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Four Hour Tease Sessions are coming back one day.  Maybe late this year or maybe sometime next year.   But they will come back.  When they do I will be more than ready because I have changed a lot since last March.  Probably the most I ever changed in life was these 14 months.

One thing that changed a lot is my vocabulary for English started to explode … finally after 7 years.  Because we shoot for onlyfans from 4pm to 8pm every day I get to speak English 4 hours every afternoon.  At night because there is nowhere to go thank you to covid I video chat with my girlfriend living in France.  So that is 5 or 6 hours of practice every day.

And I don’t know why not last year or the year before.  But this year I got comfortable with words.   With speaking.  And you see what I just did?   <– Tense.  I can use past tense and future tense better now too.  Not perfect of course but much much better than before.

What else changed?  Well because I am more confident in English now I feel ready to travel for sessions.  I believe to make it easier for me to get sessions I need to travel to Phuket … to Singapore and Malaysia.  Maybe even Hong Kong.  After I get the vaccine of course.  No way I felt ready to do that last year.  I would get lost at the airport and panic if I tried one year ago.

Phuket will open first they say.  In July.  I don’t think I will get the vaccine until about my birthday in August.  I hope by August.  When I get it … if Mistress Jaa does not want to move for a short time to Phuket with me then I will go by myself if there are sessions there first.  Also … it is easier to fly to Singapore from there.  Shorter flight.  Same with Malaysia.

But let me talk about something more important first.  Videos.


four hour tease Mistress Wael


One year ago I had only words to tell you my style.   And I sucked with words.  To write any blog story you see before on this blog …. took me one week almost for any story.  Yes.  Long like that.

We were not doing videos at all.

Then three months ago I said fuck it.  I thought if Mistress Jaa can keep 150 subscribers for her onlyfans for sure i can keep 10 or 15.  Especially if my onlyfans is 1/2 price $10 compared to her $20 per month.  I thought ok that will be money for food.  But more important I will have bullets to fight her popularity with.  My bullets will be my videos.  Because with videos I can do blog stories more easy.  Just show you what I do.

Now I have a style of shooting.

People don’t ever leave my onlyfans.  I think that is because now people can see my extreme style.

In three months I made one slave quit.  One slave panic.  One slave threw up my pee for 5 minutes after I pissed in his throat for 5 minutes.  One slave I took to level 4 of my human toilet training by shitting in his mouth and he took it with no spill like I trained him.  One slave I burned his balls.  And another slave I candle waxed his whole cock.

Tomorrow I am piss waterboarding my slave.  I will again wrap him in plastic and make him crawl around the condo before I fuck him.   I already did dirty ass to mouth with him.  Twice.

You see?  Extreme.  I don’t seduce like Mistress Jaa.  But still … one thing was missing.

My two hour 7,000 baht Tease & Denial session.  I didn’t have a two hour Tease & Denial video to show you exactly what it is like to have to survive my two hour tease.

Well now I have that type of video.   I shot it today.  And actually it was a 4 hour Tease & Denial shoot.  So now I don’t just have a bullet.  I have a shotgun shell.  Actually I have 4 of them.


four hour tease & denial


So how did I shoot it?

The shoot went from 4pm when the sun started to set.  I finished at almost exactly 8pm.  Four hours of Teasing.

But there were little breaks every 30 minutes.

So I would tease him from 4pm to 4:30pm and then I would stop and go wash my hands.  Then charge the camera and download the video to the computer to free up space.

From 4:30pm to 5pm I would let the camera charge and keep teasing him without adding any new technique.

At 5pm I got the camera and again would tease him exactly how I do it in session …by adding small new techniques as the session continued.

Teased him from 5pm to 5:30pm ,  again charged , downloaded and continued to tease him off camera from 5:30pm to 6pm.

Same for 6-7pm and 7-8pm.

4 hour tease & denial


Ok let me talk about part 1.  The first 30 minutes of my Tease & Denial session is just normal cock play to get you sensitive and hard but slowly.  No rush.

