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How My True Tease & Denial Statement Should Read


“You will meet me.  You will fall deep into love with me, and I will use that emotional weakness to seduce you to the point where you will forget what your safe word even was to begin with.  A foolish thing to do , because the pain I am looking to extract from you will come from your heart , and a slave smitten by his mistress is the most malleable human form of all.   After our session you’ll begin to miss me.  You’ll begin to crave me, and there begins your fall into the rabbit hole, an endless submissive experience where I will extract amounts of devotion out of you that you never thought possible.  You’ll forget your wife.  You’ll forget your girlfriend.  Your life will become an obsession over me for after all I am single , I am beyond beautiful, and in your eyes I am perfection.  Your thirst for having me all for yourself will be an insatiable one, and it will drive you to tears or insanity for we obsess over things we cannot have.”




See that’s what I should have on my front page. in a big red warning box like that.   Instead, you can see I have written :  “With me, you’ll use your safe word when you surpass the limit of your pleasure, not the limit of your pain.  My style is far different than any other FemDom Mistress, for I prefer to control a man’s desires, dominate his mind, play with his emotions, and through seduction – coerce you to do things for me that you never thought you’d want to do.”

Which suffices , because if I had the block quote there instead it would seem a little over the top at first glance.  But make no mistake, the block quote is exactly what will happen to your life if you do indeed choose to meet me.  That’s some pretty bold shit to say isn’t it?  Well there’s two ways to look at such a brazen statement.  The mistress writing it is either full of herself , or … even more scary … what she has written has been done so without exaggeration and what we have here is a true Alice in Wonderland experience where you will find just how deep the rabbit hole goes once I’ve gotten into your mind.

What any other mistress should have there on the first page as the first thing you read is a disclaimer.  One saying that you will truly fuck up your life if you book a session with said mistress.  You’ll fuck up your marriage, you’ll lose your girlfriend, you’ll lose your money , and eventually you’ll lose your mind.  Because if there truly is such a rabbit hole to fall into , and indeed it is an abyss of depth , will your mistress be there to catch you when you hit bottom?  Or will she scavenge your remains after you’ve crashed?

Again though, such a thing would be laughed off , so why bother.

nude mistress jaa femdom bdsm bangkok I think what it is … is that there is so much bullshit out there in the world.  Like would you agree with me that 99% of people you meet are peddling something for their own self interest?  Everybody’s got some bullshit to sell.  Which makes sense because let’s think back to our school days shall we?  I want you to go back to Grade 12 in your mind and once you’ve vaguely pictured everybody that was in your graduating year I want you to come up with a number.  That number will be the quantity of people in your graduating school year that you truly thought had a shot at being successful.  I’ll bet that number can be counted on one hand, correct?  Truth is , most of you fucked up in school , stumbled into a job you unwillingly accepted to do , and have since needed to peddle bullshit about yourselves just to barely climb out of mediocrity.

So when you come across someone like me who long ago as a teenager broke free of this groupthink society , went on to establish her own business which is by far the most successful of its kind in all of Asia , and has studied book after book on understanding how to control and influence people … well it’s a bit of a shock isn’t it?  You sniff around the website at first looking for the bullshit.  Where’s the ads?  Where’s the linkshare page?  Gotta be there somewhere right?  There has to be bullshit you tell yourself , because that’s what everybody peddles.

Then you start to think “well she’s got no ads, no side business … just this extraordinary blog about her life and experiences, hmmm.”

How do I know about that line of thinking?  I did it myself.  Way back when , after I was engaged in some pillow talk with my lover at the time , he looked into my eye and told me “you’d be a wonderful mistress, probably even better than Jaa” someone he promised to put me in touch with after I got him to tell me just who and how seductive she was.  Days later I found this crudely written email in my inbox sent to me by Jaa with a link to this website … as it looked back in the day … and I started probing around myself looking for the bullshit.

