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Truth be told, I’m fucking exhausted from writing my Kindle book and have neither the patience nor the mental acuity to construct a properly thought out story at the moment.  I’ve put in back to back ten hour writing sessions and have two chapters done so progress is being made.  It’ll be published by the end of the month.

So instead, I’m just going to write off the top of my head, most of my thoughts will come from emails I answered today – but I’ll have to rewrite them here for the blog so they come across as a more toned down version of what I had to say privately.

So whats first.

It’s a hell of a thing to write a book.  This is about the tenth time I’ve tried but the first time that I’ve just said “fuck it, I’m going to write it from the heart just like I write my blog” and it’s working.  When I go back and read it , it sounds like me instead of me trying to sound like an author , if that makes sense.  Who’s gonna read the 9-10 copies it’ll sell initially, you right?  And I think you’d be a little bit disappointed if it didn’t sound like everything you’ve read to date.  So I’m happy with what I’ve written in that I think it’ll please you.

Hard though.  Hard to write such personal things about me without thinking I’m going to come off like a total bitch.  But that’s who I was I suppose back when I was twenty, the time period that the first two chapters covers.

Hey the database problems the website has been having are all fixed finally.  I got it figured out, and in the end it was what both my host and the theme’s author were telling me all along , that it was the addons that were preventing the upgrade to EasyApache 4.

So now that’s fixed,  I can finally start doing more things behind the scenes like increasing how fast the site loads for you and things like that.  I’m reading up on it , it’s a lot to learn and a bit pricey but it’s fun to make stuff like this a part of my knowledge base.

Yesterday I was thinking after a frustrating twelve hours of reading , just how many other Thai girls know what Content Delivery Networks are , what Pingdom is , and what CornerStone content means.  All stuff I learned yesterday, which made me gloat a little bit and lessened the frustration level considerably.

This all started from a guy I’m chatting with – one of the clueless of who I am guys from my dating stories – telling me that I don’t rank very high for BDSM on Google searches.

Well duh.



Since day 1 I never considered myself a BDSM mistress.  Those letters represent the words Sadism and Masochism, and had I been born a three toed sloth I could count all the sessions on those three toes the number of times I’ve had a session representative of what those words mean.

I do sexy Tease & Denial sessions.  Sessions so sexy it sticks in the mind’s of men for a very long time.  I include Female Domination or FemDom in my sessions upon request , so ya , those are the three words I rank top 3 for in Google.

But he made me reconsider a bit, and perhaps I should make efforts to also get into the top 10 of BDSM results.

So the sharpest of you have noticed the introduction of the word BDSM both on the Home page and in the Menu across the top of the website.

Once I pay for the Snippet addon I’ll feature the word BDSM in the Google snippet.  Then the next bit of work that has to be done is to get the site to load much much faster on mobile devices as well as laptop or desktops.  That’s where my CDN reading will hopefully pay off sometime this week.

Ok so that’s what’s going on behind the scenes.  Dumb Thai girl trying to make herself literate enough about SEO so that I can make my website better myself without paying somebody $40/hour to do it for me.

So, book’s being written, database headache fixed , what else?


Oh ya, I finally – like finally … learned how to link my laptop to my TV so I can watch Netflix on the big screen.  (can you name the movie in the clip above?) Again, it was such a simple fix , but had to put in the time to research what I needed on YouTube and then went out to buy the thingy that was needed , and was happier than a pig in shit when I connected it all and it damn well worked.


One of original Jaa’s most memorable stories and I think I’ve referenced the topic once or twice before as well.  Did you ever stop to think how we both know about Cinderella’s story?

This guy assumes popular English literature is a staple in our schools growing up :


M…[email protected]
4:22 AM (12 hours ago)
to me

Dear ….

Yes, I have read Jaa’s Cinderella as well. But I meant Cinderella (Aschenputtel) written by the Grimm brothers. Please do not tell me you haven’t read it in school. Please!!!


cinderallaI never read Cinderella.  It’s simply not taught here.  Any literature in school originating from outside our borders is harder to find than chocolate covered birdseed.  Remember, the idea here is to graduate as many illiterate and barely functional people as possible.  How else is one going to convince 60 million people in 2018 that working for $8 a day is perfectly fine and accepted by all across the flat earth.


Speaking of 2018 , this little back and forth conversation lifted from my emails is one of the many times I’ve let out how crazy a time period I think this is.  One where we’re on a parabolic curve of technological advancement, but hindered by long since outdated practices that we somehow still adhere to :


“So I put you on the calendar for July 9th or thereabouts.

