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I’ve had exactly four slaves this year actually follow through with eating my shit for the hefty price tag of 20,000 baht.   Every single one of them has consumed my entire load with nary a complaint nor a drop spilled !!!

So take THAT – Mistress Wael and your carefully planned training regiment 🙂  Whereas your slaves develop into perfectly functioning toilets mine come fully functional right out of the box !!

Obviously I’m just poking fun at her , she truly is awesome in the way she chooses to feed her slaves.

However I do have something going for me that neither she nor any other Mistress in Asia or Europe has.

I quite simply have THE hottest ass of any Dominatrix currently working today.


shit feeding ass view


As Mistress Wael has developed as a Mistress I’ve had to give way to her taking pretty much all the face sitting sessions from me.  Yes , I’ll concede that her extreme smothering is something I cannot replicate.  My ass is just too curved, too tight and I’m too tiny by comparison.

The only thing extreme about my face sitting style is how long slaves want to eat my ass without stopping.

I’d have to put myself in your shoes to guess properly , but I’d wager that its every man’s dream to have a woman with a perfectly shaped ass sit on his face.   N’est pas?

For certain I can testify to this : whenever I hover over a slave’s face , take off my panties, and begin squatting down – I don’t even need to touch the guys’ cock , it’ll be a raging bouncing red rock by the time my ass hits his mouth.


Now I’ve known for ages and ages that slave’s who’ve been under me have secretly craved to have me push them well beyond their limits.

I’ve known this because there has not been one occasion that I’ve accidentally farted in a slave’s mouth and had him complain.  Not once !

Which brings me to Jim who was a curiosity to me as he wasn’t a long time slave of mine and actually had no intentions of expanding the scope of his session parameters – which were to be face sitting and nothing more.




Jim showed up in the lobby yesterday and as all slaves are , was dumbfounded at first sight of me – probably because I was wearing my shortest jean shorts and had my t-shirt wrapped up in a cowgirl knot which exposed my whole torso region.

That and maybe the ‘clack-clack-clack’ of my high heels as I sauntered across the lobby floor towards him.

“Ok, lay down on the floor , let’s get started” I said to him immediately once I was within voice range and he though he took me seriously he wasn’t into public humiliation as he was suddenly drawn back and stuttered “h-h-here?”

Just a little thing I do sometimes to put the man quickly on his heels , it gives me power right from the first second.

I don’t do it all the time, just when my own first visual impression puts me on my heels – either by how gorgeous the guy is (rarely!) or by how imposing he looks which was the case here.  The man was a 6’4″ tower of an individual.

Oh and he had that stubble like rough beard-like chin that sends shivers down my spine – in a good way.  So ya , needed to knock the boy down a few notches right from the get-go.


red-latex dress domina


This condo has a heavy table – its not my style and I’m thinking of asking the landlady to have it replaced as its presence is foreboding , however its thick steel (iron?) legs do serve as a great natural thing to secure a slave’s arms or feet to.

In this case I chose to have my slaves hands bound to it so that he was spread eagled with his arms far above his head.

I only had to move the sofa with my ass in a few feet to get the legs of it to match where his feet were dangling on the floor and I promptly secured those as well and when I was done my slave looked like a perfectly drawn X on the floor with his hands and feet drawn out wide.


From that point I chose to do a slow strip tease.  You know I was going to use J.Lo music or some upbeat dance club music to dance to as I did it but as I opened the YouTube app on my TV the suggested playlist had traditional Thai music in the first few selection spots – that being from me making Green Thai Curry for myself the other day (err – I bought it from 7Eleven but the music enhanced the taste!)

So ya, I strip teased down to my bra and panties doing my impression of a traditional dance , albeit ten times more sexy I gathered from the raging hard on my moves had summoned.

It’s not often that tall thick dudes are hung down below , its usually an inverse relationship to be frank but Jim was impressive to say the least.  His short khakis could hardly contain the bulge and so I let it out and slid both his pants and undies off in one swift pull.

Then , mostly to amuse myself, I squatted right down on top of his tower , pressing my panties where my pussy would be right down on the tip of his dick and bounced there for a while until I got some pre-cum leakage out of him.

“Horny already huh?” I said gazing deeply into his eyes.

“You have no idea” he replied and I threw my hair back and laughed.  Then I dropped my chin as I always do when I’m about to do something menacing and looked at him with “my look” that I give when I’m about to fuck a guy’s brain up.

The ‘look’ – you can see :35 seconds into the June 19th post on my Loyalfans … and then tell me that wouldn’t melt you instantly lol.


hot ass


‘Menacing’ in this case involved me grabbing his cock with both hands like it was a stripper’s dancing pole , then swinging around on it much like a stripper would , so that my ass was directly over his face.

