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I learned mirroring accidentally from a teacher / psychiatric counselor back in prison (read: school) where I was quite a problem for the establishment enshrined with the job of protecting social order.

I’m watching the life of Jaa’s son with eyes of jealousy and awe as he’s grown up in the sanctuary provided by International school , a shelter that I never had.  He’s in grade 7 now , the same grade that my rebellious side really started to expand and annoy people.

So there I was in this counselor guy’s ugly lime green office , called down to discuss my recent threatening behaviour , right about this time – early September which for us was nearing the end of the first semester in grade 7.  The word “threatening” was a culmination of three things I had done , burned my sibling’s clothes , drowned her bicycle in the river and had given Po , a boy in my class, 100 or so lashings after I had tied him to a tree in our school’s backyard.   Yes my seeds of female domination were sewn very early in life.

Anyways, schools here don’t have counselor’s like you guys do , so if you’re seeing one like I was,  it means the guy had been called in from the big city just to see little old me.  Quite a big deal na.  I suppose I was supposed to be fearful of the moment , heh , I was anything but.

I made a point of sitting sideways and putting my feet up on his window sill while leaning back and balancing myself on the wooden chair’s back two legs.



He … sat down in his office chair with wheels and assumed the same position.  He rested his hands on his lap, clasped together much the same mine were and we both waited for each other to break the ice , which none of us did for several minutes.  Later on in life I saw a movie called Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams and Matt Damon met for the first time under similar circumstances and that scene very much reminded me of that meeting with the counselor dude.

I didn’t know at the time it was called mirroring , but I was keenly aware this guy was copying every mannerism of mine.  Ah just to gain a morsel of  trust , faith , a convenient rapport with me , by subconsciously emulating everything I did.

I was thrown out of school the next day after I tied Po to the same tree and whipped him again , so you can see how much effect the mirroring session had on me.

Hey the kid kept teasing me because I looked like a boy back then and I have never been one to let a rude comment go unpunished , so he deserved his whipping as much as I deserved my suspension I suppose.  Well maybe not.  Truth be told , there was a bit of premeditation that second time as I remember walking to school with my friend Jo and together we looked purposefully for a good whipping twitch in the bushes.

Well time marches on and I’m no longer simultaneously the ugly duckling and black swan of an unkempt prison.

The swan in me has bloomed , and that same blackness is now coveted by many men, each throwing themselves at my feet pining for an ounce of my favor.


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Such devotion is welcomed, for it is an action without false pretense.

The attempts at mirroring though , however slight (notice the “xx” at the end , which is how I end every story and email) always go noticed by me.  Mirroring is equally welcomed , I kind of love it when it is the man who resorts to such a highly intellectual slight of hand technique to align himself with his mistress.

Just let it be known that if I put my feet up … I much prefer you to drop instantly to your knees and kiss my toes , rather than have you mimic me.  🙂


” xx ”