Lou, the guy I was with at the time had told me stories about his rich Mistress about to retire because she had been gifted an enormous house and I immediately called bullshit on that because … who the fuck gifts somebody with a house ?  Like , come on , let’s be real.

Little did I know.

I didn’t know because …  before you guys can fall down your rabbit hole , I had to fall down mine.  I had to see for myself just how powerful mind fucking a guy is when done properly.  Properly means :  without the slightest regard for the man’s well being , be it emotionally , financially, or other.

‘You have to be totally ok with ruining a man’s life” my friend and original mistress of this site Jaa said one day after a session together.  “Uh huh” I replied , secretly calling bullshit on that line as well.

“You don’t believe me” she continued, “you will.  One day you will see for yourself just how far a man will go for his mistress , and it will scare you to death.”

“Why will it scare me?”

“Because you will eventually, at one point, hold a man’s life in your hand, and just like a king orders someone to be beheaded with the nod of his head , you will have to choose whether to nod yours or not.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever hold a man’s life in my hand” I laughed.

“You’re right” she said as she put her hand on my shoulder , “you won’t hold just a man’s life , you’ll hold many, and that’s what will make you quit being a mistress or will consume you.”


tease & denial letter





Did you read that?  Please do so, and look for the line “seared onto my memory.”

“The feminine epitome of worship – and I feel like it’s gonna stay with me for a long time.”

I am indeed that , an epitome of what a mistress should be.

What you need to read carefully , perhaps re read it if you must , is the section where he talks about being overwhelmed with an urge to pleasure me.  He talks about massages, kissing, licking the basic initial reactions of a man falling in love with his mistress but it becomes far more than that eventually.  If he’s wise he will back off and let time aid him in forgetting me, but he won’t.

How often do you meet a girl equally beautiful and genuine that it sweeps you immediately off your feet , and then ask yourself , how often have you had such a woman seduce you to the point where every cell in your loins aches for her love and attention?

You’d do anything to keep that girls attention on you , yes?

A lot of what I’ve been doing the past month is passing all this knowledge over to Mistress Wael as she will be taking over the Asia operations as I move on to expand the business in Europe come April.  Yesterday she popped over to my condo to pick up the spiked chastity device and the heavy duty purple strap on harness on the way to her session just down the street.

“I’m hungry” she said as she scourged around our BDSM room looking for the toys.

indian dinner with slave furniture“So call him and tell him to have dinner ready for you when you arrive in 40 minutes.” I said sternly.  It was her third session with her pleasant Indian slave and by that time , if she’s doing her Mistress role properly , the man will be beyond repair and unable to say no.

She looked at me as she always does with eyes of trust , I love that about her.  There’s no questioning anything I say , she simply listens and applies no matter how outrageous the statement I just said was.

You know that saying mom’s and dad’s use on their kids ; “well if Jimmy told you to jump off a cliff , would you do that too?”

The answer in this case is , “yes,  I would do anything my mistress asks of me.”

So here’s the picture  showing you just how that simple request turned out in her session.

That’s that overwhelming urge to pleasure and please the mistress at work , no request can be denied.

As nice as a good Indian dinner is though , that’s hardly having somebody’s life in one’s hands right?  No.  But it’s part of the process , another set of tumbles down the rabbit hole which will lead to that man wanting to discard everything in his life to be at his mistress’s side as much as possible.  It’s at that point , where you can ask for a house and receive it.  Don’t believe me?  I’m straddling you with your cock between my legs and you can see your leaking cock head mere millimeters from the pinkness of my pussy , the only last thing on earth you want to experience but you think your mistress will never give you the permission to plunge inside.  Why would she?  Every time she has had you in this very precarious situation she tilts her head back and laughs as her hand lets go the moment you pass the moment of no return and your cum leaks out in yet another failed orgasm.  Time and time again I’ve brought you to the brink of insanity as we two sit drenched in sweat from two hours of hot foreplay where you almost touched my lips, you almost kissed my breast , you almost dove your tongue into my pussy ; but in all cases were denied just at the last possible moment.  You ask yourself over and over , what do you have to do to make me give in and give you the pleasure you desperately seek?

