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Hey, it came to my attention that my poll for the sexiest ladyboy who I’ll chose to come work with me for forced bi sessions had a flaw.  One of the ladyboy’s, Maggie, was using the photo of a Thai actress named Pinky who is actually a girl and not a ladyboy at all.  I don’t even have a tv so that show’s you how much I keep track of stars here.

So the results , which have her at 2nd place might not be as true as I had hoped.

Therefore, I’ve replaced her photo with her true self – how she looks as a ladyboy and I’m asking you guys to reconsider your vote if you are one of the ones who voted for her.  If she’s still your top pick for who you’d like to have a sexy forced bi session with then that’s fine, leave your vote as it is, no need to vote again.  If however you now think one of the other girls are better please redo your vote so that I have a clearer picture of what you guys consider to be beautiful in a ladyboy.

Right now with Yoshi in the lead and Bowling close behind, I get the feeling you like “sexy, cute, innocent” over “curvy, hot, exotic.”

That’s fine by me.  When doing a forced bi session I would prefer that you believe right to the last second that the girl who’s seduced you is actually a girl.  Then as she pulls down her panties and her dick is in your face, there won’t be all that much resistance from you as I take you by your hair and shove your mouth onto her cock until it’s impaled deep in your throat lol.

So once again here is the poll of the 5 ladyboy’s I’ve searched for whom I feel are the sexiest and most believable.  I’m asking you to pick the one you’d like to do everything for, no matter what surprise awaits you inside her panties 🙂





Thanks !  Enjoy voting?  Want to vote some more?  Then let me know who’s got the sexiest ass , … i spank hard, and i hold grudges.  Take that into consideration before you vote.


Jaa xx

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