“oh my god” he whispered.

“No” I giggled looking back over my shoulder and down at him, “that isn’t oh-my-god worthy – this is….” and I pulled my panties down to my ankles giving him a view of my cute pinkness that very few ever get to see.

“holy shit” he said.

“Do you want to find out if it’s holy or not?” I chuckled as my ass lowered onto his face causing an eclipse of my pussy.


One of the reasons I’ve had to resort to tying slaves down for any face sitting I might do with them is that they’d clutch onto my thigh so hard that I felt like I was being sucked into a black hole.

I’m not even exaggerating either, the force they’d pull my asshole down onto their tongue was Avenger like.

There’s also the problem of deep exploration , meaning , them trying to dig for oil with their tongue which was entirely possible given the downward pull onto their tongue by the hands.

Now, with nothing to assist them, it feels like a gentle tongue massage, albeit an endless one if I were to never say the word Stop!

perfect ass


So Jim was licking and sucking away and much to his surprise I began to fart regularly , almost with every lip smacking suck of his down there.

At first they were innocent little warning farts , but sure enough they morphed into air raid sirens – long continuous blasts of ever poisonous gas.   The only reaction the ever-longer farts would produce would be the kicking of his heels on the floor and the further stiffening of his cock.

Truly, by the 10th fart his cock was waving in the wind like the Jolly Roger atop a pirate ship.

I looked down at him after giving him a bit of respite and warned him “if you keep sucking like that, you’re going to get more than you bargained for.”

“Yes Mistress” he gasped back up at me, followed by “fuck it, I want it , do it , just do it.”

At that point , its kind of like a game of cat and mouse , right?  There’s a steep step up from the 7k baht he was ready to pay to the 20k he was about to about to pay.  Such a decision needs to be coerced.


Thus, my attention started focusing on his cock as I leaned all the way down and started blowing just under the head as I began to stroke it gently with my thumb in the same area.

That has the effect of raising my asshole off his mouth , making him have to crank his head all the way up like he’s doing a very painful half sit up to reach my asshole.

After a few seconds I could feel his stomach muscles convulsing at trying to hold the position with his tongue stuck in my ass like they were magnetically connected somehow.

So I’d stroke his cock harder and begin to push out with my ass.  Not enough to have any shit come out mind you , just enough for his tongue to sense the opening of my asshole, however slightly.

“I’m warning you” I gasped back at him.  A fake gasp for sure, but men do react to breathless gasps more than they do endless chit chat.

He reacted by sitting up even more , now with his stomach quivering uncontrollably from the pain of holding such an arduous static position and endeavored to lick even harder.

The harder he licked the more I’d encourage him to keep doing so by pumping his cock with ever increasing forcefulness.



“If it comes out, one – it’s 20k you owe me and two – you’re eating every single last drop and so help you if even one brown molecule lands on my pristinely clean floor, understood?”

“Please” is all he whispered back.

“Then open your mouth wide and beg me officially , tell me exactly what you want.”

“Please unload in my mouth Mistress” he said, now with his eyes as wide as saucers , his mind lost in his own fantasy that was spinning deeply out of control.

And with that I slowly sat down with my asshole right over his gaping mouth , bending ever so slightly forward so as to give him a tiny space with which to sniff in enough air to survive what was about to happen next.


shit in mouth mistress


Now, I’m light.  So for men , when I sit with full weight upon their face – or more to the point – their mouth , they can easily support me without any cause for struggle.   I think that is what makes the experience so intimate when I feed like this.

It’s like – well remember those old glass bottles of Coca Cola that you’d guzzle down on a hot summer’s day?

When you’d reach the last gulp your head would be tilted back and with the bottle pointed straight down and your lips sucking for that last gulp of deliciousness , right?

Also, being so tight and tiny – talkin’ about my ass now – my hole doesn’t expand very much when I shit.  So perhaps its akin to crawling upside down under a Dairy Queen soft ice cream dispenser and sucking away?

I don’t know, I’ve never done that.  I have however almost gotten myself fired down in Sydney when the boss of the pizza shop I was working in came downstairs to find me in that same upside down position under the cheese grater machine.

But that spout was far bigger, and I had been letting the cheese fall into my mouth so there wasn’t any suckage going on, per se.

Ah, good times.

Boss said , and I remember this clearly, “I don’t know whether to fire you or fuck you” as he looked at my body half bent over upside down on the large dough machine pot – my legs spread wide open for balance and dangling in the air.  lol.

It looked like a fun thing to do at the time ok.

Relax , he neither fired me nor fucked me.  I was his best friend at playing Scrabble.  I never said no to a game as it was helping my English vocabulary along and we’d play all weekend long once the pizzas were made.

