the end.


“Look.  I have to work tomorrow at 7pm.  Right here in my condo.  If you’re curious , come knock on my door tonight” and with that I took my empty laundry basket and started heading back to the lift.

It took a moment but sure enough I got exactly the sentence I thought I’d hear – if indeed he were to take the bait “yo , I don’t even know what unit you live in” he yelled out from well behind me.

“You’ll figure it out” I said without even looking back.

Like I said – nothing to lose right?  I was going to be on the phone looking desperately for a ladyboy all night anyways and even if the dude knocked on my door – it’d still be a long shot.

However, I did sense in him … hmm , not to confuse being a nice guy with being submissive – but he had an aura of politeness about him.  Politeness is at least malleable , as opposed to someone who comes off brash , know what I mean?

It was that potential malleability that had prompted me to leave the laundry basket outside my door when I went upstairs.




Midnight , there was a knock on my door.  The balls on this guy eh?  Who knocks on a stranger’s door at the strike of midnight?

I, as luck would have it, was making a late night tea.  Usually I’m on the bus coming back home on a Sunday night as I normally stay at my mom’s house on the weekends playing in my ever-growing garden.

But the desperation of finding a ladyboy had kept me home last weekend and since I couldn’t sleep until I had found one – there I was stirring up my little caffeine boost to keep me going.

“It’s open , come in” I shouted.

He peeked his head in.  “Damn” he said.  “You are one odd fucking lady , that’s for sho” he continued on as he stood in the doorway unwilling to intrude it seemed.

“Oh you don’t know the half of it buddy” the words rolled out of my mouth as I was sort of self agreeing with his statement so I guess my reply seemed brazen and natural at the same time.

“Buddy.  Damn.  You talk like a man.”

I slapped my chest “boobs” I said glancing down at them.  I slapped my pussy area even though it was behind the counter. “Pussy.”  and I smirked.  “100% girl.  How about you?”

“Man as can be” damn he had a nice smile.  How do black guys have such pearly white teeth?

“Would you consider yourself ‘man as can be’ as you like to say if you were dressed up like a girl?”


“Answer the question.  I need to know what you’re willing to do for 7,000 otherwise this conversation ain’t going nowhere.”

I never talk like that.  At that point I was trying the best I can to mimic him.   I was leaning on the wall the same way he was , trying to use similar language patterns.  It works more often than not because its such a subliminal thing.  Also, it’s one of the most effective ways of gaining trust early on.

Then bingo,  right out of the blue he came out with “What are you , some kind of Mistress or some shit like ‘dat?”

It just so happened to be that right there on the table in front of me were all the toys I had cleaned but had yet to put away from Friday’s late night session – including taa daaaa – my whip , which reached over to pick up and tossed it over at his feet.

“Shiiiit” , there was that smile again , this time with a snap of his fingers.

“Wait, I’ll be right back.”  You know, I didn’t realize it until I walked out from behind the table , but I was wearing black lace panties only from the waist down.  I even mouthed the word “fuck” really slowly as I was walking away from him to the bedroom.

It was a vulnerable moment , one where I was really hoping the power of the reveal that I was a Mistress carried some substantial weight with it.   Else this dude would be following me into the bedroom which wouldn’t have ended well.

When I returned to the living room area I was carrying a ladies wig , and I handed it to him … yup , while wearing the same near see through lace panties.  Heart pounding.

See, if I had changed , he would have noticed.  That would have connoted weakness.  So I had to go with it and play it off as sheer confidence in myself.



Anyways, I was handing a black dude a blonde wig, the moment called for a bit of comedy.

“For real?” he said looking at it like it was the Heisman Trophy.

“Hey, if the wig don’t fit, I must acquit” was my joke that I played off of him hoping he’d get it.

“Shiiit” he laughed again.  “So suppose I do wear this …. this thing … I ain’t fucking no man jus’ so you know.”

“What about his mouth?  Roughly , I might add.  For 7k.  Only that.  I do the rest.  10 minutes max.  I gotta stay with him for 2 hours , you can leave when I excuse you.”

“7k , 10 minutes.  And then you just gonna snap yo’ fingers huh.  How old is the dude?”

I clearly remembered the guy who wanted the force bi mouth fucking to be 28 years old so that’s what I told him.

“Aight , but I’m only doin’ it because you fucking intrigue me.” and he waved his finger at me like he was waving Harry Potter’s magic wand when he said it.

And just like that, I had my “ladyboy” for Monday’s session.


