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My birthday is August 15th.

So far I survived 5 months of covid with only 1 femdom session.

I survived because my tiny perfume business sells 2-3 bottles a day.  Enough for food , enough to pay for my condo, and enough to keep my 2 daughters in school.

I wonder if  for my birthday my followers can help me grow my perfume business to be a little bit bigger.

My goal is to grow my inventory to 30 different fragrances with testers for each bottle.   15 perfumes and 15 cologne.

For 3 months I tried to sell at very small night markets , but I know I need to sell at a better place.  To do that I need to have more product to sell.   Also I need a good display and little things like price tags and business cards.

With no femdom sessions it is very very hard to survive and not possible to invest in more product.

wael perfume-business


My idea is to use my GoFundMe page this year so I can use real money and not gift cards to help my business.   Because I think covid will keep my country from allowing tourism until next year.

I don’t need a lot.   $1,000 would be enough.

With that much I can

a) have 30 products to sell with testers.

b) have a display table made so i don’t have to sell from the floor

c) pay the 1 month rent for a space in a nicer market

d) pay for the storage so I don’t have to pay for a taxi to carry my perfume suitcases there and back every day.




My goal is to increase sales to 5-6 bottles of  perfume a day to start and then I hope up to 10+ bottles a day.

My profit / bottle is 250-75  =  175 baht.    x  5  bottles/day = 875 baht sales.

875 baht – 375 space rental = 500 baht profit.


Yes it is not a lot.   But I can live on 500 baht/day until I can grow my business to the next level.   For sure I think I  can survive this covid shutdown.

Right now if I sell 2 bottles a day I make 350 but I have to pay 100 for the taxi and 100 for rent the space.  So I am trying for 1/2 year now to help me and my family survive on 150 baht/day.   $5/day in your money.

Very very hard to do.




I turn 40 on August 15th.  I’m excited 🙂

With exercise and lifting my kettlebell I am down to 58kg now.   When covid started in March I was 65kg.

I look at this year  …  a very hard year … like it  is a challenge to me.  Learning how to fight and survive and keep my family alive and my daughters in school is making me stronger.

But I miss all my customers.   I loved talking English with everybody after my sessions …  just as much as I enjoyed teasing them.

I think  you say “all in” right?   I was all-in on being the best Mistress I can be last New Year.   Now I am all-in on surviving with this perfume business.

I’m proud that I’m still alive and surviving because of my business.

I would like to do more than just survive.

Can you help me a little bit with trying to do that?

What can I give you in return?  Let me see.   How about 2 things?

  1. When sessions start again – I hope next year – you can choose any cologne bottle you like when  you come see me for your session if you help out now.
  2. I’ll send you the video folder link for any folder you like from my bdsm video collection.   Or all the links if you help me with $100 or more.

And/or let  me know how else I can pay you back?  Custom video?  Sexy sms chat?

Send you my dirty panties?   I run every night – around my condo 500 times like I lost my mind lol  – at the end my panties smell so so so bad.

I would love to tie you up and put them in your mouth and laugh at you when I tease you.   But  you’re not here 🙁    So I can send them to you instead … maybe video call you … and watch you suck them after they arrive.

I have lots of ideas.  Let me know yours.


Mistress Wael


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