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Weight Loss Domination Fact :  My slave hates my guts, while still being in love with me, what a strange dichotomy :).  Yesterday he yelled at me, screamed at me, and then threatened self mutilation with …  – what was it he said – “i’ll beat myself over the head with this fucking door if you don’t let me out of this.” – but that was before he threw himself to the ground and claimed he was going to kill himself instead by cracking his head into my floorboards.

Don’t mind him, he’s on day 24 of his 29 day long weight loss domination session and all I’m doing is abiding by his wishes that our weight loss domination contract not be broken no matter what the consequences.  I specifically told him before he signed the papers for his weight loss domination that the mental torture he’s about to experience will be severe and unimaginable and that as a lifestyle mistress entering into such a commitment with me is life altering.  He claimed he had experiences with other mistresses before as a live in slave and that he could handle such an “adventure” as he called it.  I saw their websites, their photos, their ‘offerings’.  Bullshit.

If you go over my blog story by story as each session unfolded, does it look like I would ever settle for copying the same shit any other mistress does?  No, so why would he think that coming to me with a 1 month 24/7 live-in request asking for … no, begging for weight loss domination … would be anywhere close to what he’s been through before?  In the past I mentioned that the only thing holding me back from letting my imagination truly go to the places it wants to go was space, or the lack of it in the previous place I was holding my sessions.  Now in my new condo, a relatively huge place compared to my digs before, and able to finally live alone, I feel the freedom flowing through me.

I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the dungeon concept.  A pretend room where we go to play an adult game of make believe all decorated in black and red to give the illusion of it being a scary place.  Fuck that.  I understand it though, 99% of the chicks who do this job don’t want it to interfere with their lifestyle of who they really are.  Thus the hidden room to go hide and play for 2 hours and locked away both physically and mentally thereafter.


This condo grants me the ability to take a slave to depths of his imagination – and then beyond.  It’s a place where in every room, at every second, I’m in control of this guy’s life and I’m molding him slowly to how he should look, act, and serve in my eyes.  Right now with him we’re in the how he should look phase.

I told him he’s a slob.  A pudgy and undisciplined fool who thinks he is worthy to serve me looking like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.  When I first read his email requesting weight loss domination and then finally saw him in person I knew this guy would be the perfect candidate to serve me in my spacious condo.  I had previously done weight loss domination with two participants by email with varying results.  Anything to do with weight loss domination has to be personal, both me and the slave have to be closely involved so that I can monitor everything he eats which given the time difference between here and Denmark and Germany subsequently thereafter, meant I’d be getting phone calls at 2am asking me how many peas were allowed for dinner.

Now that this fat dude had sniffled to me that he lacked the required discipline to get thin I knew by having him surrender his life to me he’d be the perfect live in candidate for weight loss weight loss domination purchasedomination.  I just wasn’t sure if I’d take the extreme route or the pleasant route, and having already seen my friend, the original Jaa do weight loss domination with her cuckold I told this pudgy guy rather boldly that if he signed the contract he’d lose 20 kilos in his 45 day vacation with me as my live in slave.  I also told him it would be 45 days of hell, and knowing so, that at the end of the 29th day I’d allow an “out” clause releasing him from the last two weeks of his duty to serve me.


Yesterday he called me a cunt.  We’re 5 days out from his release day, where he can end his weight loss domination contract and things are getting testy.  I’ll be honest with you, I have this nervous anticipation each night when I go home that he will snap mentally and take it out on me.  It’s very rare that anybody has this much control over another human being, and I feel like a mad scientist at times seeing how far one can push another human being with this extreme weight loss domination.

Still, I’m writing this story more for me, because I still believe that on the 29th of this month, he will choose to fulfill the rest of his time with me.  He’s at -16 kilos now, weighing in at 86 almost 87 kilos yesterday, down from 103 when he started his weight loss domination servitude on September 1st.