Han, the 7pm “do anything to me” guy was indeed only 22 , of slight build, and amazingly pouty lips.  It was the lips that totally convinced me that he was Hans – the guy who wanted the forced bi spit roasting deep throat cock sucking session.

I mean, why would god give a boy perfect cock sucking lips like that if they weren’t meant for sucking cock?  Come on, can’t you see my side of the story here?

Its like, if you saw one of us girls , oh I don’t know , bending over a Ferrari while washing it and simultaneously spraying water down our shorts … you’d assume we wanted sex wouldn’t you?

This guy had THE best cock sucking lips I’d ever seen.  So right from the moment I had picked him up from the lobby I was certain that Han indeed wanted those lips to be put to good use.

So when we got to my room I immediately ordered him to his knees, right there at the doorway.

“Yes Mistress” he said without hesitation and dropped to his knees almost instantly.

“Crawl to me” I ordered him and I strode away from him into the living room to get the makeup kit from my purse.

Well, if you were me in that moment I can guarantee you that you’d be just dying to put lipstick on those lips.  I had the red moist lipstick in my purse too – not because I wanted to look like a ‘ho , but because I’ve been battling dry lips all week with the changing of the seasons here and the moist lipstick keeps them from getting chapped.

It looked wonderful on Han.  It instantly transformed him into probably what would be most in-demand cocksucker in Bangkok had I advertised him looking like that.


Then there was the knock at the door.

Man, I still didn’t know the black guy’s name.  Hadn’t even bothered to ask.  Could have been James, Jamie , Anton.  Who knows.  But do you know who he looked like , I mean looked exactly like when I opened the door?

He looked like Jackie from Tom Cruise’s movie Risky Business from back in the day.  Jackie was the black ladyboy in that movie who looked – like anything but a ladyboy.

So I’m gonna call him Jackie for now.

Jackie looked like a 6’4″ football player with a golden wig on.  Like a horribly mis-cast Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  Trust me, if they ever make a ‘woke’ version of that movie, this dude HAS to play Dorothy to make it an instant comedy.



Jackie looked at Han sitting there on his knees with his moist wet lipstick covering his full lips and all he said was “oh man , I need to fuck that mouth.”

My jaw dropped.  Talk about leaping into the role.

Jackie strode , and I mean strode in 4 long solid steps to where poor terrified Han was kneeling and boy oh boy , if you thought my jaw was slack when I saw Jackie act, it damn near hit the floor when I saw the size of Jackie’s dick when he whipped it out.

Stack two Coca-Cola cans one on top of one another and presto bongo – you have the exact size of Jackie’s cock.   Cut too , it looked like a submarine’s torpedo.

At this point I was watching a fucking movie play out before my eyes.  Like, I was supposed to do something , no?  Take control.  Order people around.  Crack my whip a few times to induce fear.

Nah.  No fear inducing needed.  Han was horrified at the sight of it already.


Remember at the top of the story I told you that you have the right to say “Aw Hell No” at any time.  That was the moment Han should have said something of the sort.

For,  like 2 seconds later after rubbing the tip of his cock around the lips of Han , Jackie grabbed him by the ears and pushed his dick hard against those pouty lips until they parted like the way Mostes parted the Red Sea.

And in went the torpedo.  Balls deep.  No warning.

For Jackie it was like trying to enter Fort Knox , for all Gag Reflex security personnel were on the scene trying to block the intruder.

Jackie would pull out a heap of spit , let it dribble onto the floor for a sec before plunging it back in.

Han would push hard against Jackie’s quad muscles or thighs but to no avail.  There was a size and willpower mismatch going on and I was fascinated by it.

Seriously.  All I was thinking by watching these first few minutes unfold was “Damn, Han is going to be mighty pleased with this session , mark my words.”


fuck bed sofa mistress jaa


After a few more unsuccessful attempts at lodging the torpedo deep down my slave’s throat he pushed Han backwards until he fell back onto the lip of the greyish fake leather lining of my sofa.

He climbed up  with both knees on the sofa cushion , inserted his cock back into the throat and when he leaned forward onto my condo’s wall he was able to this time use gravity to keep his massive cock filling up the entire airway.

I could see it bulging out of the throat , for a minute I thought we were going to be recreating the scene from Alien when the creature busted through the skin and scampered away across the room.

Han struggled mightily.  Arms flailing , legs thrashing.

When the black torpedo lifted out of the chamber it sucked with it about a gallon of spit.  I’d say kilogram but gallon definitely is a better measuring tool in this case.  A pool of spit was collecting on the floor at the foot of my sofa.

