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When seducing people be they a man or a woman, there is one ingredient that is ten times more powerful than catnip , that when used correctly can cause them to lose their sanity and melt where they sit.

We’re talking about Pussy Juice here , specifically – the juice from my pussy.  The trick is , how to use it in a session and still retain the elusive qualities of a mistress?  Well the one thing I’ve noticed lately is that men absolutely cannot stand it when it’s someone else besides them that makes me wet between my legs , and on a couple of occasions I used that damming feeling to my advantage with great results.  Like a good scientist , I’m here to report to you the findings of my little two experiments , but they come with a caveat, or a disclaimer if you will.

If you think you’re going to order up pussy juice as a menu item for our session , think again Romeo.

Guys you have to remember that if I wrote about every session , this blog would be full of two a day stories describing the exact same tactics used in Tease & Denial, and you’d all be bored Ad Nauseam  on the subject.  So if you could graph all my sessions on a Bell Curve , you’d find that I only write about the rare ones that occur at either end of the spectrum – and that’s because they’re the most fun to write about as to me they were meaningful.  I either did something new , or there was an effect that I had not experienced before and I’m eager to relay that in my writings the next day.  Sadly, there are a great many of you who get terrified of these rare recounts and lose the plot … which is that nearly all of my sessions are about normal seductive Tease & Denial , sessions so soft and romantic that you’d mistake female domination for falling in love.

So with that being said, it’s the rare person indeed who gets to experience a session where my pussy juice is involved , there were two such sessions that happened this week and for the first time in a month I felt motivated enough to sit down and write about it.

The first was with a young twenty four year old English dude named Brett who bravely asked to forego dinner in our four hours together in lieu of taking me out dancing after I had given him a serious case of blue balls in his session.  When your balls hurt so much that you can’t walk straight , that means you’ve intrigued me enough to embark on a journey that is much deeper than an explosive happy ending.  Brett , you’re not that cute dude , I took you dancing not for your looks but for your strange insistence that we not include Mistress Wael in our session because anything with the potential of lesbian action was a strict turn off for you.

You asked me if I knew beforehand if I was going to tease you in the way I did on the dance floor and the answer is , yes – of course … I just didn’t know with who.

juice pussy femdom bdsm We ran into one of my long lost girlfriend’s there,  she’s the one with the gaping mouth in the photo as she looks at what I’m doing to her girlfriend , and that was the tonic I needed to make the evening perfect.  I could instantly feel Brett withdraw like a turtle into it’s shell once the evening became less about him and more about me hooking up with my estranged gf Sky and her buddy.  As much as the kid loves one on one encounters with his Mistress , he’s equally taken back once a second pussy is introduced into the mix , or in this case, three pussies in total.

So while the four of us were seated just off stage I turned to him and whispered into Brett’s ear, “I’m going to make one of these two girls cum right at this table , you tell me which one you want to see squirt” and then I bit the same ear I was whispering into just to send that needed shiver down his neck.

He bit his upper lip for a moment , not necessarily from indecision but more so from the boldness of my statement.  Then he glanced over at my two friends and flicked his eye over at Rose having made his selection.  Now Rose wasn’t Thai , she was from a place called the Faroe Islands which admittedly I had to look up when I got back home that night having never heard of it.  She had pretty blonde hair and a shapely physique , but god it was her shyness that turned me on something fierce.  She hadn’t said a word to me after I was introduced , but she kept looking at me with these glances she thought went unnoticed.

Note:  I notice everything when I’m out.  It’s one of my traits, I’m just keenly aware of the tiniest hints people are throwing off , I guess it’s what makes me a great people reader.

I had an inkling then that she’d be open to any playful advance and by that time in the evening we were all tipsy so the social lubricant was running just as amok as was the lubricant running down my leg when I stood up and walked over to her.  Our little ledge which was serving as the table for us and our drinks was off in the back corner of the club and thus was a shade darker and more private than anywhere else.  I placed my phone in Brett’s hand and told him to take a photo if he sees anything that pleases him.  His jaw was just as slack as Sky’s when I began dancing in front of Rose in the sexiest way I could move my body.

