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“The ways and rituals of testicular sacrifice are difficult to master. The timing of the stomps is imperative. Without the proper cadence at precise intervals, the process can fail spectaularly.”

I actually had a session today.   First time in forever.  He was asking for testicle torture.  Instead I gave him testicular sacrifice.

I borrowed the idea from the movie JigSaw I watched last night on Netflix.

testicular-sacrifice-450After the movie I thought “I don’t want to just kick and hurt his balls”  …  instead  …  “I want to play a game.”

Because I didn’t do a session  in so  long I wanted to do something amazing and fun.

Now I know your head mistress uses hot massage balm for some of her sessions … but I asked myself “what if?”

Like … “what if I add this … and this …  what would happen to my slave?”

And by accident I found a perfect testicle sacrifice session  …  very complicated trap just like the Saw movies.


In every Saw movie after the tape recorder machine says ‘I want to play a game’  he tells the person why he / she will be tortured.

I wanted to explain to my slave why he was being punished … and like the Saw games … what he had to suffer for me to let him cum.

My English sucks so I fuck up when I try to explain to  him … but now I have time I  can write what I will practice to say  for the next  time I do this same session  …


“For many years , slave , you called girls you liked “hot.”

“But do you really know what hot is?”

“Today I will teach you what is “hot”

“And if you can survive understanding ‘hot’  , then on other side I will let you cum.”

“But if you move, if you cry ,  if you make even one sound , I will ‘cool’ you down, and you don’t get to cum into my ‘hot’ hand.

“Live or cry slave, let the game begin.”


First I tied him standing up to my bathroom door.

His hands over his head.   His feet spread.   No clothes on.

Massage hot balm  … we call it Yaa Mong … it activate from rubbing.   The more you rub …  the harder you rub  … the hotter the balm gets.

So it feels nice when I first massage your balls with it.   And you get hard.  Very hard.

But I keep pulling ,  rubbing , stretching the skin of  your balls.  And slowly your balls are on fire.


“Keep your cock hard” I told him.  “Don’t let it soft” I said.  “This is not hot yet.  This is warm only.”

True because I wanted to play “what if” like I told you.

I also have Uniren Spray for sore muscles to stop the pain.  It feels cold at first touch … and gets hot like the balm when I rub.

Only …  when I mix Uniren Spray with Hot Massage Balm = Volcano Fire.   Very very hard for you to focus on staying hard …  so I really have to stroke his cock hard.

He moved so much and yelled so loud.   Big no no.

No  sound means no sound.    Means  you will not get an orgasm if I have to warn you again.   I told him that.

I put my awful panties wet from my period in his mouth to stop him from moaning.  He didn’t care.  His balls hurt so so much to care about pussy blood in his mouth.

Now.   You would think when your balls are on fire  … that you would want to cool them down, yes?




I have cold gel pack from Jiu Jitsu still in my freezer.

I don’t understand why exactly … but I can tell  you that when I press my ice cold gel pack to his volcano balls  … the pain gets much much much worse.

Unfortunately for my slave today ,  he moved again to get away from the cold gel.   So no orgasm for him.   Just longer ‘teasing’  with a lot more gel to teach him to be quiet.

I like my slaves to be quiet.  One because I live in a condo with  thin  walls.    Two because it  is  fun to  see men suffer from being quiet.   The more you can’t do something  …  the better I like it.


mistress-wael-ballbustingIt should have been a 2 hour session.   He asked for a 2 hour session with serious ballbusting.  He said “he could take anything.”

“Anything” does not include my Testicle Sacrifice technique.  He knows that now.   But he quit after only 35 minutes.  🙁

So sad.  How about you?   Can somebody survive 1 hour  of  my  new  technique?  Or 2 hours?   I want to know.   I really want to know.

Because I did not get to see

a) how hard it is to keep him hard after ice gel part of the session.

b) how big or small the orgasm will be

c) if a man really can be so strong so he doesn’t move and doesn’t make a sound in this style of session.


So,  hopefully soon you can make it to Bangkok.  And when you do , let me ask you….

Do you want to play a game?


Mistress Wael


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