He no longer has in hweight loss domination fridgeis possession a wallet and no passport either.  Both of which are in my possession.  Credit cards and his atm card he has surrendered to me to use as I please while he is under my control which is even more maddening for him as he has no idea if I’ve gone ahead and charged something outrageous to his visa card.  Hey, a girl has her needs and what is it you guys say in the USA , “never look a gift horse in the mouth?”  My thoughts exactly.

There is no food in my place.  I spent the first 4 days of this month moving all my books in, and then straight after I flew to Turkey for a week and a half before returning and being unbearably busy since getting back last Monday.

If doing weight loss domination seriously, there has to be a total restriction on food,

it’s the only way to entirely reprogram somebody’s way of thinking.

All I’ve put in the fridge is a chunk of tamarind, 3 bottles of water, 1/2 a package of Ovaltine powder, one soy sauce bottle, 1/2 a jar of jam for blood sugar, and a bottle of pure lime juice.  I wanted him to have a feeling of despair every time he opened the fridge.  When you’ve been reduced to sitting on the floor sucking white chocolate powder off your finger you succumb to the hopelessness of the situation.  I’m providing him food, keeping him just barely hanging on to Maslow’s basic level of human needs, but what I’m doing is changing how he approaches food.  Very few people have ever looked at food truly as what it is … a means of survival.

The jam, vanilla juice and hot cocoa powder are there to maintain his blood sugar level.  The tamarind to give him the satisfaction of having something to chew however horrible it tastes.  The lime juice I put for a vitamin C boost and to give him relief from having to taste only water.  What I’ve found very interesting is that on several occasions he has chosen to curl up and sleep on the floor in front of the fridge as if being close to a food source however little it may be gives him more comfort than the marble tiles of the floor offer.  That’s not to say however that he can’t enjoy a Coke or a Beer, that’s up to him how he chooses to spend his survival money.


On the very first day I put 500 baht on the floor of my empty living room in 1 baht coins.  That’s his allowance for the month.  How he spends it is entirely up to him.  Yes he’s free to move around the condo, I’ve given him a set of keys so he can come and leave as he pleases, there’s no cage or force able confinement.  Mistress Wael comes and accompanies him to wherever he wishes to go every day when I hold my sessions, but I’ve told her to turn a deaf ear to any pleas he might have for food or money.

weight loss domination money

The 500 baht in 1 baht coins I gave him to survive the month on.


How do you budget 15 baht a day?  I was most interested to see how he utilized the money.  So often we look at money as a personal luxury item and never as a tool of survival.  I figured, rightly so, that it would take a few days for the seriousness of the situation to present itself to him fully.  It’s a hard thing to change how we perceive money.  I wanted him to have a higher appreciation of currency and a much higher appreciation for the value he attaches to food.  For the most part though, the first three days he was very nonchalant about his survival skills, he was more concerned about how to handle one of the evilest of things in the world : time.

I’ve watched him on video as he checked the entire condo for his documents but they’re being kept safely in a safety deposit box.

There’s no internet, no cable tv, no radio.  He’s welcome to use an internet cafe if that’s how he wants to spend a portion of his 500 baht.

In order for him to completely focus on serving me I had to first introduce him to the concept of boredom.  Deprived of anything else to do, serving me becomes something more than a menial task, it becomes a craving.

So when I’m home and not in session he’s required to serve me as I wish, however those first 3 days i ignored him entirely as if he didn’t even exist.  In fact I made it a point to visit the condo infrequently popping in and out to simply break his monotony of staying there alone.  I’d walk around naked after showering as I would do when I’m by myself and let him soak all that sexiness in for a few moments before abruptly leaving again lol.  Fuck that’s a cruel thing to do, but I wanted the moments I was in the condo at the start to be so memorable for him that it’d increase his anticipation for his next glimpse of me.

