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  • This story is outdated.  I have now moved to loyalfans.   They cunts at OF kicked me off, stole $1000 of my money and all with no warning.  They didn’t like the fact I was writing sexy femdom stories on my blog page.

Loyalfans allows all my videos and photos without question.  It’s a better interface.  Should have started with them in the first place.


My OnlyFans site is up and running :  https://onlyfans.com/mistressjaa   .   It’s  $20 / month.   I’m posting multiple times daily.  Plus live online domination.    This story is  going  to explain the how’s and why’s of what I’m trying to provide you and accomplish.

That I’m writing again, and posting to onlyfans daily,  means I can finally put the cancer scare and the condo move behind me  …  and start having fun for a change!!   Because, fuck,  what a year this has been eh?

No doubt, all this covid stuff happened because when I returned from Europe back in January I whispered to myself  that I wasn’t quite ready to resume sessons yet – that my mind needed  just a bit more vacation time away from my Mistress personality.

Because they both live together upsairs like a Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde type of thing , and one can consume the other if I let my dominant Mistress tendancies to take over.

So there I was kneeling beside my little green cactus plant in January, praying to the Cult of the Golden Orb (see video below) that if “I could  just have a  bit  more  time off ,  geez  swell,  that’d be great.”



Since I was once “the lemon” (see video above),  my prayers get heard more often than not and so … due to  my  request I can confirm it was me and my request which brought covid to  the world …  only I thought it was  going  to  be for a few weeks or so.

That’s all I  asked for  ,  2 more weeks off at most.

Then I started rationalizing the length of the shutdown.  I began convincing myself that our normal lives would be back in May or June.

Which became July or August.

In  fact I  had  just finished emailing people  earlier  this  month  that we’d be doing sessions again in October or November.

I felt like Bugs Bunny drawing lines in the sand … egging on covid to “oh  ya?  cross this line.”



It was a combination of this Bugs Bunny memory and Faucci saying “xmas 2022 the world should be in a better place to manage the pandemic.”

2022? ! ? ! ?

See all those lines Bugs drew in the sand?   If  each  line represents a  month in time I thought  … thats about how long Ill be sitting  here  bleeding  money waiting for  this  to be  over.

So March begat April, and April begat May,  May begat June and all I did was sit in my condo ,  alone, wondering if the  next month would be better.

Then the pain in my chest started immediately worsening.

At first I  chalked it up to nervous anxiety from being alone in my condo for  days on end only making  human contact  with the  LineMan food delivery boy.   I had this feeling in my chest that inspired constant doom,  that 6th sense saying something bad’s about to happen , and at first I thought it was a mental manifestation brought on by my stress.

I still can’t write about June and July , suffice to say that  it was  just so awful that the best way to deal with it is to focus on the love I got from those of you kind enough to make it so that I’m cancer-free and ensure that I’ll be around for at least a while longer.   I can tell you that there’s absolutely nothing more humbling than receiving love when it’s least expected.   You guys know from all my stories just how much I’ve felt jaded by love,  being scorned time and time again has shaped me into the Dominatrix that I am today.  I guess I figured if I’m not worthy of a man’s love then fine I’ll  just flip the tables and make a living  out of using his lust against him.

So in fact, I have like the video below, a notch on my cane (1,000 in total) for every man I’ve gotten to B.F.O  (beg for orgasm) which is my way of of showing each and  every man just  how agonizingly good a relationship could be with their Mistress , before making their legs quiver and showing them the door.  Who knew that some of these same guys that I’d teased mercilessly … would in turn be the very same people who’d save my life.



Andy ______
Sat, Aug 1, 4:32 PM
to me 
Dear Mistress,

I’m writing to thank you again for Thursday night’s session. It took years – years – before I mustered up the courage to visit a domina, and your combination of dominance, compassion, intelligence, warmth, and intimacy went beyond anything I’d expected. So from the submissive bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time.

andy-emailWhen I walked out on Thursday night, everything felt like it had been a strange, beautiful, erotic dream. Like did that really happen? OK, the lingering pain in my left nipple told me it did, but fantasy had become reality, and that can sometimes be difficult to conceive of. When I waited for you in the lobby of your condo, nervous as hell, nothing could have prepared me for the sight of you. You looked even more elegant than I could have imagined. Your smile was angelic, but your attitude was pure dominance.

And after that, every experience – the softness of your breast wrapped in leather, the sweetness with which you spit water into my mouth, the divine smell of your panties draped across my face – was transcendent, absolutely mind-blowing.

So consider this a letter of my appreciation.




Then August hit and with it my first session in what felt like half a year.

I was so into that session!  That was a guy,  normal looking just like you, who walked into the condo of a girl so starved for conversation and a good time that I damn near raped the guy.  What I did to that guys’ mind surely isn’t legal in most countries around the world – And Arkansas.