You swear your love to me, you buy me gifts every time I demand and even when I don’t.  You’ve shown up at our session every time with a bottle of wine and we’ve sat on my couch here getting tipsy to the point where there’s this uncomfortable silence between us as the room spins – and then I slide up to you , my lips an inch from yours and I look you in the eye with a look as powerful as if I owned the world , and in that moment you think it’s going to happen … but I flip over on to my back instead and rest myself upon your pulsing cock letting you peer a little bit down my half see through negligee.

wet pussy mistress jaa bdsm femdom thailandBack home you go , perhaps gifted with an orgasm , perhaps not.  You never know.  You try to go home and slide into bed with your significant other but as you hold her thoughts of me dance through your head as you drift happily off to sleep.  Then you wake up in a cold sweat and your cock is so hard you’re sure it’s going to drill a hole in your wife’s backside.  So you pull back away from her and play with your cock where once again you see my tiny but perfect shaved pink pussy hovering above your pulsing head as my pussy juice drops down to dance with your pre cum.  At that moment you know I’m the only one in the world you want to fuck , the rest of your life would be meaningless if you never got to experience what its like to be inside me.  You start imagining all the stories I’ve told you at our dinner sessions of how only a few special guys have made me squirt , and when I do it’s thunderous.  Oh how you long to be the next guy that brings me to that special climax.

After moments of desperation the next morning waiting for your missus to leave for work finally you are alone and you rush to your computer to send me an email.  You’re hoping for a quick reply like always but I don’t answer you this time , so you pass excruciatingly slow minutes by looking at our hundreds of email threads reminiscing about how your fall into Wonderland began.  Your heart leaps off onto the table when you see my name pop up in your inbox and you feverishly click to see what my morning reply is to my one special slave.

You read, unbelievably at what I’ve sent you.  Instantly your heart begins to palpitate and you clutch for it , holding it as if a dagger has been stabbed through.  Beads of sweat instantly appear on your brow and your hands begin to shake with either fear or rage, you’re not sure which.

“South Africa?”, you shake your head to clear the fog, “she’s in South Africa?”  Then the damming question rings through your head like a Sunday church bell’s chimes ,  “with who?”

As your heart searches for the meaning of time , seconds are distorted into hours, you feel you’ve paced around the house a hundred times but in truth only a minute has passed , giving you a desperate glimpse into how slowly time will now pass until my return a month hence.  An eternity , a veritable lifetime , a chasm of time that’s truly uncross able.  With tears in your eyes , tears of madness you sit down again to read the note I’ve sent you and as you confirm your worst fears you damn the slave I’m with over there to hell.  What am I doing with him?  Do I love him?  How much did he pay for a month of my time?  Will I marry him?  Will I be lost to him forever? Questions upon questions without answers drive you mad.

‘It’s not possible’ you reason with yourself.  Just yesterday your dick was virtually inside my pussy , just a millimeter more and … and … and fuck , now somebody else’s dick is going to be that close for the next month?  Or ? or … or inside , is that possible?  Is it possible he has the key that unlocks his mistress’s heart and not you?  But you’re married !!  You curse your wife, you curse her name, you curse the day you met.  Fuck why didn’t you wait for me , why didn’t you know back then that this perfect mistress would soon walk into your life.

She’s single , and hot , and sexy , and seductive, and and and … fuck property of someone else now for sure.  Fuck that man you say , and you promise to kill him in any number of torturous ways.  Why couldn’t that be you?  Fuck your mistress, she’s just playing games with you.  You’re a fool are you not?  These questions haunt you , they consume you until ….

Until you re read the letter for the third time and you suddenly see something at the bottom you somehow missed the first two times.

You frantically grasp at your spectacles laying to the right of the laptop so the words are clear , oh and clear they are , holy shit … but what does that mean … “ps : don’t fuck your wife until I get back , you can fuck me instead.”