Anyways, I’ve digressed from the story haha, where was I?


panty pussy scat


Ah yes, feeding time.

I follow Mistress Wael’s method of feeding – neither of us are into building poop mountains on top of a slave’s mouth.  Our shit is too precious for that and thus it must all be consumed.

The only way to ensure that is to painstakingly push a bit out and break it off and have the damn remaining  half-turd suck itself back inside.

Now.  There’s a trick to doing this so that the slave swallows with little to no complaint , no matter how awful it may taste.

Tugging on the cock multiple times opens the slave’s throat much the same way a draw gate opens at a castle.  So the trick is to let a manageable chunk into the slaves mouth and then tug continuously until I hear that tiny gasp of air signaling the throat is clear.

Then I’ll deposit a bit more and tug on the cock a bit more , being careful with every bite served that the volcano might erupt.


By the time I had served the last half of the last log Jim was struggling mightily.

His eyes had that look of bewilderment , perhaps like the first time one gets high and sees the molecules of every object around us beating as one collective consciousness – that kind of overwhelmed feeling.

Jim’s mouth , as chocolate stained as it was has stopped chewing all together, he just laid there motionless as if he were in shock.

“Finish it” I exclaimed, laughing at him.

He shook his head as if to say he had had enough and was way in above his head.  I know that head shake, I’ve seen it every single time that I’ve fed so far.  Remember, none of my slaves have gone through any sort of proper training the way Mistress Wael prepares her slaves.

No, this is akin to waking up one morning and deciding to run a Marathon , only to reach the 40th kilometer and realize just how truly fucked that decision had put you in.




Not only is it their first time having shit in their mouth, it’s their first time swallowing it.  I don’t offer shit ‘n spit like Wael does, so they definitely need to cross that 42km finish line they signed up for.

Which, needs encouragement sometimes.  Said encouragement comes in form of an ultimatum.

I’ll start pumping their cock for real as I kneel down beside their hip.  I did this for Jim just as I have done it for numerous others.  I’m introducing a frightening race against the clock to the finish line.

To Jim I said “I’m going to make you cum inside of one minute” and I made him glance down at how masterfully I was playing with his cock , so much so that I made his eyes roll to the back of his head and made him moan instantly.

“And if you haven’t swallowed by the time you cum” I continued , “its going to taste one million times worse after I drain all the sexual energy from your body, do I make myself clear?


Jim began chewing and in doing so his face looked exactly like someone wolfing down the last bite at a hot dog eating contest.

Only, folks finishing off hot dogs don’t moan like they’re about to have an orgasm.  Fuck though, now that I think about it – I have an idea of how to make those disgusting hot dog eating contests SO much more fun and entertaining with a bit of cock play.

There’s a certain hell that comes with the moment where you’re doing the absolute most disgusting thing you’ve ever done in your life … all the while experiencing one of the biggest orgasms of your life.

That’s the conundrum I try to present as I try to time the last swallow with the greatest explosion of cum they’ve ever produced.

Jim’s eruption , for example, landed just under his neck on his first shot.  Then I made sure I squeezed the fuck out of his cock so that the second and third shots were just as propelling.


And then.  Now this has only happened with Jim and one other fellow , and its truly remarkable to see and hear …

As I massaged his balls with my left hand and slowly squeezed in slow focused strokes the last 0unce of cum from his balls I whispered to him “let it out Jim , let me know how much of a loser you feel like right now.”

It took a moment, but in due time he began by shedding a tear and then a few seconds later he began sobbing at himself.

I stood over him.  My legs spread.  With my thumb and forefinger I spread my pussy for him , that he had to blink away the tears to see.

“And to think , you chose to eat my shit over my pussy.  What WERE you thinking?” I said , making sure I put stress on the word ‘were.’

He just sobbed.

“Well I’m going to go clean my ass in the toilet and take a shower.  I’ll let you out of your ropes when I’m done.”

And again he began to whimper.

Damn, that was a nice long 20 minute shower.  I even made myself cum thinking about how I had just made yet another slave do something he never thought he’d ever do.

You’d have to be a Mistress to understand how incredibly horny that can make me.

Alas, you’re not a Mistress.  So you’ll just have to live with being the one who helped me cum in the shower.  Oh come on, you know you want to try.


Mistress Jaa


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seo for shit feeding.  did you know shit feeding is something i just started doing lately.  shit feeding was Mistress Wael’s thing.  Now shit feeding is “our’ thing.

if you’re gonna do shit feeding, then shit feeding has to be done right.  shit feeding should be sexy.  shit feeding should be coerced.  shit feeding should be erotic.

shit feeding should never be messy.  shit feeding should mean they eat it all.  shit feeding is empowering.  shit feeding is fucking fun too.