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As a Mistress  for over 10,000 men , spread throughout the  world , I  have a very unique ability to peek  into the lives of you guys and see how this  Covid Corona Virus is affecting everyone on the most personal of  levels.  Discourse through email has been nothing short  of  fascinating these past two  weeks –  so  much so that it  would make for a fascinating book if I was  able to present  all the dialogue chronologically as this thing developed from a trendy thing  to talk about to a full blown global crisis.

You  all are well  aware by now that I’m motivated to observe and research what makes people ‘tick’ ,  what triggers them exactly.   Then I  take  these macro cases and try to apply my  theories  in  the  most micro way  possible …  through experimentation  in my sessions.

Never in the past 10 years  have  I had more global stimulus to observe and  make sense of than I’ve had in the past month.

And  every time I theorize about how things have  changed and how it will affect us …  I get another  2-3  emails alerting me to even  more dynamic changes … and  it feeds the circle almost endlessly.

So much  so that  I’ve had a  hard time sitting  down and trying to put it down on paper.

Part of that is  because I try ,  for the most  part anyways, to keep this  blog  on  course  – talking mostly about my sessions and  all things related to femdom/bdsm.

And  truly, I  could have  written 100 stories in the past week ,  each  one wilder than the  last one … if I allowed myself to write  about this virus thing exclusively.


So allow me ,  a Mistress armed only with an English studies degree from a Thai University (which is  about as valuable as  2nd  hand  toilet  paper) and a ‘diploma’ in Creative Writing from a lowly college in Sydney ,  …  to spitball a few ideas at the wall and see which theory  ,  if any ,  stick  in your mind as  sumthin’ to chew on.


cheek--kissA paradigm shift  in society is occurring right before  our very eyes.

One  of the things I’ve  enjoyed  about visiting Europe – particularly Switzerland & France is the “faire la bise” or the cheek kiss  …  1-3  pecks on  both cheeks when greeting somebody.  We’re so guarded with our circle of protection here in SE Asia that i’ve found  it nothing short  of  remarkable  that there’s this heartwarming tradition that’s existed for centuries in Europe which breaks down that protective barrier immediately.

And  now ,  in an instant, that time honoured tradition has disappeared.   Probably never to be seen again.

In fact, even worse – as I’m hearing it from you guys  – the  norm is to now nod your  heads to recognize one another  and begin  discourse from a greater distance than ever before.  God forbid our fucking ‘wai’ goes global, I’ll truly shit my pants  if that  happens.

One of my social interaction tricks that I use with you guys is to touch you as soon as possible – subtly – to break down that nervousness or that protective  circle you have built around yourself.

I  do this by not  standing in front of you  , but at right  angles , or beside you –  as we’re much more  inclined to  let  somebody get  close to us if approached from the side.  From  there a simple  hand on the  shoulder or a squeeze of your elbow and  in some cases a full  blown hug sets us at ease.

That’s  all  gone.

I depend more on my smile, and in the  lift going up  to  my condo  here I’m very well aware that we will now naturally take our spots  on opposite sides of the elevator.    Which if you think about it is crazy as in 5 minutes I’m going to have  your rock hard  dick  in my hand as I whisper sweet nuthings in your ear 🙂

One thing that hasn’t changed is the mandatory pre-session shower I invite (re:demand) you take once  in my condo  – except –  I’m  noticing that you guys are taking an exceptionally long  time in the shower lately –  as if to prove “look I can’t  possibly  have any viral microbes on me if I turn my skin into a full body wrinkly prune.”

Seriously , have you given thought to what it’s like going to work on a prune-ated dick?  (if that’s not an official word in the dictionary then well fuck you, it is now)


pig-pythonHere’s another paradigm shift that’s coming ,  that if I’m right,  will affect the world in unimaginable ways.

There’s the mother of all baby booms coming this Christmas.

To help relate as to why I think  this is,  let me umm, fill you in on a rather embarassing story of mine going back to my college days some 13 odd years ago.

I had become such a recluse after I had flown back from Sydney that I had locked myself in my room 24/7 and immersed myself in World of  Warcraft as Thaibeast the killer kitty druid , an exalted member of the Guild ‘Casual” on Mount Hyjal.  Yup, full fucking geek alert.  The only time I’d step out of my world was to bend the knee as original Mistress Jaa’s faithful slave in her double mistress sessions … where I’d do nothing but get between her legs and eat her pussy while she ordered her slave to jack off while sucking her tit.

Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do right?  And it got my foot in the door – not to mention my tongue on a nice clit – and the money allowed me to avoid the world and all sunshine for days on end.

So in what was probably one of this website’s first ever Mistress as a Girlfriend session , I was instructed to take her ‘client’ out on a date and well – be his slave  (heh, go figure) for a couple of  hours before returning to the ‘real’ mistress who would punish him for using me.  It  was her little mind game thing  , but  anyways, the point is that to do so , I had to crawl out of  my gaming  dungeon and particiapte in a normal societal exchange for  a few hours  instead of burying my face between her legs for an  hour.

Easy eh?   Not quite.

So there  we were walking down Sukhumvit looking for a  place to eat – the customer and I – when he naturally began  to make small talk kind of conversation to get things going.   It went something like this:

“So what do you other than working for Jaa?”

“Oh well, I’m an officer in a guild , I farm supplies for  our raids  mostly.”

“By guild , you mean business ,  right?”  he’d say with a frown on his face.

thaibeast“No,  a gaming guild  called  Casual ,  which  is a play on words as we’re  actually a hard core  raiding  guild, I’m the supplies officer.”

“…and what do you do all day, play games?”

“I farm for mats”


“Materials.  Plants, rocks, herbs, and then I turn them into flasks and potions to buff our raid … so you  know …  so we can put down Lady Vashj finally.”

“Lady who?”

“Vashj ,  she’s  the end boss in Serpentine Cavern, we’re having a fucking hard time killing the bitch,  but we’re almost  there.”

“umm,  you don’t get out much ,  do you?”


That last line of  his …  is absolutely  correct, word for word.   It made me realize that my world was so reclused that I could no longer communicate with anybody  in the “outside” world.   To me,  as hard as this may be  to understand for you  , my world existed entirely inside the game  … and the “real” world as you know it  … was just a distraction  that I  had to return to for basic essentials like eating, pissing , and well … eating Jaa’s pussy for  money once or  twice a week.


How  is  this  all relevent to a global paradigm shift you’re wondering?

Well  see,  to a lesser extent ,  but  still significantly so  …  men globally use following sports and ‘their team’ as a crutch  to get  them  through  life just the same  as I  used WoW to get through life a decade ago.

Except, I grew out of that phase of my life.

As of yesterday … the proverbial ‘computer plug’ has been yanked out  of the  wall from men’s lives all around the world  leaving them with absolutely nothing to fill their previously sports filled  evenings.

Nothing but …  their girlfriends and wives!!!

“What the fuck?   I have to  talk to this bitch every night now?”  is what all men around the world are asking  themselves  as they turn around and for the first time  in years are having  to ‘spend an evening’ with their  significant other.

And I ask … what do guys do when forced to pass time  with their girl while  watching Netflix every night?

Two things.   One , spousal  abuse  will skyrocket.

As will fucking.

It’s  one or  the other.

And  “the  other” is going  to cause a baby boom 9 months hence the likes  of which the world  has never seen.

That’s because world population post world war 2  was  only  2 billion  people.  Fuck,  that’s just the size of China nowadays.   We’re talking about 8 billion people fucking on the couch while watching Breaking Bad all over again on Netflix.

Every evening.  For somewhere between 1 to ?  months that men are  without sports to watch.

I’ll  let  your mind  wander as  to  how  that’ll affect food demands, housing demands, diaper demands, natural resource exponential destruction , accelerated global warming ,  etc.

Japan’s government will be clapping their  hands excitedly shouting from  the  rooftops “we  finally found a way to make Japanese people fuck each other again!”


sports withdrawlI know matter of factly that men are going out of their  minds just one day  into their sports withdrawl by the ungodly number of emails I got today asking for an impromptu session this evening.

Fine with me, I can keep guys entertained (if not begging and squirming as well) on my bed for a while  … but if your sports  withdrawl extends into April you’re kinda  fucked for  a month.

That’s  because on  April  6th I’m going in for my breast enlargement surgery  ,  and doctors have already told me to be very still and give my body 3 whole weeks to  heal itself.