No rush means I don’t care if you don’t get hard right away.  You will.  So I don’t use full pressure with my hand yet.  I don’t use speed change yet.  I don’t make cock head over sensitive yet.  Nothing like that in the first thirty minutes.  Think of it like the beginning of a flight from Europe to Singapore.  The air hostess will play a movie , will serve lunch then dinner and bring drinks. There is a lot of time before you land, right?

This is why I get so upset when I get a beginner who wants to cum before even 30 minutes.  I didn’t do anything yet !!

Yes ok , one of my rules is that if you are doing a Tease & Denial session with me you are not allowed to cum for at least 3 days before and if possible to control yourself then also no touching your cock for three days.

But that rule is just to make you enjoy the feelings more.  Not to let you beg me to cum before 30 minutes.

If you ask me to let you cum before the first hour I will always say no.  I believe I am the best for a reason.   At least let me show you that reason ok?

Give me 60 minutes minimum … that is why I have a 1 hour ,  4000 baht session for beginners.  But I need you to survive 60 minutes.

In this video he was rolling his eyes to the back of his head off camera from 4:30pm to 5pm.

But I set the rules.

I set the rules for every session.  They change.  Depending on my mood.

For this session the rules were :  Don’t move the legs or feet.  Don’t wiggle the toes.  No noise.   No talking.  No begging.  No whimpering.  Just silence.

Why because I like to let the customer hear the oil on his cock splashing over and over.  It sounds very sexy.  So to enjoy it there should be absolute silence in the room.  Including your mouth.


wael cercei


It reminds me.  I should do this tease again with him in bondage.  Because Tease & Denial with bondage has different rules.  A different feel.  Has more cbt.  More extreme things that I do when my slave is tied up for the evening.

But this session was pure Tease & Denial.  Usually how I do it … I give the slave 3 warnings.  If he breaks the rules the 4th time the session is over.  No orgasm nothing.  The rules are there for a reason.   To make the session amazing for both of us.  So don’t break the rules haha.

Ok , here is part 1 of 4.   I only edited out the pre session shower and chit chat.  So it’s the first 20 minutes of his 4 hour tease from 4:10pm to 4:30pm.

Four Hour Tease Video , Part 1


Part 2 I will load and show you tomorrow.

Same with part 3 and part 4.

Listen.  My onlyfans … I think is amazing opporunity for me to show you every single day what my style is for bdsm and femdom.  I load minimum three femdom videos every day.  I already have 222 videos , most of them very long.  So I am catching up quickly to Mistress Jaa and her 350.

ofwaelThat’s 20 videos a week or  80 a month.  I will pass her by my birthday August 15th.  Probably before that actually.

I invite you to join.


I am also very active on my own Twitter now too , my name is Angel Wael on Twitter and my @ is  @Mistress_Wael

We agreed to alternate on her 20,000 follower twitter @FemDom_Bangkok so I post then she posts and then back to me.  But I’m happy to grow my own Twitter now.  I’m posting on our  YouTube channel now as well.  I’m making my own iwantclips store this week.  I’m filming every day.  I’m a pretty good video editor now.  I’m doing a lot.  Really enjoying life right now.  Well except for covid and the lockdown rules.  But I’m too busy to notice really.

Hope you join me on onlyfans.  You can also subscribe to my onlyfans by USA Amazon Gift Card if you need to keep charges off your credit card.   Just email me the gift card:  [email protected]

One month membership for my onlyfans is $10 for now.  So I’ll gift you the number of months you are paying for on the gift card.  $20 = 2 months , $50 = 5 months and so on.

I do my onlyfans the same way Mistress Jaa does her onlyfans by keeping the sensitive videos in my folder on the PCloud and I link the root folder to all my subscribers.

Only difference is 70% of my videos are extreme and kept on the pCloud , and hers I say about 20% are on the pCloud.

Because she uses seduction , that is her technique.   Mine is to push my slave’s limits.  Pushing limits makes my slaves loyal.  I like loyalty 🙂

Talk to you tomorrow ka.


Mistress Wael

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