Life is indeed short , too short.  I’ve basically accomplished nothing yet and here I am 30 years old.

In another 30 years I’ll 60 and looking starkly at the last remaining years left on this planet , and degenerating rapidly.

So really, I have only the next 30 to accomplish everything I need to do.  Scary huh?”


Mistress, Re: your reply below…

Well it is scary when you are young looking forward but actually as you get older it gets easier…especially for those who are aware and are willing to challenge themselves as you seem to do. Many people give up at the crucial point and turn to religion or drugs or any other masks to mental hard work… If they just persisted eventually they would burst through and find it is not so bad and life gets easier every day… As the Alchemist points out “it is about the journey not the destination….”       (Paulo Cloello) The Alchemist.


jaa4u.com | Goddess <[email protected]>
3:20 PM (2 hours ago)
to G

Funny you should say that about turning to religion.

All religion is a joke frankly.  It’s something that will fade away as more centuries pass.  We’re just too damn close to the Renaissance period , two more generations should separate ourselves from that barbaric period and the rituals carried forward from it.

It’s hard to believe that in a time of staring at our electronic devices and letting our cars auto pilot us to work that we still listen to people who dress up like they’re in a Harry Potter movie … and not only listen but believe fully the supposed writings of people who existed several centuries ago.

Don’t get me started on politics.   This hilarious system of governance we have will one day too end.  It’s a funny time we live in.  Trapped by the traditions of the dimwitted past as we embrace technological advances that embolden us.


hermoineIt’s true.

Look at the photo to the left.  I’ll tell you what I see.

I see a chair that’s overly pompous, sort of like the one from Game of Thrones.  One that screams “I, the one who is sitting down in this overly elaborate chair am not only a man of great importance but I clearly recognise my own importance to the point where I’m going to have this multi million dollar chair made just so my ass looks more important sitting in it.”

Then to make myself look more important I’m going to have this very melodramatic hat made , one that is three times taller than the head of any actual human being’s head because that once again puts an exclamation mark on the head of the person wearing such a sill albatross of a thing.

Also, instead of having normal glasses or cups, the table will be adorned with golden goblets, because that also is a fine waste of money all the suckers who believe this bullshit have sent to us.

Oh let’s throw in some sort of strange ceremony too , like we’ll put this pompous hat on a child and scare the ever loving shit out of her by having the hat talk.

Let’s make sure as well that everybody associated with the ceremony wears equally outlandish clothes to further add importance to this shit that it may be one day looked back as historical tradition and thus said crazy clothes must forever be worn during the performing of this ceremony.

Finally, let’s ostracise anyone who dares not to follow along with the witch like ceremony and threaten them with banishment from this invisible magic school that nobody but those invited can attend.

popeonaropeNow look at the photo to the right.

This is what I see from that photo.

Exactly everything I just said above applies to that photo.

Notice the hat.  The goblet.  The fanboy’s who play along wearing similar fancy clothes to appease the man who’s allocated for too much importance to himself by sitting in the Game of Thrones chair.

Don’t forget the ostracism , the heaven and hell shit , just to make sure you comply.   Of course let’s erase that statement the little funny man on the chair said about there not being a hell.

This is how it happens folks, little by little the crazies at the top are going to realise the absurdity of what they do and as their followers dry up they’ll slowly start to admit that what they’ve been preaching is just a hoax.

Oh I’m not talking about fast change, I’m talking about a couple of generations.

Same thing with government.  The days of choosing one person , usually an actor or a charlatan, to lead hundreds of millions of people , only to have said person actually controlled by corporations – will one day too come to an end.  The internet dictates it.  As does our race towards developing frightening AI accelerates.

I was mentioning this to one of you guys who emailed me a couple of days ago.

I asked him, when talking about how fast technology has exploded upon us , “does anyone even remember Research in Motion from Waterloo, Canada and how important their cell phones once were?”

He replied :

May 14 (2 days ago)
to me

Oh, you lived in Canada. Not one in 500 remembers Research in Motion.

Sent from my iPad


No, but I’m very aware of the macro state of things changing around us.  For instance, if you consider that the first time you or I talked on our Iphone to SIRI or to Cortana on Window’s 10 we got a kick out of it.  What was that, a few years ago?