I started feeling sorry for Han.  I was supposed to attack his ass , no?  The guy had mentioned spit roasting.  If I did though , he’d truly have more cock inside him than any white man in history.

So , carefully , I kneeled down beside the two and began handling my slave’s cock, but it was limp as limp could be.

No amount of fondling could get a reaction out of his smallish cock.   How could he?   I suddenly understood why Jackie’s real girlfriend never lets him fuck her with full penetration.  Fuck I’d walk around in metal chastity if this guy was my lover.



Mercifully it took Jackie all of 2 minutes in that position to unload , not into the throat, but directly into the stomach of Han.

I spun on my heels, took 7k from the top of the black table in the living room and placed it directly into Jackie’s hand and then with a smile I indeed did snap my fingers.

He snapped his fingers right back at me, took off the wig , zipped up and left , just like that.  Now I’m thinking, ok that was a fun 5 minutes , how the fuck do I top that for the next hour and 55 minutes?

Only , Han wanted no part of it.

He was in the washroom with his head under the tap for ages and ages.   So long in fact that I started wondering if he was actually swallowing tap water to get the cum out of his throat or something … that would be near lethal here in this country.

So I checked in on him and asked if he was ok.

“No I’m not ok” he almost cried when he said it.

“How come” I asked immediately.

“I can’t close my throat.  I can’t swallow.  It’s open.  It doesn’t feel like a throat, it feels like a hole” and he was clutching at it , trying to massage it to close it looked like.

“Well” I said.  “You wanted forced, that sure was forced by anyone’s definition.  In fact, you might have set the gold standard for the fetish of forced bi.

Then he dropped the anvil on my head.

“But I told you , I wanted anything – anything but forced bi.”

And of course my first reaction , like anyone’s was to think “no that’s not true,  that’s impossible”



But when I did the mental math and put 1 and 1 together , I indeed got 3 as my answer.

10 years I’ve been a Mistress.  In that full decade of time I have never once said “I’m sorry” to a submissive slave who had come to see me.  I’d never made such a dire mistake , ever.  Until last weekend.

I ran , literally ran to get my phone to scroll through the email messages just to confirm my worst fears.

But you know what’s funny.  Well, contextually funny lol.  My first thought was not of Han and what had happened to the poor boy’s throat.

Nope.  My first thought was “how the fuck do I get Jackie to come back for round 2 at 10pm , and will I have to pay him another 7k?

It’s because … what Jackie did to Han and the manner in which he did it – oh so violently , without consent, without concern or empathy.  A real life fucking Terminator.



Jackie put the “forced” in forced bi , something I’ve been looking for a ladyboy to do for , oh how many years now?

Thing is , Jackie doesn’t even qualify as a ladyboy.  He’s a black terminator in a blonde wig.  He’s Bizarro Ladyboy ,  whereas I’ve been looking for Superman Ladyboy.

So I put my hand on the right shoulder of Han and said “I’m so sorry ….. I’ll be back.”



As I write this, it’s late Thursday afternoon. Han had sent me an email early this morning , this is what he wrote me:

“I have been drinking McDonald’s milkshakes since Monday Mistress.  I had to tell my wife I’m trying out a liquid diet, she keeps asking me how does drinking milkshakes make me thin.  What do I tell her?  I can’t fucking swallow anything at all.  My throat is a hole.  Should I go to the hospital?  Help.”

I simply replied “Chocolate or Vanilla?”

What can I do man?  I’m a Mistress, I can’t show sympathy.  If I make it look like I fucked up it’ll seem to Han like I’m a loose cannon , not very good at what I do.

But this way , with just the hand on the shoulder , and excusing myself as I went to go find Jackie and leave him there with his head under the bathroom sink tap … at least that way my indifference kept an aura of control.

Now of course he’s going to read this , but as it was a one time visit and he’s not ever in Thailand , I feel I can come clean with how it all played out.

Well, I mean I can for Han.

As for Hans?  He’s staying in town for a while.  I’d feel bad if I told you what happened to him in that 10pm session later that night.

He won’t be coming to see me for a long while though , on account that he can’t hardly walk right now.   So maybe I should write about it for tomorrow?


Mistress Jaa


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seo forced bi .  this is forced bi story.  a story about forced bi.  from my forced bi session monday.  monday was a good forced bi session.

why was forced bi so good?  because it truly was forced bi.  not the fake forced bi you often hear about.  or the forced bi you read about.

or the forced bi you watch in shitty porn videos on forced bi.  jackie did forced bi the way i have always wanted to see forced bi done.

forced bi and forced bi , there done with forced bi repetition in the word.