Sexiness is a feeling, it  comes from within.   One of the curious things about me is I have an ability to go from as “plain Jane” as a woman can get when I’m feeling grungy , to damn near spectacular when I’m dressed up with make-up and atttitude.

Poor Andrew got his world flipped upside down that night.  I reckon he won’t ever have another girl give him an orgasm like the one I gave him that evening.


I slept that night feeling , mistakenly so, that things were about to return to the old normal.   And why not right?  I’d survived 4 months of this covid lockdown , recovered from my double breast cancer operation , and just had a great session.

But as more days in August ticked away I began to realize – finally –  that this covid thing is going to be around for a long long time.   I’m talking well into next Spring or Summer before there’s any hint of travel resuming into my country.

Thus, I had to sit down and make a very very hard decision.  It just made no sense to stay in my soi 11 condo ,  so chosen for your convenience , whilst there was no hope of any significant volume of femdom sessions coming through my door.

But I absolutely loved living in that condo.  I loved the spaciousness.   I  loved stepping outside into the heart of Bangkok’s nightlife and my favourite club Above 11 being right next door.

It took this one particular walk down my street at 10pm on a Friday night – where I was literally the only one on the road.   Mistress Wael took a video the next night – what would have  been  a  rocking Saturday night back in February – now  an empty walk from  my  condo  to  bts Nana.



In tears, I told my rental agent that I wanted to terminate the lease effective immediately.

I say in tears ,  but not because I  was sad , but rather I felt a sense of defeat.  Like for fuck sakes, I had just climbed  over a significantly tall mountain of adversity ,  only to clearly see that there were 100’s if not  1000’s more mountains ahead.



By the way, I  have no idea why embedded Tweet’s  don’t show up in the blog as they used to  appear  ,  with the photo intact.   I also don’t know why every blog post is dated by the most recent blog post’s date.  There is an update sitting in my website’s notification box saying that the website’s theme – named Sriking – has a  major  update  for download  …  but read this  …   (Due to major changes in WordPress (jquery related) updating without confirming all your plugins which use jquery are WP 5.5 compatible MAY BREAK YOUR SITE!)


I don’t have the money to update the licence for my Gravity Forms, so I can’t install the theme update.   If one of  you is feeling generous and would like to buy this year’s licence for me ,  I’ll give you a major major discount to my onlyfans subscription website in return.  Deal?

Anyways, where was I?

Ah yes,  the move.  Fuck I hate moving.

For one,  I’m a tiny girl ok,  and moving 50 boxes by myself down one huge condo building and hauling them across the city only to drag them up to the top of another ridiculously tall condo is no easy feat.

I was going to move back home.   I had entertained the thought.  But so many Thai’s have done that,  just given up  and crawled back home in defeat that I just refused to raise covid’s white flag.

Ok so  move,  but to where?

This is where the onlyfans idea started to enter into the survival math,  because at the most I can rely on maybe perhaps one session per month only.   Yikes.

And I love writing.   I haven’t had a chance to write ,  do  photos or  make videos since March.   I just figured I’d make a bet that getting back to what I love to do –  producing content – will the roots of what will make this transitional period successful.

My onlyfans stream of content is a way to show who I really am,  my personality, my face,  my body,  my femdom methods ; and without fear because the true “me” is behind a small paywall.  Yay!

I don’t have  it  all  figured  out though.  One thing I’ve  always wanted to do is to be  able  to post  more  freely.

My unwritten rule for my website is to keep 70% of these blog stories femdom related , and no more than 30% of the stuff I write to be about me.

Truth is, 500% of my writing ideas are about me and the way I see the world ,  but I can’t post it.    I thought initially I could do that through  onlyfans but I can only hide videos and photos behind their  paywall,  I  can’t hide stories.

I’m looking into Gumroad later today as a way to do that , we’ll see.   My Kindle store is still without a book ,  that’s going to change as well.


onlyfans mistress jaa


So let’s talk about onlyfans and what I’m going to be posting there and here.  Photo above is my onlyfans profile banner.   It’s  me as a  Mistress.   But I intend to make my onlyfans page oh so much more than me acting as Mistress “Jaa”.  It’ll be a whole separate blog.

There was a time, from 6 to 3 years ago ,  where I posted here every day on the blog.   Then things got entirely too busy.  2 sessions per day ,  every day, for the last three years.   With the cancer scare and the big condo move behind me, this is an opportunity to get back to doing that.

Mistress Wael is sitting beside me here,  we’re in the ‘games lounge’ of my new condo at the foot of Punnawitti bts station , and we’re having a business meeting of sorts.   Gotta admit,  we spent the first hour here playing pinball, air hockey, and foosball in this games room, then the 2nd hour was spent naked in the steam room and in the pool.   Yup naked.  True it raised a lot of eyebrows but hey, this isn’t my neck of the woods and staying here is a temporary thing, so frankly I don’t give a rats ass what anybody thinks, and it feels great to carry such an attitude.