So from April 6th to the end of April  , Mistress’s Wael &  Arita will be waging a solo war on keeping men’s dicks at attention  all  by themselves.


The  last  part  of this paradigm shift  in society is what  I call the Societal Wake Up Call.

Our truth has been called into question.   And  that’s  because it’s  a truth  that records not the  real world, but the world as we dream it.

The medium through which we see the world is our phones.

Up until just this month Twitter –  or whatever social  media  platform you  choose  to  envision  had gone through 3 stages of predictable reaction.

The first  was the outlier stage where  people would laugh at either the prognosticators of  doom  regarding Covid or those who were far  too  nonchalant.

Then came the qualification stage , as in  , “you’re  not qualified enough to express  an opinion” – because on social media though ppl hardly  ever confess  to be experts, we’re  all  too  quick to silence anyone who does state an  educated opinion.

Funnily, that stage lasted only 10 or so days, quickly replaced by The Blame Game stage … where  much  like the YouTube comments section,  people  just took to  pointing  fingers and blaming people for the virus’s spread.

All  predictable shit.

We’re  a fucking mess as a society, and filling our  day with trivial agruments in  each of  these  three  stages has  been a way of life  for nearly a  decade  now.

But  then.  Things changed.

Last week for  the first time that I  can remember,  Twitter … the platform I  use the most  … unified itself.

I call it the Call to Action stage.   Or for those who prefer  more  melodrama  in their lives  …  the “holy  fuck the world is going  to end if  we don’t do something  about  this right fucking  now” stage.

Starting about 4 or  5 days  ago my  emails suddenly  but quite noticeably took  on a very serious tone.

For example, small sample size warning but still relevant I think  …  I had 4 emails at the beginning  of  the month where the guy asking to session with me  admitted openly that he felt ‘under the weather’ but was intent on showing up anyways.

Ya, like  fuck  you  are was  my response.

And to a  man, all  four  of  them  were “deeply  disappointed” that I demanded the  session be  postponed  to  a much later date.

Then just this week,  starting Monday, I had 7 cancellations in these last 5 days  from people who were “probably  sick from  the air conditioning being  too  cold  or something” but had no intentions of showing  up  for  the  session and instead openly admitted  without coersion from me  that they  were  going to be  overly cautious  and quarantine themselves.

That’s significant because if  you were in charge  of my emails over the past  decade you’d know that  nobody cancels sessions.  My conversion rate from first session request to actually doing the session is about 95%  and always has been.

Furthermore, the  cancellations I get are fear factor  cancellations.   Guys wimping out  at the last minute  because they can’t deal with  their nerves  as the  session date approaches.   Thus the plethora  of  dead grandmother stories that I have to  endure every year.

I’ve never  had 7 cancellations  in a  week.   Ever.    ‘Til  now.

Which shows that suddenly , starting 7  or so days ago,  both on  Twitter  and in  real life …  there’s  this awareness of  hygiene  and  cleanliness that’s gripped people in a feverish way.


Finally, how  has  this all  affected me?

Frankly, I’m quite terrified to  go  outside.    Not because I’m fearful of contracting the virus ,  but because I was born with  dust allergies  and I’m  prone to sniffle and sneeze  when a gust of wind blows up some dirt.

Like,  you can pretty much count  on the skytrain’s  arrival and  the  gust  of wind  that comes  with  it  to  cause  me to sneeze shortly  thereafter.

Last time I was on  the train was  over a  week  ago … back  in  the  “old days” when people were only mildly concerned about the virus  …  and the  fucking stares I got when I sneezed were murderous.   People ….  normally  shy people  may  I add …  visibly distanced  themselves  from  me like I was  carrying the  bubonic plague on my nose.

So , given that the incubation period of this virus is about 4 days as I learned from this professional …



I’m guessing that this just the early days of people’s panic threshold,  meaning we’re  not  anywhere close  to the mass hysteria that’s about to hit next month.

Want to know what  I envision?

You sneeze in  public next month … well, that could  be a death sentence.

I  have  the  cutest most adorable sneeze one could hope to have been naturally gifted with, and given  that  next month my boobs will  even jiggle when I  let out my innocent little “a-choo” ,  I’d still bet dollars to donuts that I’d still get shot on sight if I sneeze  out in public come  the month of  May.

