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Toilet Training my Slaves | Mistress Wael

I got the idea of how to Toilet Train my submissive slaves from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

No …  not throw you into a bathroom of snakes  … that was Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I’m talking about the 3 paths Indiana Jones had to pass to get the Holy Grail.


I thought … I should give my slaves 3 paths to cross to get my Holy Grail.   My poo.

So let’s compare the 3 paths from the movie to my 3 paths …  and  you will see why both tests are the same.


The Penitent Man

The first test should cut out every slave who does not have the right attitude to eat from my ass.

In the temple the first test said “only the penitent man shall pass.”

Or … be humble before God … bend the knee to worship.



I will never book a slave who is crazy about poo and is not penitent about his fetish.

This kind of guy will cover his body and swim in his poo.   Not who I am looking for at all.

I want the man who one time had a young girl sit on his face and laugh at him when he was young and in school.

That kind of guy remembered her laugh  … and remembered the smell of her ass.

And it stick with  him all his life.

Now he is a adult and wants his Mistress … somebody dominant … to take him by his hair and push his face into her ass.  It is his dream to worship the ass of  his Mistress.

To me …  that means he has to worship my ass and anythhing that comes  out  of it.

And I don’t care if he enjoys it or  not.

He must be penitent to me and thank me for letting him worship my ass anyway I want.

A slave like this will be nervous.  But he will be excited at the same time.

He will be silent and pass through all my levels quietly from his knees … like a penitent man should.

Then , in time , he will find his holy grail.


The Word of God(dess)

“Proceed in the footsteps of the word”

Goddess in Latin is : Dea

Three letters  … 3 steps.

In the movie Indiana had to step on each letter to pass to the next letter.

And so must you pass through my 3 steps.

In step one you must show me … with no noise … that you can survive when I facesit on you and my ass smells bad.

That means no licking, no sucking, no kissing my asshole.

I have the same rule for my nipple tease, and my pussy tease.  Only the disciplined man may pass.

I hate femdom videos where the man says “Thank You Mistress”  100 times.  I don’t need you to speak.  If I want you to speak I will tell you to speak.

Be silent and smell.  I  have spoken.



In step two you will show me can swalllow my fart with no complain.

No noise.

No kicking.

No gagging.

Also, this is important because you will learn how to make a seal with your mouth on my asshole.   When I fart I don’t want it to make a noise.   Just go from my ass to your stomach.  Perfect slilence.

Because this is the only way I give you the Holy Grail  …  with a perfect seal of your mouth on my ass.

Let me  ask you something.   When you finish  take  a shit …  is  the shit in the  toilet or all over  the floor?   Exactly.  Learn to be a toilet by swallowing my fart and you can move to the next step.

In step three you will swallow my pee.

Silently.  Thankfully.  With no mess.

And  no gagging!!!!  Seriously,  if you gag on my pee, do you  really  think  you  are ready for  my  poo?

Unfortunately a lot of my slaves fail like the guy you see on my Twitter post.   Like him, many will never graduate to the next level.  And that is ok.

Sometimes  you  think  the session will  be just  like  your fantasy.   That …. is why you fail



You are close to the holy grail.

Let me tell  you  a  secret.   I use the toilet in my bathroom 3  times  a day.   When I flsuh  …  it never throws my poo back  up on the floor.  Never.

To be my perfect toilet slave  …  you too must learn to never gag.

So you must pass my last step … get used to the taste of your dinner.

And don’t lick like a dog.  At Terminal 21 the fancy toilet has a spray that cleans my ass.  I want your tongue to be like that.   Quick and clean.   No noise.

Again … I really hate noise.   I don’t like the slave who makes noise.  Any noise will be punished.  You won’t make a second noise … once you feel the punishment.  That I guarantee.

Some make it this far.  Not everybody.  But some.

They are ready for the final path.


The Path of God(dess)

“Only a leap from the Lion’s Head will he prove his worth”

It’s a leap of faith.

You must believe you can do it.

toilet slave bobbing for applesIn  the movie Indiana could not see the path.  It was invisible.   He had to step into the abyss before he could land on the path.

So forget about any Toilet Training my Slave videos you see online.   I always thought “if you can see the poo, the Mistress is doing it wrong” in the video.

The most boring Toilet Training video I ever saw was original Mistress Jaa.   I have it on my computer.  I watched it over 100 times.   I still never saw evidence of her pooing in his mouth.

She did it so quietly … so quickly … and went back to her Tease & Denial part of the session so fast … it was amazing.  I knew then  … THAT is how my Toilet Training sessions will be like.

A leap of faith.

You won’t see it coming.

You won’t smell it coming.

You won’t feel it coming.

It will just happen.

And then it will happen again … and  again … and again … and  again … and so on.

Because, like Jaa, I break the holy grail of dinners into little chocolate pieces.   I really hope you like eating small chocolates.  You’ll be eating them for 2 hours.


I have done over 100 Toilet Training sessions now.

Not one has made even a little mess.  Not one has made a sound.


Because I design perfect toilets.   🙂


Mistress Wael



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