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Don’t move !

Easy to say.  But a hard thing to make you do.

So with bondage … I make it so you have something to lose if you move …



Makes facesitting so much easier when I tie your balls this way 🙂


one finger tease & denial orgasm femdom bdsm bangkokNow I can make you smell my pussy until you almost pass out.


It also makes my one finger Tease & Denial very easy to do.

Men don’t move much if they risk losing their balls lol.

That’s all I want.

For you to not move for 2 hours.

You can breathe.

You can blink.

You can cry.

Just as long as you don’t move …







He uses a bat.  I use rope.

I think my way is a lot more sexy 🙂


Mistress Wael

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