But now we’re getting down to business , and here’s what we’ve agreed to do going forward.

  1.   A blog story each and every day , alternating days, with no more than a two day break from writing.  Starting today with this one,  that’s 30 stories a month until travel resumes around the world.

2.  A Kindle book written and published by the 1st of every month,  again –  until travel resumes around the world,  with the first one being published October 1st.

3.  Photos ,  Videos and daily thoughts posted on our onlyfans account every day  – and if you guys like it, i’ll do it perpetually.

4.  Since I’m a night owl  and most  of  you  are in Europe or USA/Canada , I’ll be on onlyfans to reply to Direct Messges –  for those who tip – from about midnight.

5.  There’s a “Go Live” option on my onlyfans page.   I ‘might’ entertain doing this, if the tips to do so are significant enough.   Truth be told, online domination is wholly new to me.   What I’d prefer is to  find a volunteer femdom slave who’d Wael and I would tease and control live on camera.  We’ll see.

6.  Whereas before femdom sessions were only conducted at my place ,  I understand some of you who are still in Bangkok might not want to make the BTS trip to Punnawitti station – 2 stops beyond Wael’s place at On Nut.   Therefore, until I’ve moved back to my soi 11 abode, I’m now open to hotel visits.


myroomIn fact,  I’d probably say I’d prefer doing my bdsm sessions at  your hotel or condo,  simply because my new condo is so small compared to my old one.    I mean, it does have a majestic 30 foot window on the 38th floor which presents a spectacular view of  the city , and  it is designed somewhat  like  an  American loft.   But it  feels like a thin slice of brick cheese living here.

Yes,  there’s these impressive stairs that traverse 30 feet upward to my tiny bedroom –  and we could hold the teasing part of our sessions there – but you’d probably have the same feeling I have once you’re on the bed  …  like you’re on the precipice of falling 10,000 feet to your death as the far side of the bed is pushed tight up against the crystal clear ceiling to floor window on the 38th floor.

Downstairs , there’s a sofa fit for 2, a tiny coffee table, a tv , and a ladder.   Yup, a ladder.

I had to climb  that fucking  thing 500 times this week to store  all the stuff that won’t fit  in  this place.

Because  that’s  what  this condo  is  bascially,  air.  They’re selling air.   No word of a lie  –  I  could throw a baseball as high up  as I could  in  my  room  –  and  there’s no  way  in hell it’d hit the ceiling.  It’d  be fucking awesome if I could  get a contractor in  here  and  find  a way  to  suspend you guys from the ceiling  though.   Alas, I’ll  probably go with  tying you to this ladder here and finish you  off on the bed.

The facilities though,  wowza.    There’s a climbing wall on the roof – one that I intend to poke you slaves in the balls with a bamboo pole as  I make you try to climb it.

There’s a running track  on  the  roof  as well,  so you’ll  be sitting there on the grass waiting for  me  to get  all  nice  and  sweaty as I run  –  just so you can suck and lick my smelly shoes,  socks and  feet thereafter.

Arita,  Wael and I shot hoops yesterday on what has to be the highest basketball court in the city.   I’d  like to say I was the female iteration of Michael Jordan , but you’ll see in the video I’m far from.

And that’s the point of my OnlyFans page.

games roomWhereas for most of you just reading about  the new place and imagining me shooting hoops is  and  has been  fine  enough,  for those of you who want to actually see Wael and I walk you through the facilities of the new condo ,  see what I’m  talking  about regarding the 30feet window in my tiny loft,  and see me shoot  hoops ,  you can see all three videos plus the Tease & Denial video I  posted earlier over on my onlyfans page.

That’s just today.  It’s going  to be like that  every day.    There will  be a story here on the blog , and if  that’s enough  for  you,  that’s great.   For those who  want more ,  you can  really get  to  know me through  my onlyfans page,  and if you want to delve even deeper  into the “getting to  know  me”  experience, you can  even go live with me  over on  onlyfans once we’ve agreed on an appropriate tip amount.

Folks,  that’s how I envision being able to stay and live in Bangkok.

Oh  sure, I have my small shop at the market where Mistress Wael sells her perfume, (please donate a dollar or two to help her gofundme out ) and  it’s there that I’ll be selling all my Gucci , Versace and Victoria Secret line of used clothes for pennies on the dollar.    Yay  🙁

If I’m lucky that’ll  pay for food.  Onlyfans  will  pay  for  my rent and expenses.    And  the  1 session per  month will be my spending  money.   That’s the plan!

And if this onlyfans idea takes off ,  and  I  become a writer/video content provider  ,  well then  –  the sky is the limit isn’t it?

Now if you’ll  excuse  me,  I’m going back to see how  many men I can get to show up at the steam room to see me naked every night  at 8pm , haha  🙂



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