And now … holy shit …


I’ll bet you 90% of you guys watched that and shrugged your shoulders saying something unassuming like “oh, cool.”

That video is not “oh, cool” , that video should hit you across the face just as hard as someone who’s lived all his life underground and comes to the surface one day only to look at the stars and fall to his ass pointing at them screaming “what the fuck are those?”

I hope AI becomes a reality in my lifetime.  I’d love to see a speaking form of AI give an accurate analysis of what our current religion and governance is actually like.

I’ve always been like this.

Questioning everything since school has made me the mistress I am today.  It’s nice that I don’t get in trouble for it now that I’m free of people telling me how I should act and behave.

I reflected back on a conversation – a rather one way conversation – I had long ago in the school administrator’s office, after this guy’s email set off a trip down memory lane for me :


Introduce Yourself : Your name, age, and country :  Darren 57 Canada
What are your interests for your session?  I want to learn from you. your mind is, is, wow
Single or double mistress session?  Session with Jaa
What Length of Session are you interested in?  4+ hour (Be your Mistress’s Submissive Boyfriend), 10,000 baht + Expenses
Pick a Date:  03-06-2018

jaa4u.com | Goddess <[email protected]>
May 13 (3 days ago)
to Darren

Hey Darren, here’s a funny story that your comment recollected.

Back in school, I think it was Grade 12 , my teachers had pretty much had enough of me and wanted me out of the school as soon as possible.  No number of suspensions, beatings, warnings, had deterred my behaviour so in a sort of an intervention they dragged me to the school office where I had to speak with the administrator of the school … a hag of a lady.

She was the type of lady who , if you could wring her like a wet towel, would drip Thai customs and traditions from her nostrils.  She wasn’t just affected by the brain washing soap, she had eaten the whole goddamn bar.

Anyways, she sits me down and after a few minutes of silence where she looked over my incident report sheet , she looks up at me , shakes her head and says “your mind is just … wow” , in Thai … “samong khun baep … oieeeeeeee”

So it’s funny you said that exact same thing years later but in a nicer way.  🙂

Thank you for that , sometimes a simple email like that can make me reflect on how far I’ve come from the solitary and much hated girl I once was.

Of course I’m still hated.  The email just before yours was one describing the many ways I should kill myself lol.  Ying and yang of daily emails 🙂


I wish I could pack up and move with my Mom to Canada.  I’d love to open her mind up to how life could be if we lived in a place accepting of other people regardless of where they were from.

Mostly though, I’d just like her to have proper hospital care without having to pay for it like it’s the most shady back alley business in a run down drug addicted part of town.

I mean, I had to have the stitches from my ankle removed two separate times , and each time they knocked me for 5,000 baht.  What a petty money grab.

My Mom, I’ve had to pay well over 1/4 of a million baht this year alone to keep her healthy eating up a large chunk of my savings in the process.

Shouldn’t health care be free?


If my mom dies and I”m left truly alone on this planet , I think I’m done guys.  I spent nearly another 1/4 of a million last year renovating her home so that it’s safe from the flood waters that had submerged a part of it every year.  It even has some nice modern amenities for her to enjoy and now she lives in a hospital room.

Anyways, I should stop typing, my fingers are cramping up.

Not just from typing, but more so from the tickle session I had last night that was just two hours of sheer tickle torture.  My fingers look like the wicked witch of the west today all cramped up and crooked, just from that session.

You wouldn’t think it, but tickle sessions are one of the hardest to do.

vision success inspiration femdomWhen you hear someone laugh, it’s funny right?

But have you ever sat at a dinner table and had to listen to somebody laugh constantly , so much so that it was so over the top it annoyed you?

Ok well, imagine that feeling escalating and escalating until it sounds like fingernails screeching down a blackboard at school.  That’s how a tickle session sounds in my mind by the last ten minutes.

After he left I loaded up Netflix and watched the scariest damn movie I could find just so I could feel as far away from laughing as possible.  Ended up watching The Witch.  *clap clap by the way for that movie, especially the ending.

Luckily for me I had Thai subtitles to help me through the period dialogue it was set in , which made it truly an amazing of film to watch.

That’s it guys.  You’re up to speed on my current thoughts about things.

Just had my 10pm cancel which leaves my 7pm about to arrive shortly.  Good ol’ trampling session.  Time to set up balloons between his balls and dick and smash away with my high heel shoes on.  Beats whatever you’re doing for your evening doesn’t it?  haha.



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