Like a reformed drunk at an AA meeting you swear off her forever , you’ll never touch the bitch again , may her pussy rot in hell !

What?  There’s more … written in subscript “pps : i need the rest of my house paid for when I get back.”

Suddenly money is no object.  For one fuck can lead to love , can lead to a full time mistress lover and who on earth has that sort of privilege ?  Ten people , ten maybe tops.  The very thing that every slave too deep in love wants is to surrender his life for his one true Mistress who loves him.  Case in point , see email below …


slave full time application femdom bdsm




For a fleeting second your brain makes the argument from the words “rest of my house” that there may be more than one man paying for said house , but you dismiss it as nonsense.  It’s your cock that I want inside me , not someone else’s , even if I am with another man for a month on the other side of the world being paid a queen’s ransom every day for my time sleeping in 5 star romantic bed & breakfasts paid for by him … the stranger.  You pinch your bottom lip for a second pondering all the lack of morals that could be going on in this sudden love triangle , or slave triangle,  or what name would one truly give to this mess you’re in?  But you just as quickly dismiss that notion too.  After all , there’s nobody alive that would leverage a man’s heart to that selfish degree , is there?

The day of my arrival draws near as quickly as a snail inches its way to the horizon , but you pass the time hastening the preparations for the most romantic day of your life.  You contemplate hiring a limousine to pick me at the airport with as you stand in the passenger lounge with 2 dozen red roses in hand and a bottle of my favorite perfume in the other.  No not perfume, Dom Perignon – yes this occasion calls for only the best champagne.  Then you measure out the two hours caught in traffic between the airport and the hotel and your cock says ‘fuck that , book a room at the airport hotel so you can be fucking your mistress inside of five minutes after greeting her from the plane.’

Come the day you’re standing there in the passenger lounge, not with a bouquet of flowers, not with a bottle of perfume, and nor do you have a bottle of corked champagne.  Instead you have a rock hard cock and a bank draft for 2 million baht along with a big … fat … stupid … smile.

proof in the puddingAs I’m held up against the bedroom wall minutes later I first recall , and then laugh that I hadn’t even cleaned the cum out from the last cock  that fucked me just before I boarded the plane in Africa … just as this cock slides inside me with a hellishly loud groan.  I call it the 2 million baht groan , but its not a big thing to me , after all … I had just heard the same sound a few hours earlier.  The best thing about that kind of fuck is?  It lasts two minutes , at a cost of about 100,000 per plunge into my cunt.

Well not my cunt.

But it could be mine, if I so chose.  I choose not to though.  As I explained to the gentleman above seeking a total financially ruining commitment to Mistress Wael and myself , he’ll destroy himself emotionally and financially if he makes the full time cuckold jump with a mistress who is in it for just the money.

The hardest part of being a mistress lately has been to guide these guys down off the ledge after I’ve brought them to the brink.

I could have not one house but fifty right now if I so wanted.  I could have had either a harem of full time slaves who discarded their lives to serve me and pay me with all their salaries , or I could have entertained one at a time for a few months taking the 1.5 million down payment for such a service … before kicking them out without recourse of action.  That letter above?   I have hundreds just like it , mostly from guys who have fallen too far down the rabbit hole with me and become financially suicidal with their addiction.

You’ll notice on my Twitter that I long ago stopped throwing my hat into the ring of Financial Domination.  I can’t do it , I can’t discard the moral responsibility I have for the heart of a man who’s fallen for the games I play.  Because that’s what they are , just games.  I play a dangerous game of seduction and mind fuckery , and I play it so well that it blurs the line between fantasy and reality.  It’s immeasurably pleasureful for you , until it becomes an addiction, and in most cases it does become an addiction.

Again, from my first page :  “With me, you’ll use your safe word when you surpass the limit of your pleasure, not the limit of your pain.”

I lied.

You won’t use your safe word, because you’ll want to see just how far the rabbit hole goes with you and I.  But that’s fine.

I’ll be there to catch you on the other end.  I promise.



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