Most days I have tried to be nice and not eat in his presence but when he has his outbursts like he did yesterday he’s then leashed so he cannot pounce on my food and as further punishment then required to sit and watch me eat.  I bought Indian food yesterday so the delicious smell would linger in the air long after I had finished my meal.

On occasion like I did last night, but not so often that it’s expected, i’d dip my toes in the Indian curry and hold them up just out of the reach of the end of his chain and make him beg me to suck them.  I want, what I have always wanted actually … is for a slave to not lick my feet because it serves his pleasure, I’ve wanted a slave to suck my foot like his very survival depends upon it and I can tell you quite assuredly that for the past 7 days every lick of his tongue has been done with far greater passion than any of you guys have ever done for me.  Indian Dahl whether he had previously enjoyed it or not suddenly became the best food on the planet when being served as a few drops of sauce mixed in top of my dirty grungy toes.

Last night I sat there in my panties and bra dipping my naan bread into the sauce and smiling at him as I ate it while pulling my panties to the side to let him see my pussy instead.  He glanced at my pussy, and stared longingly at the bread, now that’s when I know I’ve broken a man when I can get his cranial brain to override the brain in his dick.  With only us two in the condo and no other external sound, the roar of his stomach grumbling after he sucked every last bit of juice from my toe was laughably deafening.

And then he cried.  When he did so I lifted up my ass from the couch rolling over to my right and pointed to my ass crack as an option but he shook his head no as he has always done so far.

He knows that of course there’s always the option to eat and drink from me but as to date it hasn’t come to that yet.  I reckon he might give in tomorrow if he doesn’t ration the rice he bought while I was in Istanbul a little bit better as he’s down to 3, possibly 4 meals left.  The mangos I dump in the sink in the morning before I go to sleep are all devoured when I wake up in the afternoon.  That’s my only contribution to his caloric intake, after he’s done with those he’s on his own for the next 24 hours thereafter.

weight loss domination mangos


I was actually quite worried while in Turkey that he’d spend the 500 baht on something superfluous but he did himself well spending 180 of the 500 baht to buy rice and another 80 baht to buy butter, baby onions and garlic.  I’d left him 45 mangoes, leaving him about 5 a day if he rationed well enough for the 10 days I was away.  When Wael went to visit him once daily as I had instructed her to she had found him curled up on the sofa.  I told him to be totally unresponsive to Wael if he wanted to be rewarded.

Each day she’d go to my condo, shower, and having wrapped herself only with the towels I bought she’d sit down on the couch near him and see if he would react.  He completely ignored her each and every day.

What I do gentlemen, and as I’ve written on the home page of this website, is I use femdom to “manipulate the man’s mind so that he’ll do anything I ask him to, without question.”  It started with a simple request to ignore Mistress Wael.  My bet is that somewhere around the 27th, maybe the 28th, and definitely by the 29th, that when I announce as I have every day that I’m going to the washroom he will soon accept my gift willingly.  Something he professed he would never do in his introductory email.  I’m going to cut his mango ration tomorrow from 5 to 2.  He is out of the Ovaltine cocoa powder now and down to his last few bites of the Tamarind.

My shit is going to look very tasty within 48 to 72 hours haha.  I’ll bet you he swallows it like it’s the best damn meal he’s ever eaten.  Fuck I can’t wait, but I have to be patient.

That’s why him calling me ‘cunt’ while he’s crying in frustration doesn’t phase me.  I’m sure he’ll have more vile words than that for me in his final 5 days.

But he will hit 83 kilos.  He will cry when he does, and most likely he will fall to knees and pledge his life to me as his one true goddess.

Or maybe he’ll just leave.  Either way I guarantee it’s the best 1/2 million he’s ever spent in his life, I’ve changed his life.  I’ve changed how he perceives money.  How he perceives food.  He won’t ever need me for weight loss domination again for I’ve taught him much more than discipline, I’ve shown him who he is, what he can endure, and what he can be.

A perfect slave 🙂


jaa xx

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