She pretended to laugh , a disguise for her true emotion which was one of curiosity and if I was guessing right … a hint of lust.

There’s a certain boldness about me that comes with having seduced over 10,000 men over the past half decade.  People are as equally perplexed by it as they are sexually turned on.  There’s an Alpha Female inside of me that very few women have.  Oh perhaps the fake business woman has it , a personna she has had to develop at the work place to compete with men , but that’s a survivalist personality at best , whereas I’m the fucking queen of the jungle with how brazen I am around people.

I stepped over Rose’s leg so that it was between mine and as I shook my ass in front of her I dipped lower and lower in my grind so that her leg slid higher and higher up my crotch.  I never took my eye off hers as my fingers felt for the lining of my panties and slid them down my leg.  Gracefully I stepped out of them and tossed them over to Brett to hold for me as I went in for the kill.  My hands started at her cheeks and caressed her breasts as they passed lower towards her waist to rest daintily at her thighs.  I sat down ever so lightly on her leg and lifted off as I leaned in for my first kiss on her surprised but puckered lips.

Then I turned to Brett as I wiped my finger on her leg and held it up for him to see.

“What?” he said as he leaned in to ask.

“Lick” I replied, and I tilted my finger toward his mouth.  His eyes lit up when his taste buds got a whiff of the unmistakable taste of pussy juice on his tongue.

“He likes my juice” I said turning back to Rose.  She was busy watching the path of my wet finger as it went from his mouth to down between her legs and a quick second later found itself in and up around the inside of her clit.  Before she could resist or react I plunged my tongue into her mouth and I could feel her panting for air as my finger pressed hard and furious against her g spot.  Maybe I’m wrong , but I don’t think the girl had ever had someone find her g spot the way I did.  She was shuddering in my mouth for the whole minute and I pulled back off her lips with mine to look her in the eye … just to see them roll back as she bucked with her pelvis on my leg and then … whoosh … a gush of her cum splashed down her leg and onto mine while both Brett and Sky looked on in disbelief.

“Oh my fucking god” said Rose as her head stopped spinning long enough to look at the mess down her thigh.

“Brett” i said,  calling him over like an obedient dog.  “Show her to the washroom , and then take care of your cock before you come back.”

“Cock?  Why?” he blurted.

pussy juiceI grabbed his bulge and his balls with my dry cupped hand and smeared his face with my soaking wet one.  “Because when you lick your lips and think of what you just saw in the bathroom stall , you’re going to spew your spunk all over your hand … which is fine, bring it back unwashed so I can see it.”

“Really?” he asked in disbelief while licking his face with his outstretched tongue.

“Ya .. really … slave boy , now go do it before your balls explode.”  I laughed.

Would have been a perfect ending to the whole event had it ended right at that second but he sort of ruined it by starting to bleep out “yes mistress” but I caught what he was saying mid speech and stopped him abruptly with a cracking slap across his face.  It bugs me that men say “yes mistress” because it makes them feel better about their role and I hate anything and everything that gives a man dominion over his self satisfaction.  That slap confused the fuck out of the two girls and when the stupid fucker almost said the fucking words again I smacked his balls with an uppercut.  Like , take the fucking hint the first time Brett.  If someone slaps you that hard across the face … here’s a hint and a half for your ass … it’s not because she’s role playing with you.  The guy almost lets the cat out of the bag about what I do for a living and that could have been catastrophic.

Luckily I sort of explained it away with the typical “he’s being an asshole” which may or may not have worked , but point is, it destroyed the charisma of that moment between her and I .. it was something I wanted to savor but idiot boy fucking ruined it.   That’s fine, next session his balls are being introduced to my wooden flogger.  If I must , I’ll beat intelligence into my slaves , because with most of them it sure as fuck doesn’t come naturally.

So ya, that’s how my pussy juice got used in the first instance.  The second , quite a bit more prolonged.

