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I learned something these past two years – don’t climb over obstacles , just walk around them.

Onlyfans, my bread and butter is banning porn effective October 1st – and it means absolutely nothing to me whatsoever.

Yes , to you …. I can see that me saying OF banning porn being nothing to fear is akin to me playing the role of King Arthur and you guys playing the role of Tim the Enchanter …


King Arthur: You got me all worked up!

Tim: Well, that’s no ordinary news story

King Arthur: Ohh.

Tim: That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-intentioned news you ever set eyes on!

Sir Robin: You tit! I soiled my armor I was so scared!

Sir Galahad: Don’t say that.  Mistress Wael will make you eat it.

Tim: Look, that OF news has got a vicious streak a mile wide! It’s a killer news story!

Sir Galahad: Get stuffed!

Tim: It’ll do you up a treat, mate.

Sir Galahad: Oh, yeah?

Sir Robin: You manky Scots git!

Tim: I’m warning you!

Sir Robin: What’ll Onlyfans do? Nibble my bum?

Tim: That news has got huge, sharp… er… It can do you in. Look at the bones of the porn stars!



Here’s the thing guys, I’ve been hit with so many OF red flags that if this were an American Football game , I’d have negative 7000 yards of offense to date.

After getting dinged with their latest mockery of a ban I said E -’nuff – the video where I – wait for it – WALKED UP STAIRS , namely the stairs in my condo.  “Self harm” was their petty reason for banning that video.

Thus, borrowing from the wisdom of the combat computer in the movie Wargames :  “Strange website, the only winning move is not to play.”

By ‘not play’ I mean, don’t post anything remotely sexual on their main blog.


Unless I’m wrong , and I’m never wrong OF is heading to the fire swamp … err , I mean … OF can’t do shit about anything sent in private messages.



(by the way , if you haven’t watched this version of The Princess Bride , I HIGHLY recommend you put aside 90 minutes of your life one day and give it a watch !! )

If you’re a subscriber to my OF you know already that I send out at least 4 Femdom videos a day via private messages while loading but a single photo to the main blog.

As does Mistress Wael on her OF.


All this time , red flag after red flag , Mistress Wael thought I was getting killed.  I wasn’t getting killed, I was getting mad.



Still, I think I should be taking Darth Vader’s advice and not let myself be destroyed.

Can almost hear my AVN Stars account saying “Good , good, can she be turned to the dark side , err , our porn site?”

To which I say, “I will join you or die, my master.”

Or well, I’ll keep on mirroring everything I post on OF over to AVN Stars , just so I don’t have all my broccoli in one basket.



So there’s my update.  We’re aware of the situation , but we feel we have things entirely under control and in our favor.

Mistress Wael’s OF is still your #1 source for extreme femdom clips and perfect seal ass to mouth human toilet training videos with 4-5 videos every day via private message sent out just before 6am every morning.   Her OF also features 1 clip / day from my collection and 1 clip / day from Original Mistress Jaa’s video archive so it’s like getting 3 for the price of 1 , and what a low price it is at $10/month still.

My OF subscribers get 4 videos sent out shortly thereafter at around 7am before I go to bed in the morning.

The main blog on my OF has long blog stories , about 2-3 every night.  That’s why I’m not writing here so often currently as I sit down and write from 3-7 am every day for my OF leaving me very little time to come up with even more prose for my site.

I’ll make it a point to post here on the weekends as I tend to take Saturday’s off from OF.

Once the world reverts back to normal and I can go back to doing sessions, I’ll happily be writing for jaa4u every day once again.


Oh look.  It’s the cliffs of insanity.

Aka : perpetual lockdown.

And Onlyfans?  They’re about as scary as Stormtroopers aim.

Nah, they’re just a credit card processing service at this point, nothing more than that.   Mind you a fucking expensive one as they steal 20% of all my intellectual property but a necessary evil until I mirror jaa4u.com as an Onlyfans like free & ppv site to a .crypto domain where I can finally take payments in the crypto of your choice.

That’s a few months away though.


Mistress Jaa



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