Dramatic?  Ya , perhaps.  But did anybody 14 days ago think  it  was even a remote possibility that  Italy would be shut down?   That all sports  in the world would all be cancelled  in one  day?

What happens when USA gets their shit together eventually and finally begins to test people?

If you’ve got 90 minutes to  spare, I strongly suggest you listen the epidemiologist on Joe Rogan’s podcast in the video abbove.

He’s the reason I think we’re a stones throw away from this …



How about  a game of  Fuck. Marry. Kill  ?

The three subjects are:

Covid Virus, Thanos , and Zombie Apocolypse.

I’d marry Thanos because if I survived the culling, I’d definitely want to be the wife of the god who destroyed half of all life in the universe.

I’d kill the Corona CoVid virus because it took sports away from men.  Absolutely anything that takes men away from their beloved sports deserves to die.

And I’d fuck the zombie because I can even cut right through the “friends with benefits” fucking  that I’ve adopted since last year.   It’d be fucking in its purest form.


In the end,  I think Italy saved the world.

While Trump was saying the virus was a hoax and that it’s all under control  … and Merkel was predicting 70% of the German population was inevitably going to contract it … the Italians took the lead and shut down their country in an unprescidented  move that will be remembered for all time methinks.

In doing so, they dragged the world to follow by showing them what needed to be  done.

Italians don’t like me very much.  Except for you Dami, not one Italian guy has ever followed through on submitting to me in the  7  years I’ve been a Mistress.

But I may have to  give a freebie fuck to the first one  who shows up at  my door as a token of appreciation for saving us all.


I was so looking forward to fucking a zombie.






Added  Monday March 16th  …


I’m  thinking of  making this a  timeline  ,  and  just adding to  it  whenever something crosses  my mind.   Which it does often as everybody is emailing me exchanging  thoughts.

Today I watched Trump and his “team” basically  high five one  another on  tv patting themselves on  the back  for their course of action.   Know what  it  reminded  me of?

Hurricane Katrina.

When instead of  Trump  it was Bush and his “team” congratulating each other in the exact same location … as 10’s  of  thousands of  people in New Orleans were drowning, being raped , etc  …  a good week and a  bit after the disaster hit.

That day the governer of Louisianna exploded publically at the back slapping show while his people  were  dying en-masse.

Today it was the governer of  Illinois condemming  the 8 hour lineups at Chicago’s airport as people  no doubt were being herded together  like cattle spreading the virus around to one  another.

I got a sense of deja vu.

Then got into a discussion with one of you , basically agreeing that it seems like the country about to drive the 18 wheeler over the cliff is the USA , here’s a cut/paste of my email  back to him ……




“i’m thinking of just adding to  that  story every time i have  a  thought about the virus.    at the very least  it’ll provide an interesting look back at  the timeline as I saw it …many years down the line.

today’s thought comes  from this brilliant page illustrating how the virus spreads under different social distancing scenarios ….


time line

click to englarge

see the  bottom  4  examples at the  bottom of the page?

i added notes  for you  in  the  attachment  that  show my thoughts  about those 4 scenarios.

let  me know if you think i’m  right.

i  don’t think  usa  can /  will ever … get to example 3.

i think there are  too many  uninformed and disinterested people  in  usa.   they will protest for their “rights” if the  gov’t tries to implement martial law …which they  will  have to  to copy  what  China did.

and they  will die because  of their “right to  freedom”

which is  poetic,  isn’t it?   🙂

i think Europe  will get to example 3  quicker than undeveloped countries will.  Europeans on the whole are  infinitely smarter  than  Americans.

Governments  need to eliminate these  words:     “should”  ,  “suggest” , “recommend”   …  when talking about social distancing.    If left to  the people to decide if  they “should”  distance  themselves  … the country that uses such  verbage will see their population  wiped  out.

Global martial  law  fixes this.    Only  that.

Can it  be done in time?

I doubt it.

I  hope not 🙂

But  then again … i’ve been pro  “let  1/2 the world die” for a  while now.  I just didn’t know that the remaining 1/2 would all be North Koreans and the Chinese. ”



59 min ago   All Ohio restaurants and bars ordered to close at 9 p.m. with only carryout and delivery available
From CNN’s Artemis Moshtaghian




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