If you don’t already know from previous blogs , I’m terribly attracted to Chris Hemmsworth the actor , you might know him better as Thor from The Avengers.  Of all guys in the world I want to be fucked silly by , he’s at the top of the list.  If I ever saw the guy I’d stride up to him , grab him by his tie and with a yank I’d order him to fuck me like a whore.

Remember boys when you were back in grade school and your dick would get rock hard as you stood in the playground rubbing trading cards of Charlie’s Angels against your pants?  Well that’s how I feel about Chris , and I specifically go to see  Avenger movies just to get moist between my legs.  Then I go home and scratch the hell out of my pussy imagining him fucking me.  Probably more info than you need to know ; that’s what you’re thinking right?  Well you do need to know that because I used that wetness in one of my last sessions.

Pray tell you say?

Well I got this dude who was asking for a session to take me to the movies recently and not wanting to say no to his mistress he obliged like a good little pet.  Ya sure he was missing out on his session in the bedroom but by saying yes he was gambling that I had something planned for him other than a free afternoon at the movies.  Key word there is afternoon.  No way I’d do what I did in the evening as the place is packed and I’d be front page headline material for sure.

But a 3pm showing in the afternoon at the newly built EmQuartier theaters has a movie theater all to one’s self as there’s nary a soul in the room.  It’s like having the whole place to yourself and it’s often ruined by going alone which I always do as I like to actually bad-talk movies as they’re playing , finding the comedy in the scenes where none was intended.  To escape the loneliness of sitting alone I often choose the closer Terminal 21 movie theaters so I can have some company in the form of strangers , but that particular afternoon I needed the chance to be alone with my slave boy.

There we were watching the movie in silence as I paid no attention to my quite handsome looking date for the afternoon , and I was guessing that like a starved mouse , he’d eat up any scrap of attention thrown his way.

Truth be told, I wasn’t watching the movie so much as I was imagining me inhaling Chris’s dick balls deep every time he was on screen.  When I couldn’t take it anymore my left hand slapped down on this guy’s right and I yanked it down between my legs where the heat was the temperature of a furnace.

“Lick my juice.”

“What? Seriously?”  Boys, here’s another hint an a half for your ass :  when a girl demands you lick her pussy juice from her fingers , don’t fucking hesitate as offers like that come around as often as Haley’s comet does.  Just stick your fingers in your mouth and suck.

His fingers lapped up most of the wetness outside of my panties and he sat there sucking on his digits for the better part of a minute.  Then he looked at me with that oh so fantastic “so what the fuck do I do with this moment” clueless look on his face.   I love those moments when the girl has taken so much control over the moment that the guy has absolutely nothing in his database of experiences to compare it to.  Dumbfounding men is what I do best.



“I want that guy to fuck me right here , right now in this theater.” I said straight faced.

“You want to fuck me right now?” he said all confused.

“Not you idiot, him” and I pointed at Chris on the screen.  “You can’t make me wet like this , can you?”

Not only did I simultaneously cuckold the guy and lock him in the friends zone for life , but I also challenged his manliness.

“I can if you let me.”

Then I let all the air out of his bag by saying “Look at your cock , it’s rock hard from feeling me get wet by another man, why would I let a guy like that make me wet?”

No answer.

“Touch me again” and I opened my legs a bit to show him where exactly.  This time , like a doggy being made to sniff his own poo because he missed the litter box , he dipped his hand around my pussy and came up with wetness again.

“Eat your popcorn with that hand now, it’s the closest you’ll get to eating me.” I laughed.

I have an evil laugh.  Those of you on my email list got sent the recent video of that laugh in my spanking video.  The one on Twitter I had to edit out my laugh , sadly , but the responses all week have been the same .. “such an evil laugh you have …..”

It’s true.  I get off on making guys rock hard with no immediate chance of relief.

Like I said at the beginning , guys have a secret love hate relationship with the feeling of a girl they covet getting wet over someone else other than themselves.  They outwardly hate it , but secretly , deep inside, they are turned on by it like nothing else in the world.

It’s just juice boys.  Catnip on acid.

And I use it to drive you mad.  Cheers !




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